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Anarky's Henchmen were anarchists who worked for Anarky. They were trying to remove corruption as they brought destruction.

To identify each other, they had red or white Anarky Tags printed on their clothes, wore white masks (or in rare cases, silver ones) and sometimes wore red wristbands with a black Anarky Tag on them.

Their main headquarters a restyled supply base at the Solomon Wayne Courthouse where Anarky was hiding.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

Anarky recruited a number of thugs and criminals to serve as his followers and henchmen. Anarky set up up shop in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse and decorated it with his characteristic Anarky Tags alongside other graffiti.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Batman first ran across Anarky's Henchmen after he defeated Deathstroke and the Electrocutioner on Penguin's ship, the Final Offer. Exiting the ship, Batman was signaled by one of Anarky's Henchmen in a crow's nest. That first acolyte of Anarky didn't want to fight Batman just give a message to the Dark Knight from Anarky.

Anarky had placed three bombs at various locations within Gotham City to bring an end to the corruption and tasked his anarchists with guarding them. At each bomb location was a group of anarchists who opposed the Dark Knight. Once they were dealt with, Batman tracked down Anarky to his main supply base at the Courthouse, who along with his remaining henchmen, attacked him a final time.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

After the defeat and incarceration of their leader by Batman, a large number of Anarky's Henchmen started a few attacks on the authorities in South Gotham while the GCPD was in North Gotham. During the Incident, Batman tracked down and stopped their riots, and defeated the last remnants of Anarky's Henchmen.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident[]


  • Anarky's Henchmen were a relatively small gang, who ranged in numbers from 50 to 100.
  • Anarky's Henchmen were the fourth gang to use masks, the other three were Black Mask's Henchmen, Joker's Henchmen, and Bane's Henchmen.
  • Anarky's Henchmen seemed to be the only gang that did not possess firearms.
  • Several Anarky Tags can be seen painted on walls during the Knight incident. This could mean that Anarky still had some supporters about a decade later, or that they are painted by someone else who happened to like the symbol.