Andrew Brian
Biographical information
Base of Operations Gotham (presumably)
Physical description
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham City
Andrew Brian was a political prisoner who was imprisoned within Arkham City and later assassinated by Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot under contract by Professor Hugo Strange.


His exact ties to Hugo Strange and the development of the mega-prison Arkham City are unknown, although they were presumably sensitive and high enough that Strange upon opening day of Arkham City proceeded to throw him into Arkham City as a political prisoner and order for his assassination. He was assassinated shortly thereafter by Deadshot, being taken out with a ricochet maneuver due to his attempting to hide behind a deserted car, with Batman, having already witnessed Deadshot's assassination of Laurence Graham and Sarli Jayakody, two men similarly imprisoned by Strange for similar reasons, investigating the cause of his death and Deadshot's sniping position. Batman eventually narrowed down Deadshot's main holdout based on clues from Deadshot's positions from both this murder and Sarli's murder.


  • He is not actually named when Batman finds his body. He is instead named in the contract list schedule included on Deadshot's PDA.
  • In some cases, the player will find a crowd of criminals observing the body, necessitating the player fight them before investigating the crime scene. One of the criminals will deduce that whoever killed him must have known him or targeted him due to it being an execution-style killing and that whoever did it is long gone.
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