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A Flip of a Coin is a DLC story expansion from Batman: Arkham Knight. It was released on November 24th, 2015. The events of the story take place after Arkham Knight's main story.

Robin deals with the aftermath of the Knightfall Protocol. With help from Oracle, he aims to apprehend the escaped Two-Face.

Incident Reports[]

Robin receives a report coming from his wife, Barbara, that Two-Face has escaped from the GCPD. The two promptly halt their honeymoon and return to Gotham City in order to apprehend him and his gang at Hell's Gate Disposal Services. Upon infiltrating the facility, Robin realizes that they are processing money stolen from Blüdhaven banks (stolen while Nightwing was out of town, helping Batman take down The Penguin). Robin proceeds to clear out the facility effortlessly, and interrogates the foreman om the whereabouts of Two-Face.

Robin makes his way into Dent's private mansion, as he mocks Robin in an attempt to stop his reckoning. Robin moves past a chokepoint, which is where Minigunner, a couple of armed thug, and interlocking sentry guns are stationing, with ingenuity by weaving a timely Fear Multi-Takedown in between them. The final hurdle is a Sniper overseeing the room, thus Robin employs his shield and approaches him, before knocking him down into the floor below where Two-Face was siting.

Robin brawls out with the ambushing thugs, and coming out unscathed. Soon after, Two-Face shoots at Robin as he pulls up the shield to cover, however, those shot precisely hit the uncovered knees and incapacitates Robin. Dent becomes arrogant and approaches him, pulling the gun to his head, but decides to step back and performs his signature coin flip. During a split second where Two-Face is distracted, Robin quickly dashes ahead and knockout Dent in a single swift move, and catching the coin on the burnt side. Upon apprehending Two-Face, Robin and Oracle decide to resume their full-time vigilante activities to protect Gotham, resolving not to return to their honeymoon.



Icon Name Description Points Trophy
SuccessionPlans Succession Plans Break in to Hell's Gate HQ and apprehend Two-Face. 30 Gp-g Trophy silver



  • This DLC unlocks two Challenge Maps:
  • Tim and Barbara mention having returned to Gotham while cutting their honeymoon short, revealing this Arkham Episode takes place after GCPD Lockdown.
  • Nora Fries's Cryotank can be found in the Trash Disposal facility. As it is abandoned, it serves as a hint to what had happened in the "In From the Cold" DLC mission.
  • Throughout the story and possibly hereafter, Robin is constantly irritated at himself as the responsibility of filling in the missing footstep of his predecessor overwhelms him, as shown in every single dialogue line. Barbara, however, encourages him at every possible moment.
  • A painting of Two-Face's wife, Gilda Dent, can be seen hanging on the wall, along with a memorabilia, a newspaper clip reporting a high profile homicide against the Falcone Crime Family and the murder weapon, a .22 pistol. Johnny Viti is mentioned as being murdered as the first crime.