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Arkham Episodes are a collection of six special campaigns in Batman: Arkham Knight, each episode follows characters during events surrounding the Knightfall Protocol. They are only available as DLC.

Arkham Episodes[]

Harley Quinn Story Pack[]

Set before the events of Arkham Knight, for the first time in the Arkhamverse, take on the role of the Joker’s psychotic side-kick Harley Quinn and wreak havoc inside the Blüdhaven Police Department as you smash, crash and bash your way to a friend very much in need. With this exclusive Story Pack, experience events in the lead-up to Arkham Knight as you infiltrate Blüdhaven to rescue your partner in crime: Poison Ivy. Baseball bat in hand, lure unsuspecting enemies with the Jack-in-the-box,entangle them with your Snare Trap, or unleash Mayhem Mode to savor Harley Quinn’s devastatingly chaotic nature first-hand.

Red Hood Story Pack[]

Set shortly after the events of Arkham Knight, get the Red Hood Story Pack and wage a one-man war against the notorious Black Mask. For the first time in the Arkhamverse, take on the role of the ruthless vigilante Red Hood and utilize new moves, gadgets and dual handguns as you attempt to bring down a vast criminal empire. Inspired by events from the comics, experience unique combat situations and bring a new kind of fear to your enemies as you fight towards an epic showdown with Gotham’s most infamous crime lord.

A Matter of Family[]

Set before the events of Arkham Asylum and Assault on Arkham, A Matter of Family allows players to take on the role of Batgirl as you team up with Robin to save your father - Commissioner James Gordon - from a lunatic’s trap. In an abandoned amusement park on the shores of Gotham, Batgirl and Robin must fight against the odds to save Barbara’s father and avoid falling victim to the Joker’s sinister plan. Trained by Batman, Batgirl combines devastating combat with unparalleled hacking abilities to take down enemies, control objects and solve puzzles. Explore the eerie Seagate Amusement Park in this action-packed adventure, which culminates in the ultimate showdown between the good, the bad, and the criminally insane.

GCPD Lockdown[]

Set after Arkham Knight, Nightwing has to prevent Penguin from escaping GCPD.

Catwoman's Revenge[]

Set after Arkham Knight, Catwoman gets some revenge towards the Riddler in his hideout.

A Flip of a Coin[]

Set after Arkham Knight and the other Arkham Episodes, Robin postpones the honeymoon with his newlywed Barbara, in order to stop Two-Face and his money processing plant.


  • Before release, the Arkham Episodes were known as Gotham City Stories.

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