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Ace Chemicals in Arkham Knight.

The Ace Chemical Processing Plant is a prominent chemical factory and warehouse that was located in Gotham City.

Originally known as Kane Chemicals and owned and run by the Kane Family, the factory and company was sold to another owner and was eventually renamed "Ace Chemicals."

Over the years, Ace Chemicals became affiliated with underhand dealings and immoral practices, and became linked with various trafficking of illicit materials.

It was also a pivotal point in one certain rogue's life - The Joker, through circumstances unknown, had fallen into a certain vat of chemicals, which lead him to become the Clown Prince of Crime.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

Ace Chemicals was known to have been constructed during the mid-1930's, where it was designed as one of many factories built to accommodate the Prohibition Era's bootleggers. As a result of this, an underground network of tunnels was constructed beneath its campus, stretching and reaching almost every corner of Gotham City. They were mostly used to smuggle thousands of dollars worth of liquor and unstamped cigarettes.

Bruce Wayne was known to have visited Ace Chemicals on multiple occasions to consider buying the property outright, but he was eventually dissuaded by his geologists who informed him that the grounds were irreparably contaminated and could not be rehabilitated for his uses.

Ten years prior to Scarecrow's large scale attack on Gotham, the plant was known to have undergone a retrofitting and renovation. The contractor who headed the project was known as Brian Isaacson. It was speculated that the facelift had actually been bankrolled by the Joker although no one knew at the time.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Though details were still unknown, the Joker could be seen walking through the chemical plant in the Red Hood outfit in a twisted flashback as he talked to Dr. Harleen Quinzel at Blackgate Prison in their first interview and encounter.


Ace Chemicals in Arkham City.

An Ace Chemicals building could be seen in Park Row.

Arkham City Incident[]

An Ace Chemicals building was one of the many buildings that were encased inside the walls of Arkham City when it was constructed and was the place where Bruce Wayne had the Batsuit airdropped by the Batwing.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Scarecrow set up his base in the main headquarters of Ace Chemicals, a massive complex off of Bleake Island, in order to produce his Fear Toxin in large enough quantity to overtake the entire Eastern Seaboard. Batman located him and invades the complex, where he faced off against the Arkham Knight and his Attack helicopter for the first time. Batman managed to stop Scarecrow from executing his plan by reducing the blast radius of the toxin, but was trapped by the villain inside the building, which was set to implode. While Batman managed to escape in the Batmobile at the last minute, he was badly infected by the Fear Toxin when the self-destruction process began.


  • Mark Cheung (Systems Operator; Unit Operations)
  • Martin Drescher (Compliance Engineer; Agricultural Chemicals;)
  • Steven Reilly (Senior Technician; Plant Operations)
  • The Joker (Lab Assistant; Chemical Engineer) (formerly)
  • Adam Brewer (Lead Process Engineer; Synthetics Manufacturing)
  • Gerald Wicker (Safety Engineer; Maintenance)
  • Alison Wears (deceased)
  • Numerous Scientists


Behind the Scenes[]

The Ace Chemical Processing Plant had several names in the past including Gotham Chemicals, Apex Chemicals, Axis Chemicals, and Kane Chemicals. It was currently called the Ace Chemical Processing Plant.


  • In one of his origin stories, before his transformation, the Joker was a lab assistant at Ace Chemicals who, through a series of unfortunate events, attempted to rob the factory, only to fall into one of the warehouse vats and become the Joker.
  • As in the comics and the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, Ace Chemicals was the first place where Jason Todd, in his new alter-ego, confronted Batman upon coming back for revenge against him.