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Acts of Violence is a Gotham's Most Wanted Side Mission in Batman: Arkham City


"Stop the random acts of violence against the political prisoners in Arkham City"


Unlike the other Most Wanted missions, this does not follow a particular storyline or involve any particular villain. Instead, as Batman is traversing the landscape of Arkham City, he will occasionally hear the sound of a person in trouble and be directed to an inmate attempting to threaten one of the political prisoners unjustly incarcerated by Hugo Strange. These events will appear on the map as an "Assault in Progress". There are 16 total to stop across Arkham City.

They do not appear in any particular order from the locations below, and the activation criteria is unknown. But it is likely that they can all be located after the conclusion of the main story through exiting and reentering the game after each rescue and going to check the possible locations until 100% has been achieved.

Assault Locations[]

  • Park Row - In the alleyway north and adjacent to Crime Alley
  • Park Row - In the alleyway just north of "Park" in the Park Row map label
  • Park Row - Between the Crime Alley signpost and the Wayne Memorial Site
  • Park Row - In the alleyway directly west of the Ace Chemicals building
  • Park Row - Outside the first Riddler hostage building south of the Church
  • Park Row - Northeast of Catwoman's Apartment and the Character Switch Point
  • Bowery - North of the backdoor entrance to the Iceburg Lounge
  • Bowery - In the alleyway behind the west side of the Museum
  • Bowery - In the square north of the Subway entrance
  • Bowery - In the small alleyway immediately north of the Arkham City Processing Center entrance
  • Bowery - On the south side of the front entrance to the Museum
  • Industrial District - In the alleyway east and adjacent to Zzazz's Hideout
  • Industrial District - In the alleyway west and adjacent to Zzazz's Hideout
  • Industrial District - In the alleyway east of "District" in the Industrial District map label
  • Industrial District - In the alleyway east-northeast of "District" in the Industrial District map label
  • Industrial District - In the square with the Subway entrance, immediately northwest of the hole


Batman comes across a group of thugs attacking a political prisoner. After stopping the assault, he talks to Jack Ryder.

  • Jack Ryder: This place is insane. Man, I even saw Bruce Wayne in here earlier. Poor guy's probably dead by now. The name's Ryder. Jack Ryder.
  • Batman: The TV reporter?
  • Jack Ryder: Yeah. You a fan?
  • Batman: No. What are you doing here?
  • Jack Ryder: You tell me. I was doing a piece on Strange. I mean, look around you. Does this seem like a good idea to you?
  • Batman: What did you find out?
  • Jack Ryder: The official line is he's been out of the country, studying some kind of radical psychiatric therapy technique. I did some digging and found a guy who claims Strange caused his breakdown. Seems that after the professor cured him, he couldn't even remember his name. I wasn't so sure, but I saw some poor guy get dragged off when I was being processed. Strange was picking his victims personally.
  • Batman: Arkham City is a dangerous place. I suggest you keep a low profile.
  • Jack Ryder: You may have a point. I'll lay low. See what's going on down here.



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