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ArkhamCare is the public face of Arkham Asylum. Presenting itself as a family friendly establishment, the ArkhamCare website features information on various programs and costs for commiting a patient to the asylum.

The website also acts as the facility's home-site, featuring an employee login used by Arkham employees to access their computer files and documents.

Incident Reports[]

Following the destruction of Blackgate Penitentiary, the Riddler, acting under an assumed identity, coerced various individuals to hack the ArkhamCare website and Arkham employee files in a bid to find proof of Quincy Sharp's involvement in the penitentiary's destruction. In reality, the Riddler was using their attempts to gain further access into Arkham's computer systems in preperation for the Joker's take over of the island.

Behind the Scenes[]



Frank Boles Pass: 125845712

Dr. Gretchen Westler Pass: HOROWITZ

Dr. Wendi Maga Pass: peter68

Dr. Sarah Cassidy Pass: garianne

Dr. Stephen Kellerman Pass: edinburgh

Dr. Penny Young Pass: dione

Quincy Sharp Login: qsharp187 Pass: amadeus

Botanical Garden Feed

Sec 3: nightshade

Tv, 1q, t0, zF for first compound. Q2, gL, bM, hF for second compound. xR, c2, Pe, xZ for third compound. Open the arkham shell by pressing CTRL+Shift+G

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