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Batman learns that the Joker is hiding inside Arkham's old Monarch Theater and enters it searching for the antidote. There are two Jokers present, however, and the real twin explains that his double is Clayface, who has been impersonating him all along. In the struggle that follows the theater is destroyed, although Batman is able to retrieve the formula and save himself. Joker attacks him, causing the remaining antidote to spill. He succumbs to his illness while Batman looks on, maintaining that he would have saved his foe. Soon after, Batman carries Joker's corpse out of Arkham City into a breaking dawn.


I tried out two different presentations to give more of an idea on the different ways this tool could be used. The second style is just the highlights of the video, as opposed to an article format.

  • Clayface transforms from The Joker back to his natural form.
  • Batman first throws a Freeze Blast Grenade at Clayface.
  • Clayface uses his rolling attack for the first time.
  • Clayface hits one of the explosive corners of the theater.
  • Clayface uses his spinning attack for the first time.
  • Batman finally freezes Clayface and uses Ra's al Ghul's katana to attack.
  • Joker makes his first appearance in the theater.
  • Clayface starts making clay thugs to attack Batman.
  • Clayface finally freezes again allowing for Batman to attack.
  • After finally taking out Clayface the Exit Stage Right achievement is unlocked.
  • Harley Quinn first appears and is in shock to see Joker.
  • Catwoman looks on at the events that are happening.
  • Commissioner Gordon and the police come to investigate the situation.