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Advanced Research Group United Support, shortened to A.R.G.U.S. is a government organization headed by Amanda Waller. A Secretive Government organization that takes the fight towards Brainiac alongside the Suicide Squad during the Metropolis Invasion.

Incident Reports[]

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

A few years after the Arkham Knight events, A.R.G.U.S. had stepped in to rebuild Arkham Asylum, enacting extensive and expensive renovations and upgrades, most of which came from government funding, but some also originating from donations by the Wayne Foundation. Under this new arrangement, A.R.G.U.S. now had sole federal jurisdiction over the facility. Having lobbied to refurbish the facility from the beginning, Director Amanda Waller reassured members of the United States Congress that this time (After the events of Arkham Asylum) no one who they didn't want to get out would be able to get out, with the same being said for those wanting to get in. The Organization was very secretive until the Metropolis invasion when ARGUS was the only one to be able to get solders inside Metropolis and put up a fight against Brainiac's forces.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

As the US Armed Forces failed to stop Brainiac or even help the citizens of Metropolis during the 3 weeks of the invasion, ARGUS is called in as a last option to stop the invasion. ARGUS is able to locate a train route to send the Suicide Squad in to retake the Hall of Justice and then it's soldiers come in using the Hall of Justice as its HQ. Rick Flag sends small units of ARGUS agents to do field tests in areas of Metropolis or to gather supplies. Occasionally the Squad has to save the agents under Rick Flag's Orders.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

I wouldn't want to cast aspersions on Director Waller's choice of operatives for her "Task Force", but... THESE people?