APC Lieutenants are allies to The Arkham Knight, Deathstroke and Scarecrow that drive APCs.


Incident Reports

Arkham Knight Incident

Batman hunts down The Arkham Knight with his broadcast location. Batman chases him in The Batmobile while The Knight was in an APC. Batman caught up to him after destroying the back up cars, he destroyed the APC with enough Immobilizer Missiles. Batman learned it wasn't The Knight and a Lieutenant Instead. Batman threatened to crush his head with The Batmobile. He tortured him, until he said The Knight is with "The Little Man" at North Refrigeration.

Armored and Dangerous

Batman hunted down 9 APCs after fighting the Drones in Grand Avenue. The First 6 are beaten, but the 3 on Founders' are not beatable until the Cobras are destroyed with the Batmobile.


  • During the main story of Batman: Arkham Knight, one of the lieutenants nearly got his head crushed by the Batmobile's tires. It's possible that this is one of the factors that lead to the game receiving an M-rating, due to Batman outright torturing the man to gather Intel on the Arkham Knight.
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