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The Arkham Guards, also called the Arkham Security Guards, were the security staff at Arkham Asylum during the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Unlike other security personnel such as TYGER or the Arkham Knight's Militia, the Arkham guards weren't private security forces or military forces. The majority of them were trainees hired by Warden Quincy Sharp and tended to dislike their work at the Asylum.


Incident Reports[]

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

During the apprehension of The Joker by Batman after an attack on the Mayor of Gotham, Quincy Sharp informed the guards to get ready at the entrance of the Intensive Treatment Center to escort Joker to his cell. He also told an Arkham Officer that he would not tolerate more incompetence amongst the guards since an escape would make impossible his campaign as Mayor of Gotham. They also received Commissioner James Gordon at the Intensive Treatment Center moments before Batman arrived.

When The Joker arrived with Batman, Quincy Sharp ordered a guard named Frank Boles to escort the Joker with other 2 guards. Even though he was escorted by 3 guards and guarded by even more guards waiting for him at other places on the Intensive Treatment Center, Batman had a bad feeling about The Joker surrendering so easily so he decided to escort him with the guards.

While they were passing from a metal detector, the guards found something on the chamber. Arkham Officer Aaron Cash told the guards to check Joker, but the guards revealed that he wasn't the one with red lights, and that it was Batman to which Joker found amusement. While passing through safe transit, some Blackgate Prisoners saw Joker and welcomed him before being removed by some guards. As they arrived at the elevator, Killer Croc was being transported by some guards with weapons trained on him. While in an elevator Frank Boles complains about Batman following them saying "How come they let Batman past security", the lights then suddenly went off, Batman quickly grabbed The Joker by the neck to avoid him escaping.

Batman then meets Commissioner James Gordon and tells him that he has a bad feeling about Joker surrendering without no resistance. After this an Arkham Officer tells Batman that he can't pass because he would unsettle the most violent prisoners. Joker used this to his advantage and begins his plan and kills both the Officer and the medic with him before escaping and killing a number of guards.

Shortly after, Victor Zsasz escapes, kills a guard and takes another guard as hostage. Batman speaks to guard Eddie Burlow, who informs him Zsasz has taken another guard named Mike (Guard) hostage. Batman steathily defeats Zsasz and he gets secured by guards.


Immediately after, in a room full of Blackgate Prisoners who had been fighting with the guards, Joker activates the Laughing gas and kills both Arkham Guards and Blackgate prisoners, only 2 guards survive this event.

After Batman defeats a Titan Henchman and Joker escapes the scene, Joker reveals that Frank Boles has kidnapped Commissioner James Gordon and that Harley Quinn has taken him as a hostage. He reveals that Frank was "an old friend" explaining Boles frustration with Batman escorting Joker.

While trying to get to safe transit, Barbara Gordon reveals to Batman that the Blackgate Prisoners have acquired weapons and then she puts an audio recording of some guards that are shooting at some Blackgate Prisoners when The Joker comes in with Frank Boles and Harley Quinn, after this the recording goes off. Supposedly the guards are killed after the recording ends. And then Batman gets to the hallway of secure transit and we see that the Blackgate Prisoners kill 2 guards with some rifles.

At the elevators at safe transit, a guard complains about an elevator not working and after Harley Queen sabotaging the upwards elevator, the guard then tells Batman that Joker should be fried. With the elevator out, Batman climbed safe transit during which time Joker put on a recording of events at the entrance of the Intensive Treatment Center where there is a lot of guards protecting the entrance. Frank Boles entered and told the guards to prepare as Joker's army was coming from the outside of Arkham North. While the guards turn their backs Frank kills a guard, then the guards quickly turn back around to confront Boles. Boles kills all the guards one by one during the confusion, Harley Quinn then goes in and they escape the Intensive Treatment Center. At the entrance of the Intensive Treatment Center a number of arkham guards were killed by inmates with only William North managing to hide successfully. Even though the guards were defeated, they managed to kill some inmates before going down.


Frank Boles was then killed by The Joker as he noticed that Batman was following Boles trail and solving a riddle proposed by The Riddler.

Initially, a large number of guards patrolled and controlled Arkham East. Some were confident that the Blackgate Prisoners would never take the place this was in contrast to Arkham North and Arkham West which were in total control of the inmates and most guards in these areas had been killed. Some prisoners attacked guards from the North where the pass from the West was blocked, during this attack a guard named Jackson is killed along with another guard who are firing back at the inmates from behind an ambulance, 1 guard however survives this event. In this time a number of guards in Arkham West had been killed (including 3 by Victor Zsasz) and only one remained alive.

After Batman liberates the doctors in the Medical Facility, he found that Aaron Cash was the only surviving guard and freed him from his captors. After getting to the second floor of the facility Batman finds that, some medics, even more guards and an Arkham Lunatic have died due to the fear toxin, therefore killing the remaining guards in the facility besides Aaron Cash.

After Commissioner James Gordon is rescued from Harley Quinn by Batman, he travels back to the mainland with an unnamed arkham guard to organise a GCPD response.

By the time Batman returned to Arkham East to find Dr. Young in the Arkham Mansion, Arkham East had since fallen to the inmates, meaning that the last stronghold of the guards in Arkham had been lost, there would be no more significant resistance from the asylum guards as few remained alive and those remaining guards and personnel were scattered throughout the island and were mostly in hiding. The Botanical Gardens and the Arkham Mansion had also been taken by the inmates, who hung up some guards to "decorate" the place. Raincoat Henchman|Some inmates]] take the fallen guards raincoats and use them. They also gained control of a number of the asylum guards sniper rifles, which a number of inmates proceed to use.


When Batman entered the mansion he found that the guards protecting the entrance were killed. After getting into the library, Batman saved a Medic and a guard. The guard named Bill tells Batman that the Dr. Young came running to hide because the inmates were following her and the medic tells Batman that she hid successfully and that the inmates instead gave a beating to him and the guard. Batman goes to the Western part of the Mansion to find Aaron Cash to ask about Dr.Young's whereabouts. He rescues a guard and a medic from an armed inmate, here he discovered that suicide collars were being used. After defeating a number of inmates, Batman rescues Aaron Cash and another guard who join forces with the guard and medic Batman had just rescued. Cash tried to contact any other alive guards in the area with little success.

Batman finds more dead guards while following Sharp's blood to the Penitentiary. One of them was recently killed by a Blackgate Prisoner, who could be heard claiming that they shot him. In the outside we see an unconscious guard in the edge of the building and a medic being beaten by a group of inmates, Batman tells them to go to the medical building because it is safe there. In the Penitentiary, an unconscious guard lay on an electric floor with more dead guards upstairs found upstairs. Harley Quinn fighting Batman turns on the electric floor at the lunatic's cells, the unconscious guard wakes up seconds after the floor goes on, gets electrocuted and goes unconscious again. Deeper into the Penitentiary, Batman rescued Louie Green and another Arkham Guard who were left hanging above electrified water. After leaving the Penitentiary Batman found that both the medic and guard we rescued before going into the building were both since killed. In the Botanical Gardens, three dead guards were left posed in reading positions having been killed by the now free Victor Zsasz. The Joker then attempted to kill Thomas Armbruster in a flooded room by electrocuting the water and throwing Armbruster in (Batman saved Armbruster if he turned off the electricity before entering the room). This area had previously hosted a fight between Arkham Guards and Blackgate prisoners as there were a number of bullet casings and deaths on both sides at the scene

After Ivy's plants begin to take over the island, Cash and the other guards fled the library, where one guard was "torn apart" by the plants. This left the others shaken as they told Batman later. In the Botanical Gardens the 3 dead guards remained untouched, despite the mutated plants causing major damage. Curiously the dead guards are untouched by Ivy's plants, unlike the dead inmates scattered around. In the gardens, Batman was forced to fight two guards who were being mind controlled by Poison Ivy, one of them William North. While fighting Ivy, batman was again forced to fight mind controlled guards.

Arkahm titan

After Batman defeated the Titan affected Joker, the GCPD stormed the asylum and with the remaining Arkham guards, reclaimed it. A number of guards escorted prisoners back to their cells such as Poison Ivy as her cell was still intact. Afterwards, the surviving arkham guards can be seen receiving medical treatment.

After Arkham Asylum Incident[]

After the Joker's takeover, the asylum was shut down and the guards who survived lost their jobs. When Arkham City opened, the asylum guards do not return as they were replaced by the TYGER private security company.


The Arkham Asylum security staff had ranks, which only consisted of 2 groups and a minor sub group.

Masked Guard: Lower ranking security guards, it is the average Arkham Asylum guard and the most numerous, they are easily identified by their blue anti-riot gear, blue pants, black sneakers and black gloves , they also have visored helmets with metal grilles, although most guards have the grilles put on, some have the grilles pulled up. They are trainees, so they are less experienced and younger than the Officers, they take orders directly from the officers. Like all guards, they have a radio. They patrol the insides of the Asylum facilities.

Officer Guard: Higher ranking security guards, it is a less common Arkham Asylum guard and they are few of them. They are easily identified by their uniform which consists on a blue long sleeve office shirt, a black tie, a black pant and black shoes, they don't wear helms or anti-riot gear like the masked guards, making them more vulnerable. They have been working in Arkham for years so they are more experienced and older than masked guards, they give orders to the masked guards. They take orders from the Warden. Like all guards, they have a radio. They patrol both the insides and the outsides of the Asylum facilities

Raincoat Guard: They are both masked guards and some officer guards, they can be differentiated from each other by looking at their faces, masked guards have a helm, officers don't. They have a black long coat with a hood and yellow stripes, they also wear black pants and blue shoes or sneakers depending on the type. They receive or give orders depending on the type. They guard outside the Asylum facilities.


The Arkham Asylum Security Staff had access to a range equipment:

The most common gun used in Arkham Asylum by both the Blackgate Prisoners and the Arkham Guards. Able to be shot in bursts and from long range.

A less regularly used gun in Arkham Asylum from by guards, mainly for use in low range/close encounters.

Even though not used by guards in the game, they had possession of them. A long range weapon with a very high damage.

  • Radio

Guards could regularly be seen communicating over radio at at Arkham Asylum during Joker's takeover.

  • Electrified baton

Melee weapon used to immobilize inmates or simply for protection. Prior to the incident at the asylum, Guards could be seen using these batons in the transportation of Killer Croc.


  • The mind controlled Guards Batman fights remain in the botanical gardens after the fight, but will be resting and no longer will be hostile towards Batman.
  • The guards cannot seem to remember the incident, believing it to be a dream telling Batman "I dreamed that I fought you".
  • Even though only a few guards survive the night, at the end of the game we see more of them.
  • Some Raincoat guards will appear hanging with their clothes, even though inmates took the raincoats.
  • In the "Play as the Joker" Challenge Maps, Joker fights the Arkham guards both in melee and stealth combat.

Voice lines[]


“I got a kid! You dont have to-“

“Whoo! Go Batman! You rock! Joker doesnt stand a chance”

”what are you doing? I need help!”

“Screw you! It’s every man for himself!”

“Shut it clown! A lot of people here really want to talk to you!”

”Hey Frank, where you been?”

“Joker’s got more men on the way.”

“They’re coming in front of the asylum.”

“Gotta stop them getting in!”


“Get over there!”

“Dammit! C’mon.”

”Everyone! Cover the main entrance!”

”How many are there, Boles? Wait, hang on, how the hell do you know what…”

“Boles! Frank, what are you doing!? No put it down!”

“Frank! What the hell?”

”Quinn. It’s clear! Get your ass in here.”

”You killed my buddy!”

”Spread out and stop joker!”

”Hold up, I’m coming with you.”

“What the?”

”I want a couple minutes with that freak before he’s dragged away!”

”Help! Help us!”

”What are we gonna do?”

”Shut up and keep looking!”