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Arriving to the scene of murder.

The Amusement Mile Mauling was an event that occurred during the Christmas Eve incident, where an unknown person was murdered in a mauling at Amusement Mile.


Pre-Arkham Origins Incident[]

An unbalanced criminal named Andrew Carter was released from Blackgate Prison in November. Having already had a lengthy prison record, he stopped attending court-mandated therapy sessions around December, and decided to join Bane's Militia, presumably also applying Venom to himself as part of the initiation.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

During the events of the Christmas Eve incident, as part of Andrew Carter's initiation, he was to target a man that possessed sensitive information about their plans. He eventually found the man at Amusement Mile, and proceeded to lift and throw via his Venom-enhanced strength an industrial fan at the man, shattering every single bone in his body. Because of the amount of bones shattered, the police had initially believed that the man had been the victim of repeated blunt force trauma and noted such in the reports, and he could not be IDed, and as such requested that a homicide unit come to investigate.

Batman managed to learn about the mauling from overhearing a transmission between the cop and the GCPD dispatch shortly after solving a hit and run near the GCPD precinct at Burnley and apprehending the man responsible. Batman, upon arrival, noted that there had to be something the GCPD missed when investigating the murder, despite there not apparently being any leads. He then scanned the cadaver and realized that the bone fractures actually came from a single blow, not from repeated strikes as the official police report indicated. He was able to confirm he was killed in a single blow by a single large object from the spatter pattern, and reconstructed the crime scene to deduce the location of the weapon. He eventually deduced the weapon in question: an industrial fan, and scanned it. He then discovered prints belonging to


Scanning the victim.

Andrew Carter. Although he knew Andrew Carter had a lengthy rap sheet, the level of violence he displayed her was unprecedented. He also noted that he had suffered from paranoid delusions, and decided he must have lost control. He then called his manservant, Alfred Pennyworth, to find the last known location for Andrew Carter, also noting that he had been released from Blackgate just a month prior. Alfred then sent him what he has, and also added that he discovered a footnote that revealed that he not only was mentally unstable, but he had also stopped attending court-mandated therapy sessions at present, warning Batman to be careful, with Batman acknowledging that he always is.

He then tracked Andrew Carter to Park Row just as he returned to the congregated Bane Militia group and explained that he had accomplished his task and asked if he had proven his loyalty, with the Militia stating that it's a beginning, since they have to take precautions before actually accepting him into the fold, and in either case, they need to wait until Bane returns before they can give him his next mission to prove himself. After taking out the militia, he then interrogated Andrew Carter, whom he saved for last, with Andrew Carter recognizing him as being the figure from Bane's dreams. Batman then demands to know why he killed the man at Amusement Mile, with Andrew Carter revealing that he saw something that Bane's Militia could not let him live to tell the authorities. Batman then attempted to ask what it was he saw and if it was one of Bane's plans, only for Andrew Carter to refuse to answer. Batman then told him that they're done here and then knocked him out. He then told Alfred to tell GCPD he had apprehended Andrew Carter in connection to the murder at Amusement Mile, and to send them his current location. Alfred agreed, also stating that's one less troublemaker that Gotham City needs to worry about.

Casefile details[]

Batman: The police claim they have no leads. But there has to be something here. What didn't they see?

Scan of victim

"Physical Evidence
DNA analysis
Possible I.D.: Matthew Kadai
Cause of Death: Massive Blunt Trauma
Priors: Unknown"
—DNA analysis results on the victim

Batman: These bruising patterns are inconsistent with police report of multiple strikes. The victim suffered one massive blow that shattered multiple bones.

Scan of impact zone

"DNA Evidence
Impact pattern
Analysis: Massive Blunt Trauma
Object Weight: 29 kg
Impact Energy: 568 joules
Impact Velocity: 6 mps
Note: Victim hit by flying object"
—Impact pattern results of the victim's blood splatter

Batman: These spatter patterns confirm the man was killed by a single large object, travelling at high velocity. Reconstructing the event should reveal the murder weapon.

Reconstructed event

Scan of industrial fan

Batman: The prints belong to Andrew Carter. He has a pretty lengthy record, but nothing that indicates this level of violence. Notes indicate he's been suffering paranoid delusions. Guess he finally lost control. Alfred? I need the last known location for a perp named Andrew Carter. According to the GCPD database, he was released from Blackgate just over a month ago.

Alfred: I'm sending you what I have. Hold on. There's a notation here indicating he's stopped attending court-mandated therapy sessions recently and is believed to be quite unstable. Do be careful.

Batman: I always am.

Finding Andrew Carter[]

Andrew Carter: It is done.

Mercenary: Good. Had he shared what he knew, everything would be at risk.

Andrew Carter: Have I proven my loyalty, then?

Mercenary: It is a beginning. Few are those we have brought into the fold. You must understand we must be careful.

Andrew Carter: Only tell me what you wish and it will be done.

Mercenary: For now we wait. Bane will send word when he needs us.

Batman arrives at the scene

Bane Militia members beaten

Batman puts Andrew Carter into an interrogation lock

Andrew Carter: Ah. The shadow from his dreams. The one who must be broken. I was told you might come.

Batman: You killed a man tonight. Why?

Andrew Carter: He saw. He would speak. We could not allow it.

Batman: What did he see? What's Bane planning?

Andrew Carter: I will say no more.

Batman: Then we're done talking.

Batman knocks Andrew Carter out cold

Batman: Alfred, let GCPD know that Andrew Carter's been apprehended in connection with the Amusement Mile murder. They can pick him up at my location.

Alfred: Well done, sir. That's one less troublemaker for Gotham to worry about.

Amusement Mile Mauling Casefile Closed

Cop: Dispatch, this is Officer Franklin. Go ahead and let homicide know that the Park Row crime scene has been secured. Oh, and tell 'em to bring a second meat wagon. We've got two D.B.s down here.