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Alex Cane
Biographical information
Full Name Alex Cane
Occupation Arms dealer
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Penguin
Physical description
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins

Alex Cane was an arms dealer who was affiliated with the Penguin. He was also a murder victim.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Alex Cane was one of the Penguin's Henchmen, who acted as an arms dealer between the Penguin and his associates. He had a list of prior crimes, including assault and carrying concealed weapons.

On Christmas Eve, Cane, alongside another member of Penguin's henchmen, a Martial Artist and top hitman named Qing Lu, were waiting for what was presumably an arms deal to occur at Coventry. Unfortunately, Cane ended up betrayed and shot through the heart by Lu, who wanted to advance up the ranks quickly. Cane, in return, used a Molotov Cocktail in an attempt to ensure that Lu died with him, but Lu escaped by jumping up a wall and up a ladder, and left his DNA behind. Batman, having learned of the resulting fire at Coventry as well as the murder, deduced what happened, although he initially guessed that Penguin had hired Lu to take Cane out. Batman eventually tracked Lu down to the Final Offer at Amusement Mile, knocked out most of Penguin's men, interrogated him on his role in Cane's murder, knocked him out, and apprehended him.

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