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"The people of Gotham need you."
—Alfred to Batman[src]

Alfred Pennyworth, after a varied career, was employed as the Wayne family's butler when Bruce Wayne's parents were killed. Alfred raised the young orphan and reluctantly aided him in his quest to become Batman. His many skills, ranging from cooking to medicine - made him Batman's staunchest ally, along with a formal demeanor that grounded the Dark Knight and deflected those who might otherwise suspect Bruce Wayne's true identity. Alfred showed that he cared for Bruce as his own son, one sign of this love being Batman's ally. Alfred stayed with his adopted son without hesitation and continued to aid him in his war.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

In his early life, Alfred claimed to have been an accomplished actor before he signed on to be the Wayne family's butler, but records hinted at a history with military intelligence and medical training. Being an actor could have been a cover, or acting could just be a very useful skill for an intelligence officer to have. Several rumors would come to light about Alfred's past. One rumor suggested that Alfred had replaced his father as the fourth generation major domo to the English Queen. Still another rumor posited the possibility that Alfred had been a member of MI6. Both rumors could not answer the question of why someone working for either British royalty or British Intelligence would be swayed away to a career as a butler in the Wayne family. Regardless of the truth, Alfred was known to have been employed as the Wayne family's butler some years before the birth of Bruce Wayne.

After the Waynes' death, Alfred took young Bruce under his wing and raised him as a father would. When Bruce had decided to fight crime as the masked vigilante Batman, Alfred was disappointed with this, thinking that Bruce had gone in over his head and he didn't want him to be killed in action.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Alfred appeared in Batman: Arkham Origins. His and Bruce's relationship was strained at that point, with Alfred regarding Batman as a foolish use of Bruce's time, while Bruce saw Alfred as a domineering would-be father figure. As Batman left for Blackgate Prison to stop a riot there, Alfred casually asked if he was skipping out on Christmas dinner. When Batman returned after he learned that Black Mask had hired eight assassins to kill him, Alfred pointed out that since only the two of them knew the Batman's identity, it'd be best if Bruce stayed home. However, Bruce reasoned that the assassins would kill innocents to draw him out, so he had to go and stop them.

While Batman was fighting Bane, Alfred contacted Captain Gordon because he was afraid that Bruce would die in the battle between him and Bane. As the game progressed, Alfred became increasingly frustrated with Batman's cause, and continuously attempted to convince him to stop. After Batman defeated Firefly, Bane attacked the Batcave, beat Alfred within an inch of his life, threw him into the depths of the cave, and left. But Alfred was saved by Bruce before he died, through reviving him with the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves. He then changed his mind drastically about Bruce's crusade and realized that Gotham truly needed Batman. However, Bruce was losing faith in his crusade. Alfred consoled him, reminding him that he was a man, not an island. Bruce finally accepted that he needed allies, leading to Batman teaming up with Gordon to retake Blackgate from the Joker. Afterward, as Batman went out into Gotham to recapture escaped inmates, Alfred promised to keep their Christmas dinner warm for themselves in the morning.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

During New Year's Eve, Alfred helped with serving the guests at Bruce's New Years Eve Party at Wayne Manor. When Mr. Freeze arrived, Alfred appeared to defend himself with a fire stoker from the Penguin's Henchmen and got knocked out by a thug with a vase. After the thugs were knocked out by Bruce, he helped Alfred get up. Alfred stayed with the guests while Bruce searched for another entrance to the Batcave. Alfred was also in radio contact with Bruce.

Batman stayed in contact with Alfred until Penguin's thugs interrupted Alfred, took him hostage, and contact was lost. With the mansion burning, Batman found Alfred and guests held hostage. Batman took down the thugs, and saved Alfred and the guests.

Afterward, Alfred remained behind at the Batcave, prepped the Extreme Environment Suit and ran tests on it at Batman's request before he deployed it. After Mr. Freeze and Ferris Boyle were subdued and arrested, Batman gave Alfred permission to turn in for the night while he patrolled South Gotham for a little while longer.

Assault on Arkham Incident[]

Alfred informed Batman that Arkham Asylum had a yellow alert that night.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Alfred´s bio could be unlocked by scanning a golden plaque at the Medical Facility. He didn't make any other appearances.

Arkham City Incident[]

Alfred was Batman's main person for communications while he was in Arkham City, who talked to him mostly and offered advice before Oracle came along into his communications system. Alfred was the one who persuaded Batman to go to Wonder Tower and stop Protocol 10 instead of being uncharacteristic and save Talia al Ghul first, which would have put the lives of thousands of people not just in Arkham City, but also in Gotham, in danger. While Batman was stopping Protocol 10, Hugo Strange sent a group of TYGER Guards to Wayne Manor to find out the rest of Batman's secrets as well as kill his loved ones, which put Alfred in danger, only for him to be rescued by Robin and Nightwing, who easily defeated the TYGER Guards.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Alfred was stationed in the Batcave when Scarecrow reappeared in Gotham. When Batman confronted Scarecrow at Ace Chemicals, he contacted Alfred, warned him that Scarecrow knew about Barbara, and had sent the Arkham Knight after her. Alfred tried to raise Oracle, but he received no response. That allowed Scarecrow to get away and lock Batman in the central mixing chamber. Batman then began to apply the neutralizing agents to the Fear Toxin bomb to diminish the blast radius to the proximity of the facility. Alfred pleaded with Batman to pursue Scarecrow, and reasoned that the villain knew that this was how he would respond. Ultimately, Batman managed to escape the chemical plant before it was destroyed. He then informed Alfred that he was exposed to the toxin, but claimed that he was unaffected, before he advised Alfred to secure the Batcave if the Arkham Knight should come for him as well.

Alfred continued to assist Batman throughout the night against Scarecrow while trying to uncover the Arkham Knight's identity. Batman believed that the Arkham Knight had a connection to Joker, Arkham Asylum, or Arkham City, and had Alfred search through the various personnel, inmates, etc. that were involved. Alfred contacted Batman to find out what was happening, and Batman informed him that Barbara was dead. Shaken by her death, Alfred revealed to Batman that the Cloudburst was a dispersal device that Scarecrow planned to flood his Fear Toxin all over Gotham, but Batman, still lamenting over Barbara's "death", was barely listening. Batman came to his senses when he realized Ivy could help to destroy the Cloudburst. After Batman arrived at Panessa Studios, Alfred asked how he would tell Robin about Barbara's fate, but Batman explained he wasn't going to yet to keep him focused on finding a cure. Alfred strongly advised against this, saying if Robin found out about her death on his own and that Batman had tried to hide it, he would never trust him again. Later that night Alfred admit he could find no person that could accurately fit the Arkham Knight's mantle. Eventually, while trying to rescue Commissioner Gordon, Batman discovered the Arkham Knight to in fact be the thought-deceased Jason Todd, much to Alfred's shock.

BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20150727003654

After Batman was abducted by Scarecrow, he managed to defeat him, it cost him the secret of his identity. Having planned for such an occurrence, Batman told Alfred to prepare The Knightfall Protocol. After cleaning up Gotham one last time, Batman, known to the world as Bruce Wayne, returned to Wayne Manor, where Alfred greeted him and assured him that all was ready. Bruce entered the manor, and Alfred closed the doors, moments before a large explosion tore open the structure and (presumably) ended the lives of both Bruce and Alfred.

What the public, or even other members of the Bat Family didn't know however, was that the true purpose of the Knightfall Protocol was to fake Bruce and Alfred's deaths, allowing Bruce to continue fighting crime without the need for a public identity. Bruce would continue to protect Gotham, presumably with Alfred continuing to aid him, by using Scarecrow's Fear Toxin to make the criminals he fought see him as a demonic and nightmarish version of Batman.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Alfred didn't join Bruce in Metropolis once Batman was indoctrinated into the Justice League. Though Superman had gotten to know Alfred well enough to know he had the same kind of parental concerns as his own father Jonathan Kent. Thus, Superman would call upon Alfred to help persuade Bruce to take time off from his work.


Alfred is well-mannered, polite, formal, and sarcastic. As the butler of the Wayne family, Alfred displays impeccable sophistication and formality, speaking towards others with respect in an articulate manner such as addressing Bruce as "Master Bruce" or "sir". While assisting Batman from the Batcave, Alfred is extremely tech-savvy, relaying information and on the same level, his hacking abilities match those of Oracle.

His greatest trait was his devotion to the Wayne family. He raised Bruce Wayne, who was orphaned after his parent's death, and became very protective over him. Because of this, he initially saw his desire to ridding all crime in Gotham as a fool's errand and was pointlessly putting his own life at risk. After Bruce saves him from death, recovering from Bane's attack, he began to understand the need for Batman in Gotham, even urging him to go instead of being at his bedside. His love and loyalty for Bruce were so strong, he desperately encouraged him to locate Mr. Freeze's cure in Arkham City, and ignore the other plots occurring.

Despite this, Alfred has been more pragmatic at times and is capable of thinking beyond for the greater good. For example, he refused to help Batman track Talia while Protocol 10 was occurring and encouraged him to locate the Cloudburst despite having previously been depressed over witnessing Barbara Gordon's death.

Psychological Profile[]

Alfred Pennyworth[]

Real Name: Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth

Bat Family[]


"After a varied career, Alfred Pennyworth was employed as the Wayne family's butler. When Bruce Wayne's parents were killed, Alfred raised the young orphan and reluctantly aided him in his quest to become the Batman.

Alfred's many skills ranging from cooking to combat medicine make him Batman's staunchest ally, and his formal demeanor helps ground the Dark Knight and deflect those who might otherwise suspect Bruce Wayne's true identity." - Arkham Knight bio


  • Skilled actor
  • Trained in emergency medical techniques
  • Proficiency with mechanical and computer systems
  • Expert in domestic sciences
  • Unflappable manner
  • Unlike Batman, Alfred is willing to wield firearms in times of crisis
  • Long time butler of the Wayne family
  • Legal guardian of Bruce Wayne in his youth
  • Trusted friend and loyal companion


Arkham Origins[]

  • "You do realize it is Christmas Eve, sir?"
  • "Are you back for the night, sir? Shall I warm up Christmas Dinner?"
  • "Assassins, sir? As in, more than one?"
  • "And you heard this from the mouth of a crocodile man?" (Killer Croc)
  • "Whoah... I pity his cell mate." (Killer Croc)
  • "Failed, you say?" (Deathstroke)
  • "How unlike anyone I know." (Firefly)
  • "How on earth...?" (Deadshot)
  • "Shocking." (Electrocutioner)
  • "Is that Warden Joseph?"
  • "Eight assassins after your head. What are you going to do?" (Story Mode)
  • "Sir- I may be stating the obvious here- but you do realize that since you and I are the only people who know the Batman's true identity, those assassins will all fail their mandate if you'd just spend the evening here."
  • "And you think it's a better idea to just put yourself in their crosshairs?"
  • "You sure this is wise, sir?"
  • "Well in case you change your mind, and want to train tonight instead, I'll keep your training facility active."
  • "The Batwing is prepped and ready to take you to Jezebel Plaza, Sir."
  • "A question, sir, If I may? How did Waylon Jones come to be the way he is?" (Batman: "Atavism from the looks of it. An unfortunate genetic mutation.") "Do you think the condition causes physical pain? Might that explain his rage?" (Batman: "It goes deeper then that. Imagine growing up looking like he did. Children are cruel, Alfred.") "So are adults, sir. All part of the 'human condition,' I suppose. We've a tendency to fear - often outright despise - that which is different. Ahh. But you already knew that." (After beating Killer Croc.)
  • "If you're serious about getting to Jezebel Plaza in time to find Penguin's men, you'll want to leave soon." (Story Mode.)
  • "Sir, you'd better hurry if want to get to Jezebel Plaza before Penguin's men finish their business."
  • "Sir - to make your travels easier, I went ahead and set up some auto-nav points at different areas of the city. One of my preset destinations should take you right to Jezebel Plaza." (Story Mode.)
  • (Batman: "Alfred-I got-") "I'm tracking it, too. It appears the control towers you use for your auto-nav-systems are putting out a jamming signal." (Batman: "Storm damage?") "You'll have to go down there and find that out for yourself, Sir." (Batman: "Got it. I'm close to one now.") (Story Mode.)
  • (Batman: "Alfred. I'm uploading some prints for analysis. Let me know what comes back.") "Certainly, sir. Searching now...And here we are: They belong to one John F. Baker. He's a rather unremarkable criminal. Small jobs, mostly. Only...Hm...That's curious." (Batman: "What's curious?") "Mister Baker's dead, sir. His body was recovered from the Diamond District just under an hour ago." (Batman: "Looks like someone's tying up loose ends.") (Story Mode.)
  • (Batman: "Alfred. Contact the GCPD. Let them know about the body. Send the data from my analysis too.") "Certainly, sir. Does this mean you've found the source of the disturbance?" (Batman: "I think so.") (Story Mode.)
  • "I see you've regained control of the Batwing, sir. I suppose it's off to Jezebel Plaza, then?" (Batman: "That's the plan. But then...I've also got a lead on Enigma.") "Don't overthink it too much, sir. We both know you'll eventually wind up doing both." (Story Mode.)
  • "Sir - a moment of your time?" (Batman: "What do you want?") "There's something about this Enigma fellow that doesn't sit right with me. Unfettered access to resources. An extensive network spread across the city... Whoever he is, the man has connections and capital." (Batman: "We can use that to our advantage. If he's buying things in bulk - or using lots of power - we could track him.") "Perhaps. But he's also clearly a technical wizard. He's likely covered his tracks." (Batman: "Keep searching. He only has to slip up once to give us an opening.") "Certainly sir."
  • "I hope you'll forgive my impertinence Sir- but have you considered asking for help?" (Batman: "Help for what?") "It's just... There are quite a few Assassins on the loose, nevermind men like Cobblepot and Sionis. I just worry you might become overwhelmed." (Batman: "I'm all there is, Alfred.") "But must you be, sir." (after unlocking the Coventry Drop-off)
  • "I hope you will try to keep a low profile tonight, sir." (Batman: "Trust me, I'll take out these assassins before they even know I'm there.") "It's not just that. If some curious child looks out to see who's pattering across their rooftop, they'll expect Santa Claus, not a black-clad, bat-creature." (Batman: "I don't patter.")
  • "No, sir, I'm seeing it as well. It's from the nearby GCR tower. It's the same signal jamming the Batwing's auto-nav-systems. I've highlighted the tower on your map."
  • "Ah, yes. I see it here. Looks like Penguin runs his own private wireless network using laptop transmitters serving as ad hoc com stations. He's feeding his men frequencies via two way radio. There are two of these com stations near your position-"
  • "The Electrocutioner- are you all right?"
  • "I'll get to work on that. Where are you off to now?"
  • "Hmm, looks like the police are on the scene now, Sir. Oh and this is interesting. They're saying Black Mask is the victim."
  • "Another anonymous tip? Will do, sir."
  • "So I saw. This Anarky fellow mentioned three bombs, which means two still remain."
  • "I've no doubt you will, sir." (Finding Anarky's last two bombs)
  • "Well played, sir! You stopped the Electrocutioner with a single strike." (Batman: "I just used his arrogance to my advantage. A textbook move a child could have avoided.") "True, but I doubt the rest of them will go down as easily." (Batman: "If they do, we'll be eating that Christmas ham sooner than you think.") (After completing the Final Offer)
  • "Well, the only way to do that would be to infiltrate the Gotham City Police Department."
  • "Sir. You'd need to physically hack into their servers. If you insist on doing something that foolish you'll need a powerful nonlethal weapon. I recommend coming back here to pick up your Concussion Detonator."
  • "Welcome home, sir! The Concussion Detonator is on your workbench. Remember - if you use that instead of your fists, you'll do less lasting damage to those police officers and civil servants." (Story Mode)
  • "Thank goodness you're all right, sir! You had me quite worried. Slade Wilson is no ordinary foe." (Batman: "He ambushed me. I should have been more prepared.") "You had no way of knowing he was on the ship." (Batman: "That may be, but I was so focused on Cobblepot that I lost track of my surroundings. It was sloppy. Amateur.") "You really shouldn't be so hard on your self." (Batman: "There's too much at stake for me not to be.") (After completing Lacey Towers)
  • "Ms. Gordon has the markings of kindred spirit. She could prove to be a valuable ally in time." (Batman: "She's just a kid, Alfred.") "About the same age you were when you began your "studies."" (Batman: "It's not the same.") "No, of course not. There can only be one hero of Gotham. Perish the thought of another." (Batman: "That's not what I meant.") "I rather think it was." (After completing the GCPD)
  • (Batman: "What can you tell me about Jervis Tetch.") "Brilliant but dangerous. As is too often the case." (Batman: "You'd think the law of averages would put some of them on our side.") "And what side is that exactly?" (Batman: "The side of justice.") "Hmm. I suspect that if you spoke to most of these individuals, they'd insist their work "is" just." (Batman: "That's because they're insane.") "Indeed." (After completing the Burnley Sewers)
  • "I must say, sir- the breadth of Joker's deception is impressive. To have impersonated Black Mask for so long and so well..." (Batman: "He commits to his performances, I'll give him that.") "Of all the foes you've faced thus far, he may yet prove to be the most dangerous." (After completing the Gotham Merchant's Bank)
  • "And how are you feeling, sir? Vision clear? Thoughts unmuddied? Are you able to walk in a straight line? Recite the alphabet backwards?" (Batman: "What's with all the questions?") "I just wanted to make sure you were free of Copperhead's poison." (Batman: "And?") "Oh, the antidote seems to have worked. Though I suggest not overdoing it - at least not for the next little while." (Batman: "Sorry, Alfred. Not really an option.") "I'd figured you'd say as much. Still, it would have been remissive of me not to have suggested it." (After beating Copperhead)
  • (Batman: "Any luck on digging up dirt on Enigma?") "I'm afraid not. He's very good, sir. Too good, perhaps." (Batman: "Don't sell yourself short, Alfred.") "I'm only being realistic. Listen: disable more of his towers, and I can locate him. Then we won't have to search for information: he'll give it to you himself." (Batman: "I'm on it.")
  • "What would your father say if he could see you? Throwing away your family's hard-earned fortune on these frivolous nightly escapades! And for what? You're not this city's savior. You're a Wayne. And a spoiled, wasteful, disappointment of a Wayne at that. Have you forgotten what your family name stands for? You disappoint me... You disappoint me." (Illusion, seen after Copperhead poisoned Batman)
  • "Master Bruce? It might be a bit anticlimactic, but I hoped you might finally be ready to celebrate Christmas Eve - now that the Joker's behind bars." (Batman: "Bane is still out there. I've got to locate the signal from the tracker I placed on him.") "Even you must eat, sir." (Batman: "If you hadn't called the police, he'd already be in custody.") "You know I made a promise of my own - to your parents." (Batman: "Not now, Alfred.")
  • (Batman: "Sounds like this could be Bane or one of his men. If I hurry to the GCPD Morgue, I can inspect the body and the autopsy report.") "Well, before you leave-I've run some tests on the compound you found at the Steel Mill. Looks like a match for your 'globular projectile for non-lethal restraint'." (Batman: "You mean the glue grenade?") "Indeed. The resin has finished curing. It's at your workbench."
  • "Of course, I'd recommend testing it here in the lab before you go- ... but I'm sure you won't listen to me. You never do." (Glue Grenade)
  • "So I take it you won't be testing it, then?" (Batman: "It's called field testing, Alfred.") (After obtaining the Glue Grenade)
  • (Batman: "I need to find Bane. Is the tracker responding?") "Not at present I'm afraid." (Batman: "Let me know if anything changes. Anything.") "You'll know as soon I as do. I promise, sir." (Batman: "I don't like this...") (After battling Bane at the Royal Hotel)
  • "Master Bruce. Stop, Master Bruce. BRUCE!" (Story Mode)
  • "I will not in good conscience allow you to go. You're out-matched by these assassins and-" (Story Mode)
  • "...You're not some hardened Vigilante. You're a young man with a trust fund and too much anger. You are in over your head and I don't want this to be your end." (Story Mode)
  • "You may be, but-" (Story Mode)
  • "I want you to know, you did everything you could. You can't hold yourself responsible for every life taken by madmen like the Joker." (Batman: "He's behind bars. It's over.") Indeed, his rampage is. But the full effects, I fear, have yet to be felt." (Batman: "If you're asking me if I'm okay, I am. Now, there are plenty more psychopaths for me to round up tonight.") (After scanning the corpse at the GCPD Morgue)
  • "Back so soon, sir? I thought you were dealing with Firefly?" (Batman: "I just wanted to make sure the Batcave's security systems were fully engaged.") "You could have just called. I've already activated all security protocols. Though I'm not sure they'd be enough to stop Bane." (Batman: "Hopefully we won't have to find out. Now I've got to get to the bridge to take care of Firefly. Stay here.") (After following the tracker to Bane's Underground HQ)
  • "I also thought I'd let you know - the hostages you released have escaped. They're telling tales of a hero who saved their lives."
  • "Congratulations are in order, sir: Edward Nashton's on the run." (Batman: "Who?") "Oh, right. Enigma, sir. His real name is Edward Nashton. Worked for the GCPD, Cybercrimes division. Heh-heh. Explains quite a bit." (Batman: "I need to find him before he has a chance to start over.") "We have his identity now, as soon as he surfaces - and he will - you can swoop in. You've dismantled most of his operations, so he should be harmless- at least for the next little while." (Batman: "Any sign of him - you let me know.") "Of course." (After beating Enigma.)
  • "That was quite a display on the bridge." (Batman: "Are the hostages safe?") "All accounted for as far as I can tell. What's wrong, sir? You seem upset." (Batman: "I told Gordon to stay back - and he went in anyway.") "Indeed. It's why you're still alive. He deserves your gratitude - not ire." (After defeating Firefly.)
  • "Bane has an unhealthy obsession with you. Was he that desperate for the bounty?" (Batman: "It's not about the money.") "Then what? What could you possibly have done to him to deserve this?" (Batman: "I don't know. But I'm going to find out...") (After beating the game)
  • "Congratulations are in order, sir! The Joker is once again behind bars." (Batman: "Let's hope he stays there this time.") "You may wish to suggest they increase security. He's no doubt already planning his escape." (Batman: "Solitary should help. The less contact he has with people, the better.") "Certainly. And yet I can't shake the feeling we'll be seeing him again. And not during visiting hours..." (After beating the game.)
  • (Batman: "Looks like I still have work to do.") "I assume you're referring to the Blackgate escapees?" (Batman: "They need to be rounded up before they cause any more damage.") "Or you could leave it to the police?" (Batman: "SWAT's still out for revenge and the rest of the force is busy cleaning up the other messes... but I will think about it.") "That's the spirit." (After beating the game and Blackgate Prisoners (Most Wanted))
  • "Sir, if I may? That Joker won't rest until he sees you dead. You're going to need to keep an eye on him." (Batman: "I intend to.") "Hmm. A wise choice. As we've seen tonight, Gotham's prison system leaves quite a bit to be desired." (Batman: "There's been some talk of opening up a new facility. Someplace more secure.") "Arkham." (Batman: "How'd you know?") "Because it always comes back to Arkham..." (After beating the game and foreshadowing of Batman: Arkham Asylum.)
  • (Batman: "How are you feeling, Alfred?") "Much improved. Thank you for asking." (Batman: "If you wanted to call it a night, I could handle things on my own.") "I'll rest when you do." (Batman: "Then it might be a while.") "Oh, but didn't you know? A good butler must master the art of sleeping on his feet." (After beating the game)
  • "I must say, Master Bruce - I've a good feeling about this James Gordon fellow." (Batman: "So do I. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but he's an honest man who wants to make Gotham safe. He can even handle himself in a fight.") "Hmm. Do you think you'll work more with him in the future, then?" (Batman: "We'll see. I don't think he's a big fan of my methods.") "But surely he appreciates the results, no?" (After beating the game)
  • "Sir? Mister Elliot called earlier. He was hoping you might phone him back." (Batman: "What did he say?") "Something about a pair of twins and successful surgery. He wanted to celebrate. At least...I think that's what he wanted?" (Batman: "What do you mean: You think?") "His speech was slurred. I suppose he'd gone ahead and started without you." (Batman: "I assume you told him I'd have to take a rain-check.") "Indeed. Though he sounded none too pleased about it." (Batman: "Well, that's Thomas. I'll call him back tomorrow.") (Reference to Dr. Tommy Elliot aka Hush. And the by 'Twins' he may be referring to Mr. Hammer and his twin brother Sickle. )
  • "I've seen a rather large bat in the cave, sir. Do take care not to anger it." (Batman: "I wasn't planning to.") "Good. With everything occurring tonight, the last thing we need is a pest problem..." (Batman: "I'm sure it's harmless, Alfred.") "You haven't seen the creature." (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • (Batman: "Looking for your bat-friend?") "It's just, uh...I can find no precedent for this...King Bat, as I've taken to calling it." (Batman: "The Philippines are home to some of the largest bats in the world.") "And how, pray tell, did one of them wind up here?" (Batman: "That's a mystery I'll have to solve another day.") (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • (Batman: "What's wrong, Alfred? You look upset.") "Because I 'am' upset! I'd set out a roast chicken for you, but that damned bat took it. The whole thing! It returned later to deposit the bones. The nerve of that creature!" (Batman: "Strange. Meat's not meant to be part of their diet.") "Oh! Wonderful! So now we're playing host to a carnivorous megabat for which there exists no zoological record." (Batman: "Maybe you've discovered a new species?") "This is no laughing matter!" (Batman: "No If you say so.") (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • "I'm glad you weren't around earlier, sir. The King Bat decided to grace us with the gift of guano. The size and stench were unlike anything I've ever encountered." (Batman: "Did you collect a specimen for analysis?") "Actually, I did. If you won't investigate this horror - I will!" (Batman: "I'm looking forward to reading your results.") "Maintain that tone of yours and you'll be tasting them instead!" (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • (Batman: "Continuing your studies?") "I've done all I can to rid us of the vile King Bat to no avail. I fear he's declared this his kingdom. We are but his subjects, forced to live in constant fear..." (Batman: "You're not really afraid of it, are you?") "And what if I am?" (Batman: "It's just a bat, Alfred.") "It is most assuredly not "just" a bat. You'll see. And then you'll wonder why you ever doubted me." (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • "There's been a breakthrough, sir! The Bat it uh...well, it brought me a gift. I think. A dead rat. Ugh! Disgusting! Still, I believe it to be a peace offering." (Batman: "Congratulations?") "As I recall - there was a time you weren't very fond of bats yourself." (Batman: "True. But I grew out of it.") "Hmph." (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • "It appears the King Bat and I have come to an arrangement. I provide him with sustenance, and he keeps his distance." (Batman: I gotta say, Alfred - you've got me curious about our friend here. When things are back to normal, I'll see about capturing the guy.") "You'll do no such thing!" (Batman: "Why not? He could make a good sidekick. Or mascot.") "He's a living creature, Master Bruce! And as such, deserves the same respect you afford even the basest of criminals. You'll leave him be - or else!" (Batman: "All right, all right... I'll keep my distance, I promise.") (Might be a reference to Man-Bat.)
  • "Don't mind me..."
  • "Sir?"
  • "Hello, sir."
  • "Getting hungry yet, Master Bruce?"
  • "How may I be of service, sir?"
  • "Were you looking for me, sir?"
  • "Welcome back, sir!"
  • "Do come and say hello if you have time."
  • "Ah, there you are! I was beginning to worry!"
  • "Do you require anything?"
  • "Over here, Master Bruce!"
  • "It's good to see you safe, sir."
  • "Quite the night we're having, hmm?"
  • "Do let me know if you need anything!"
  • (Batman: "We might have to cancel New Years at Wayne Manor. It's going to take a while for the city to recover from tonight.") "Absolutely not, sir!" (Batman: "I didn't realize the party meant so much to you.") "It doesn't. Only... it's one of the rare times you actually seem to enjoy yourself." (Batman: "I enjoy myself plenty, Alfred.") "I hope you're lying - for both our sakes." (Foreshadowing of the upcoming Story DLC: A Cold, Cold Heart)
  • (Batman: "Alfred, how are you holding up?") "Fine, considering the circumstances."
  • (Batman: "What's the latest?") "You know everything I do, sir."
  • (Batman: "Anything to report?") "Nothing you don't already know, sir."
  • (Batman: "Alfred, what's on your mind?") "I feel terrible, sir. I've prepared such a lovely ham for you tonight. And now you'll never have a chance to eat it." (Batman: "We can have it tomorrow.") *Sighs* "It's just not the same." (Batman: "Christmas ham on Christmas morning isn't exactly the end of the world.") "I don't know, sir. I'd say it's pretty close."
  • (Batman: "Need anything, Alfred?") "Only for you to stay safe."
  • (Batman: "Anything on your mind?") "I'm just hoping for a swift resolution."
  • (Batman: "How are you doing down here, Alfred?") "Same as ever, sir. Though I must say, the cave becomes rather chilly in the winter." (Batman: "I could put in some more heaters.") "The energy consumption would raise too many eyebrows at Water and Power. No. I shall have to soldier on."
  • (Batman: "Alfred, how are things?") "Status quo, sir. Status quo."
  • "You do know there are easier ways to earn frequent flyer points, sir?" (Batman: "Very funny, Alfred.") "Why thank you. Just a few more remarks like that and I'll have earned my spot in the Sarcastic Butler's Hall of Fame."
  • "Look, sir. Why not simply let these Assassins fight it among themselves? It would certainly shorten your 'to do' list." (Batman: "Alfred, they'd take out half of Gotham City in the process.") "I fear you assumed too much responsibility." (Batman: "Only because no one else will.")
  • "Sir? A question if I may?" (Batman: "Sure.") "What will become of all this once you've finally decided to settle down?" (Batman: "I hadn't thought about that... Settling down, I mean.") "Mmmm. As I feared. Wait too long, and you might find it's too late."
  • "Master Bruce, you'll be happy to know I managed to have the gifts delivered to St. Jude's in spite of tonight's chaos." (Batman: "Thank you, Alfred. It's going to mean a lot to the kids. How'd you pull it off?") "Well, the orphanage volunteered a truck and a driver. They were apparently more concerned about upset children than the flood of criminals on the streets." (Batman: "They chose wisely.")
  • "Oh You won't believe this..." (Batman: "What's wrong?") "The GCPD have actually asked me to stop calling in so often. Apparently you're taking down criminals faster then they can be processed." (Batman: "And you wonder why I don't have faith in the cops.") "Well to be fair, sir. You have been on a mission tonight."
  • "When one finds oneself on the opposite side of the law, a reassessment is usually in order." (Batman: "You're right. Someone needs to clean up corruption inside the GCPD.") "That wasn't exactly what I meant, sir..."
  • "Sir? If I might?" (Batman: "What is it, Alfred?") "You may curb your... shall we say... evening dalliances." (Batman: "Oh?") "I would want you to develop a, well, a reputation, Master Bruce." (Batman: "A little late for that.") "Better later than never, no?"
  • "Bum-bum-bum-bum-boom-hm-hm-hm-bum-bum-hm-ah-hm-Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way..." *Clears throat* (Batman: "Sounds like you've found some Christmas spirit.") "Well I refuse to let the thugs out there rob us of the night entirely." (Batman: "I'm surprised you didn't put up some decorations.") "I considered it, but decided it was better not to clutter up the place. Don't worry, though - I've done a number on the house." (Batman: "I'm sure you have.")
  • "Some of the Assassins have access to rather interesting technology. When this is over, you might want to consider appropriating it. Let some good come from tonight's events..."
  • "Since when did masks become de rigueur for aspiring crime lords?"
  • "That Vicki Vale is quite the troublemaker. Perhaps someone should do a report on her..."
  • "Your detective work tonight is most impressive, Master Bruce. A shame it couldn't be of the armchair variety."
  • "Seems to me that Captain Gordon is the one good apple in a bad bunch."
  • "I assume we won't be unwrapping presents in the morning?"
  • "Well this is turning out to be quite the Christmas Eve, isn't it?"
  • "I've done my best to keep the cave tidy, but with those bats circling above...There's bound to be collateral damage. Do keep an eye out."

Arkham City[]

  • "Only just, sir. There's more interference then usual."
  • "I watched your incarceration on the evening news. Was getting arrested part of your plan all along?"
  • "And how was that?"
  • "Did it arrive, sir?
  • "No, it does not. Mr. Dent's predeliction for all things binary may not bode well for Miss Kyle,"
  • "That dreadful woman is no doubt preparing a trap for you,"
  • "Was there ever any doubt?"
  • "Good luck, sir."
  • "I see you have called in the Batwing, sir. Did i forget to pack something?" (AR Training Side Mission with Grapnel Boost Upgraded)
  • "But Mr. Fox told you it's not yet ready for field deployment. It's still in the prototype stage." (AR Training Side Mission with Grapnel Boost Upgraded)
  • "Have you tried the front door, sir?"
  • "It was obviously too easy. Let's see... If all other access routes are locked down, the only way in would be... no... it's suicide.
  • "I'm sure you'll find a way, sir."
  • "Just, sir. I'm afraid the noise of all the reporters, film crews, and helicopters outside Wayne Manor, rather drowns you out." (Unused Lines)
  • "From the schematics, it looks as if there is a main service tunnel running next to the basement, I've marked the location. Now, if you will excuse me, I have 500 cups of tea to make." (Unused Lines)
  • "What are you waiting for then? He's in Arkham City. Find him!"
  • "I don't wish to worry you, but it is the middle of winter out there."
  • "Is that what I think it is, Master Bruce?" (Shot in the Dark Side Mission)
  • "What's he doing there? Is he a prisoner?" (Shot in the Dark Side Mission)
  • "So it's the world's greatest detective versus the world's deadliest assassin. Who's going to win? (Shot in the Dark Side Mission)
  • "Hello sir, have you retrieve the cure from Mr. Freeze?"
  • "You do realize that you'll actually die if you don't get this cure soon."
  • "Good heavens. I hope you haven't let this get in the way of finding the cure. I am sure I don't need to remind you of its importance."
  • "As I recall, he's been incarcerated since you led the police to his location from Arkham Island. What does he want?" (Enigma Conundrum Side Mission)
  • "And Mr. Freeze? Have you located the cure yet?"
  • "I see you have sent a data request on the League of Assassins to the Batcomputer... Oh, and another equipment request. Did you ever consider a bigger belt?"
  • "Good news, Master Bruce: I believe we have identified the cure. Mr. Fox has manufactured enough to heal you and is working on a larger batch for the people of Gotham. The Batwing has been dispatched and it should be within your vicinity shortly. I'm sure I don't need to remind you to not waste any time in taking it." (The Tea Party Side Mission)
  • "You need to think this through, Batman can't let all these people die."
  • "I can't do that, I realized it is difficult sir. But you need to decide if one life is worth sacrificing to save a thousand."
  • "Batman must save Gotham. I'm sorry, but deep down, you know that I'm right."

Arkham Knight[]


Batman- Arkham Knight - Game Over- Alfred

  • "Sir, that tank they have backing them up is unmanned."
  • "Yes, I see it. Similar devices are being planted across the city."
  • "Oh dear! In that case, should you be standing so close?"
  • "No! Oh my...sir, we focus. The people of Gotham need you."
  • "Sir, it's... it's over. The whole world knows. What now?"
  • "And then?"
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "It needs voice confirmation."
  • "Very good, Master Bruce. You can be sure your instructions will be followed."
  • "Very good, Master Bruce. You can be sure your instructions will be followed. The Batwing is on its way to the rendezvous point." (After finishing the main story with all Most Wanted missions already completed)
  • "Excellent work, sir! Gotham's villainous contingent has been brought to task yet again. You should be immensely proud of your achievements. The city is forever in your debt." (After completing all Most Wanted missions)
  • "Everything is in place, sir. The Batwing is on its way to the GCPD rendezvous point."
  • "Are you sure you want to do this, Master Bruce?"
  • "Very well." (Alfred's last words before the activation of the Knighfall Protocol)

Game Over Lines[]

  • "They will remember you, Master Bruce. I promise. Your sacrifice will not be in vain."
  • "Master Bruce. I hoped it would never end like this. Rest in peace."



  • Alfred's biography could be unlocked in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The player must scan a plaque describing one of Bruce Wayne's donations in the Arkham Medical Center.
  • Batman: Arkham Origins was the first game where the player met Alfred outside of the communication system.
  • By the time of Batman: Arkham Knight, Alfred's eyesight had either deteriorated to the point that he needed glasses, or he had simply been using contacts for the past several years.
  • In Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer, Alfred informed the player, while playing as Batman or Robin, about the key tactical information before the gangs received it, which could be used to have an advantage.
  • After Bane destroyed the Batcave, it was unknown how Alfred wasn't immediately killed, as when he was found, he fell down very far down and was likely hit by the Batmobile, since the platform he was lying on had the car on it. However, it was likely that Bane had honestly kept his word when he said: "I have left enough life in him for a few words...if you hurry."
  • You could talk to Alfred for free XP (1 earning per Batcave visit). He talked about a range of topics from the in-game events, to a "large, pesky bat" (likely referring to the giant green-eyed bat seen in many cutscenes in the Batcave, such as the intro), to, at one point, told Batman that the GCPD had called back and told Alfred to "stop sending anonymous tips." Alfred did this to alert the GCPD whenever a major villain or threat was taken down and, apparently, Batman took down his enemies so fast that they couldn't process them all.
  • Alfred's hair was light grey in Arkham Origins, but completely white in Arkham City to show the passage of time taking place.
  • Alfred was never taken hostage by a villain in any Arkham game, unlike the other members of the Bat-Family.
    • Batman was taken by Harley
    • Oracle by Scarecrow
    • Dick by Penguin
    • Jason by Joker
    • Tim by Scarecrow
    • Catwoman by Riddler and Two-Face
    • Gordon by Scarecrow, Harley, and Joker
    • Talia by Ra's and Joker
    • Though, Alfred was attacked by Bane in Arkham Origins and taken hostage by Penguin's men in Cold, Cold, Heart.
  • Alfred, Robin, and Jason were the only members of the Bat-Family to have a game over screen for Batman. Instead of mocking Batman, though, Alfred mourned his death.
  • During the Shadow War of Arkham Knight, Alfred actually suggests to Batman to kill Ra's al Ghul, stating he technically isn't killing him as Ra's has already died several times and is only being artificially kept alive. Alfred goes on to say that with Ra's returned to full strength and madder than ever, he states wouldn't it be better to take one life to save countless others. This marks one of, if not the only time Alfred has ever recommended killing someone in any Batman Media.

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