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"If they won't act, I will. At dawn's first light - the sources of Gotham's ruin WILL. BE. DESTROYED."

Anarky is a political activist who expressed contempt for governments and corporations. He has charges of trespassing, destruction and damage of public and government or state property, destruction and damage of private property, damage and destruction of corporate property, and unregistered demonstrations or protests. He is not reluctant to resort to violence, acts of murder or terrorism. He also has an extremely high sense of self-importance.

His whereabouts after the events of Origins are unknown. His mask and jacket later ended up at the GCPD evidence archive where a recording by Aaron Cash explains that despite being a minor, he was imprisoned because the government had little tolerance for anarchists.


Anarky is a well-intentioned extremist whose ideology is structured around the basis of anti-capitalism, anarchism, the abolishment of governmental powers, and the destabilization of repetitive propaganda through the execution of the "higher-ups". Lonnie is a highly intelligent, violent, brutal, and hyper-dedicated conspiracist who presents violent opposition to the upper-class dogs. He has no qualms about the destruction and violence he causes; instead, he sees it as a necessity for the exploited and disenfranchised to overthrow the corrupt and privileged. Lonnie appears to be disillusioned, seeing himself as though he's a messiah that exists to usher in a new revolution and never wrong in his beliefs but always right, which is an aspect of Lonnie's beliefs when talking about politics.

Anarky was a radical political extremist who expressed contempt for governments, corporations, and anything else that had some level of control over individuals. Despite outwardly good intentions, Anarky ironically sought the same level of control over others as the governments and corporations that he despised, and threatened innocents with violence and murder if they did not acquiesce to his demands or ideals. Anarky was clearly his own worst enemy. To make things worse, Anarky had an extremely high sense of self-importance that made him difficult to negotiate with.


Earlier reports flagged Lonnie Machin as a graffiti artist with an anti-authority/anarchist leanings. Anarky was suspected of organizing radical protests, occupying public spaces and erecting tent cities, and other public disturbances. Anarky used social media and hacktivism to harass political figures, business leaders, and peace officers. Anarky targeted individuals and organizations of financial success or prominence. Reports of recent radicalization from undercover officers. Acquisition of well-known precursors, suggested attempts at manufacturing explosive devices. Anarky was wanted on charges of trespassing, destruction of public property, destruction of government property, and unregistered demonstrations. He was added to domestic terrorist watch.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Arkham Origins Incident

Anarky plotted an elaborate scheme on Christmas Eve Night, and promised that by sunrise, Gotham's sources of corruption would be destroyed. To that end, he planted at least three bombs around Gotham City that Batman had to hunt down and disarm. In addition, Anarky recruited the city's homeless population who were fanatically loyal to him and were willing to die for his cause.

Anarky contacted Batman via projection as he was exiting the Final Offer. He stated that he planted three bombs where Gotham's corruption is at its highest. It was up to the Dark Knight to whether or not let be destroyed.

The first bomb was placed on the roof of Gotham Merchant's Bank. He did this in order to prevent the bank's owner from using to launder money and to keep any employees from embezzling funds or denying loans to people who needed them. This bomb was defused by Batman.

Anarky sent one of his men to tell Batman the location of the second bomb, Gotham Casino. He thought a business such as a casino would surely be too corrupt for Batman to save. However, Batman defused the bomb before it blew up.

Machin was now sure that the third and final bomb would be detonated. He had it located behind the GCPD Building. This was in order to kill all of the corrupt police officers like Lieutenant Branden. One final time, Batman defeats the gang of Anarchists and defuses the bomb. He contacted the Caped Crusader saying how surprised he was that all three institutions were still standing. Anarky told him to meet him at the Solomon Wayne Courthouse.

Once there, Anarky suggested that they team up together, but Batman declined before Anarky had his henchmen attack him. Batman defeated them all and took down Anarky, who turned out to be a teenage boy. Anarky told Batman that he felt that they both were the same. However, Batman refuted Anarky by reminding him that he nearly killed several innocent people for the sake of his own goals. Anarky contemptuously stated that the people of Gotham weren't innocent, that they're simply weak, and so was Batman. Anarky then began a very long rant in which he initially pointed out what they could offer and learn from each other. By the end of his rant, he had rescinded his offer, laying the blame of Gotham's deterioration upon Batman's actions. Batman left Anarky for the GCPD.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

Following Anarky's arrest, the few remaining Anarky Henchmen started riots on New Year's Eve, spraying Anarky's insignia in several places. They were determined to continue his cause, planting bombs across Gotham. These bombs played pre-recorded messages by Anarky which promptly stopped after Batman disarmed each bomb.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Arkham Knight Incident

"One mask and jacket belonging to Anarky AKA Lonnie Machin. I wasn't even a cop when this kid tried to hit Gotham. No-one's seen him since. No-one knows where they're holding him. Guess the government doesn't take kindly to anarchists."
—Cash's audio file

Anarky's jacket and mask were seen in a display case in the Evidence Room at the GCPD Lockup. The anarchist A was scrawled on the table in Pauli's Diner during the game's opening, and the smoking patron that was confronted by Officer Owens wore an outfit that was similar to Anarky's, although the figure is later revealed to be the Arkham Knight. Some criminals were heard saying "Anybody see that Anarky guy? That kid would love this!" throughout the night.

Physical Appearance

Anarky appeared wearing a hood around his head (he wore a red sweater in his jacket) and wore an Anarchist mask on his face. He wore a scarf around his neck, and a red jacket with an Anarky symbol and three buttons (with a smile, an Anarky symbol and a red button) on one of his collars of his jacket. Anarky wore black gloves. Anarky carried a backpack on his back (he was later revealed as a teenager). Anarky wore a black and yellow belt with pockets around the belt, and red pants with knee caps with a hand print on his right knee cap and boots with yellow lining.


Psychological Profile


Real Name: Lonnie Machin

GCPD Profile

Lonnie Machin

Batman's Database Profile



-Self titled 'voice of the people'

-Extremist who will do anything to achieve his goals

-Sees corporations and government as enemies that must be destroyed

-Growing following among youth and disillusioned

-Enormous talents in both engineering and computer technology.

-A skilled fighter, knowing many fighting techniques.

Extortion Tapes

Tape 1

  • Captain Gordon: This is Gordon.
  • Anarky: I know who you are.
  • Captain Gordon: Who is this?
  • Anarky: I've seen your record. Impressive. In a city full of dirt, you're the only one with a clean jacket.
  • Captain Gordon: I need a trace started!
  • Anarky: But despite a clean record, you're still just an instrument of oppression at the beck and call of your corporate masters.
  • Captain Gordon: I work for the city of Gotham, not some corporation.
  • Anarky: Are you really so naive? The government is owned by corporate America, the city is owned by Bruce Wayne, and the mayor wouldn't wipe his ass without permission from people like Rupert Thorne. You're a cog in the machine, Gordon. And that machine is voracious. That machine must be stopped.
  • Captain Gordon: So, you're doing me a favor of some kind?
  • Anarky: That's right. I'm here to help the misguided. Despite your chosen profession, your record suggests you could be reformed. So, a warning: get out, Gordon. Get out while you can.
  • Captain Gordon: Hello? Hello? Did we get the trace? Encrypted? Sunova

Tape 2

  • Policeman: You wanna eat, dont' cha?
  • Hobo: Yeah, but...
  • Policeman: Listen. I got you on possession, B'n E, trespassing - hell, I got you on loitering. So? What's it gonna be?
  • Hobo: Alright, alright. What do I gotta do?
  • Policeman: Simple. You get 'em riled up. You know? You blend in, yeah, you make suggestions. Hey, there's a fat cat - let's roll his car. Hey, let's burn that building down, those corporate bastards put us out in the street. And if you have to, you kick in the first window, you throw the first Molotov.
  • Hobo: But... that's what they're gonna do anyway.
  • Policeman: Yeah, so they say. But talk is cheap. No one wants to be the first one to do it. That's where you come in.
  • Hobo: Ain't burnin' down a buildin' gonna get me in more trouble than I'm already in?
  • Policeman: (chuckling) Well, yeah. But that's what you got me for. I'm on your side, friend. You get 'em started, and then you get the hell outta there before us boys in blue start crackin' heads. I'll make sure the heat doesn't come down on you - so long as you don't get yourself caught.
  • Hobo: I don't know about this.
  • Policeman: Look, this prick... Anarky or whatever - he ain't got your best interests in mind, right? He's got his own agenda and he's just using you like he's using everybody else. You bring him out in the open, we bring 'em down, and everyone has a Merry Christmas. So? We got a deal?
  • Hobo: Yeah. Yeah. Deal.
  • Policeman: You made the right choice. Now... will that be light or dark meat?


  • "Oppressed citizens of Gotham, your cries for help have been heard! I am Anarky - voice of the people - here to save you from the plague of corruption that now infests this once proud city!"
  • "Those hired and elected to keep us free and safe won't lift a finger! And why would they? They've been bought and paid for; encouraged to turn a blind eye."

    Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Anarky

  • "If they won't act, I will. At dawn's first light - the sources of Gotham's ruin WILL. BE. DESTROYED."
  • "Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of propaganda and consumerist garbage."
  • "Hello, Batman. I was hoping to get a minute of your time. See, I've got a story to tell you. About crime and violence. Greed and vengeance. But it's also a story of redemption. Of second chances. Of change." (First Projection)
  • "I've planted three bombs where Gotham's corruption is at its strongest. But unlike those I fight to overthrow, I believe in choice. So I offer you one: Let them detonate or stop them. Your actions will determine what I do with you."
  • "They say money makes the world go round. But it also makes for excellent shackles. You're tied to your job. Your mortgage. Your need to buy the next shiny thing your overpriced television seduces you with. Imagine what we could accomplish, if only someone would set us free!" (During the first bomb fight)
  • "You're drawn to me. Go on, admit it. Like little moths to the light. Flit on over. You want to know what I'm selling. And if you don't? Too bad. You can't shut me off any more than you can the billboards. Or the branding on your clothes. The fliers that litter the streets. Or the sound-bites that clog the air. I'm in your face. I'm in your head. Just like them! But I'm the menace? Here I am, trying to educate. But you don't want to hear it. You just want to buy it. But only if everyone else does too." (Second Projection)
  • "Gotham is a prison and the police its wardens. To protect and serve, their motto goes. And they do. Protect and serve THEMSELVES. We live in fear of their gaze. Their billyclubs and guns. When they walk down the streets, we avert our eyes. We tremble when they speak. Who are these people, really? What drives them? Is it justice? Honor? No. They want power and the badge gives it to them. And so those we look to for protection-instead inspire fear." (Third Projection)
  • "Interesting. Even after knowing all you did about the places I targeted, you spared them." (After the third bomb is disarmed)
  • "Disappoint me?! Not at all! Come on down to the Courthouse so we can continue Gotham's trial!" (After the third bomb is disarmed)
  • "Ah! I'm so glad you came. It's an honor, really. There's so much for us to discuss!"
  • "I'd like to propose an alliance. I think the two of us could accomplish great things together."
  • "Tell you what-I'll turn myself in as soon as you do the same. But you don't consider yourself a criminal, do you? The suit. The gadgets. The sense of entitlement. You're just another rich kid atoning for his fiscal sins. Such a shame."
  • "I thought you wanted to make a difference!"
  • "I looked up to you. Wanted to BE you. Guess that's why they say you should never meet your heroes."
  • "Not quite."
  • "Leave them alone!" (Throws Molotov Cocktail)
  • "I won't let you ruin this!" (Throws Molotov Cocktail)
  • "You'll burn for what you've done!" (Throws Molotov Cocktail)
  • "Do they own you, then? Is that it? You getting paid to bring me in?" (Throws Molotov Cocktail)
  • "Alright. That's it!" (Joins fight)
  • "What are you trying to achieve here?"
  • "I don't get it. We're on the same side here!"
  • "Have they gotten to you? Is that it?"
  • "I ask for discourse and you respond with violence. We should be above this!"
  • "I only want to help, Batman. I only want to show you the way!"
  • "Come closer. Let me enlighten you!"
  • "Is this dangerous?"
  • "I'll rebuild, Batman!"
  • "So? What does it matter? I wanted to make a difference. I thought you'd feel the same."
  • "Innocent?! They watched as Gotham went to hell and didn't do a thing!"
  • "No. They're weak! And so are you."
  • (Monologue after being defeated): "You ever wonder how things got to be so bad here? I do. All the time. You see- I don't think men like Roman Sionis or Oswald Cobblepot are responsible. They're just a reflection of our apathy. Our greed. Our fear. We look the other way when things turn sour. Bury ourselves in our jobs. Consume propaganda masquerading as entertainment. The message is always the same: Don't think. Don't question. And what becomes of a society that's given up? It rots. Fills up with liars, cheaters, and thugs. Uptown and downtown. The suit in the penthouse is no better than the guy selling drugs on the corner. They're both doing whatever it takes to get ahead-never mind the cost."
  • "Fidelity. Once upon a time that's what defined society. People coming together in pursuit of common cause. To care for each other. To protect and provide. We took shelter from the darkness-and the things that roamed it. Community meant progress. But now...It's all backwards. We worship at the altar of competition. We build fortresses around ourselves. We fight. We betray. We have become the things we feared."
  • "You keep cleaning up after everyone Batman, and no one's going to learn to take care of themselves. The ones that don't hate you-they'll start to rely on you. Depend on you. And if something happens to you? If you get old? Or bored? Or die? Then what? Or do you not consider the world that revolves around you?"
  • "You're a hypocrite. Running around 'dispensing justice'. Telling people what they can and can't do. You're ensuring Gotham's freedom-provided it conforms to your twisted view. Whatever pleases the Bat. That it? You're not a hero. You're a despot. You don't enforce justice. You suppress it."
  • "There's a way to make this work. To show you that we share the same goals. Maybe I took things too far with the bombs and the threats. I, I can learn from that. I mean, you could be a mentor to me. And maybe, well, maybe I can teach you something too. Because I think you're so busy playing hero you've forgotten what it's like for the rest of us. We're not all as strong as you. We don't have the fancy gadgets. The strength. The skill. But, but, but maybe that's the problem. You've gotten so used to the power, you think you're better than everyone. Above reproach. Is that it, then? We're not as good as you? You know what-I take it back. I don't want to work with you. You don't have anything to offer."
  • "I think I've figured it out. You didn't take me down because I broke the law. No. No, you took me down because you don't want the competition? That's what this is is really about isn't it. Let me ask you something-you ever wonder if YOU'RE the reason this city's so messed up? Because I have. A LOT of us have...And I'm starting to think we're right."

Game Over Lines

  • "You think you're a hero, but you're really just a symbol of how low this city's fallen. We're better off without you."
  • "We could have accomplished such great things together."



  • When Anarky's Radio Channel (Freewave/Liberation Radio) is accessed on the Cryptographic Sequencer, Anarky could be heard making propaganda by reading "Plain Words", a factual left-wing sympathizing pamphlet that was made infamous after the factual 1919 U.S. anarchist bombings against a number of influential American political and social figures, including John D. Rockefeller. Anarky interrated how the pamphlet was over a hundred years old, but 'how its words still continue to make sense.'.
  • Anarky is referenced quite often during Arkham Knight. A random thug could be overheard saying, "Where is that Anarky guy? That kid would love this!" His mask can also be found in the GCPD Evidence Room with a recording from Aaron Cash saying nobody knows what happened to Anarky after Christmas Eve, and was likely taken to a federal prison.
  • At one point after his defeat, Anarky wanted to work with Batman. Ironically, his voice actor Matthew Mercer would later voice Robin in Arkham Knight.
    • Incidentally, in the comics, his creator, Alan Grant, also tried to push for him to become the new Robin after Jason Todd, unaware that that position would already be taken by Tim Drake.
  • How his gang managed to rig the GCPD building with bombs without anybody noticing is never explained.
  • Prior to his defeat, Anarky's gang can be fought as regular thugs in the streets, although they are never seen again after Anarky's defeat.
  • His bio lists his real name as “Unknown”.

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