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Andrew Carter is one of Bane's Venom Henchmen.

Batman: Arkham Origins[]

Andrew Carter had an extensive criminal record, and had been released from Blackgate Prison in November, with him having to undergo court-mandated therapy sessions. By Christmas, however, Carter had stopped going to the therapy sessions, and sought to join Bane's Militia. After presumably being supplied with Venom, Carter underwent an initiation, where he proceeded to throw an air conditioner fan at Matthew Kadai, who had presumably uncovered sensitive info about Bane's plans that necessitated his death. Upon completing the murder, Carter then was ordered to wait for Bane's arrival before he was to be dispatched on his mission. However, Batman, having deduced Carter's role in the murder as well as his instability, arrived, knocked out the unit, and interrogated Carter regarding what Bane had planned for him. Carter, however, refused to talk, which resulted in Batman knocking him out and left him to be arrested by the GCPD so they can make him talk for murder of a unsuspecting victim.


  • Venom-Injection Gave Him Super-Strength, Tolerance, Stamina, Agression, Adrenaline & Healing Factor
  • Extensive Criminal Records
  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant & Marksman
  • Undergoes-Court Mandated Therapy Sessions
  • Determined To Join With Bane's Militia & Forces


  • He, alongside Bane, Deathstroke, and the Venom-enhanced Militia, were the Arkhamverse's answers to Super-Soldiers.