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Batman: Arkham Knight[]

In Batman: Arkham Knight, several of the alternate outfits have a quote/reference from/to the continuity the suit came from. This page attempts to list said references.


  • The 2008 Tumbler Batmobiles description "It comes in Black" is a reference to the quote "does it come in black?" asked by Bruce Wayne to Lucius Fox after the former test drives the Batmobile in Batman Begins.
  • The Batman V Superman Batmobile's description "Do you speed? You will" is a reference to the quote "Do you bleed? You will" said by Batman to Superman in a trailer to the film. The original quote has reached somewhat memetic status on the internet.
  • The 1989 Batmobile's description "A wonderful Toy" is a reference to a question asked by the Joker in the 1989 Batman film; "Where does he get all those wonderful toys?"


  • The 1st appearance and Batman Beyond suit descriptions are the same, with exactly 100 years between them. (1939 style & 2039 style)
  • The classic Grey and Black suit is actually the Batsuit worn by Dick Grayson in the comics while Bruce Wayne was unavailable. The description "Heir to the Cowl" references this, but the suit's name was changed before release.
  • The Noel outfit's "Merry Christmas" is both a reference to the story it came from, and the fact that its appearance in the game was a surprise, released for free just before Christmas Eve.
  • The Dark Knight costume's description "He's not wearing hockey pads" is a reference to a line said by Batman in The Dark Knight. More specific, when a Batman copycat asked Batman why is he allowed to fight crime but they aren't, he answered "I'm not wearing hockey pads".
  • The "Holy Costume Party" quote from the Classic TV series Robin costume is a reference to Robin's catchphrase in the 1960's series.
  • The Arkham City Nightwing costume description "City boy" might be a reference to the fact that the outfit is from Batman: Arkham City, the game in which Nightwing made his debut in the Arkham series.
  • The Flashpoint skin description makes reference to the DC comics event of the same name during which, in an alternate universe, a young Bruce Wayne is murdered instead of his parents. In this continuity, his father Thomas Wayne assumes the role of Batman, and his mother Martha becomes the Joker.
  • The Zur-En-Arrh skin refers to a bizarre alternate version of Batman with two different incarnations:
    • An alien scientist named Tlano, who lives on planet Zur-En-Arrh and has become the Batman of his own civilization.
    • A deranged and violent "backup personality" within Bruce Wayne's psyche which is unleashed during the Batman R.I.P. arc. In this version, the phrase is a post-hypnotic trigger that originates from the night Bruce's parents were murdered. As the Waynes left the Monarch Theatre after a showing of The Mask of Zorro, just before being gunned down by Joe Chill in Crime Alley, young Bruce misheard his father's last words: "The sad truth is they'd probably throw someone like Zorro in Arkham."