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A close-up of the tank drones used by the Arkham Knight's milita

During the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, the Arkham Knight had a large army of drones alongside his militia which were present in Gotham City. The drones mainly consisted of unmanned tanks, but also included autonomous flying units. The tank drones frequently engaged the Batmobile in combat and used a variety of weapons including homing missiles, rockets and detector rays, usually relying on sheer numbers to overwhelm Batman. The drones were codenamed after species of snakes, with the exception of Spider and Dragon Drones.


Ground Units

  • Spider Drones: Small drones primarily programmed to do work. They are found as breakable objects inside the Arkham Knight's HQ.
  • Sentry Guns: Autonomous rotating turrets which are vulnerable from the rear.
  • Pythons: Stationary missile sentries that have to be destroyed in order for the Batwing to enter a certain area. They are sometimes deployed into battle as well. They are vulnerable to the 60 mm Cannon while their missiles can be shot down with the Vulcan Gun.
  • Rattlers: The most common tank unit found in the streets which fires one rocket. They are vulnerable to the 60 mm Cannon.
  • Twin Rattlers: A tank very similar to a Rattler except it is slightly larger and has two rocket barrels. They are vulnerable to the 60 mm Cannon.
  • Diamondbacks: A tank unit that is larger than a Rattler that shoots three rockets at once. They are vulnerable to the 60 mm Cannon.
  • Mambas: A more durable and dangerous drone that has homing missile launchers. It is a single soldier tank drone. They are vulnerable to the 60 mm Cannon while their missiles can be shot down with the Vulcan Gun.
  • Cobras: The most dangerous type of unit, armed with detector rays and very heavy weaponry. They are nearly indestructible tanks and a few shots could easily kill Batman. However, they are only vulnerable from the rear to shots from the 60 mm Cannon, or level two of any secondary weapon.

Air Units

  • Boas: A flying drone unit armed with a taser gun. They typically guard a single soldier and can be hacked to disable their weaponry and scanner.
  • Serpents: A larger flying quadrotor drone armed with a Vulcan Gun. They can be destroyed by an aerial landing and Explosive Gel or the Batmobile's 60 mm Cannon.
  • Dragons: An unmanned flying helicopter drone unit armed with a missile launcher that covers a certain field of area. It is a single soldier drone. They are vulnerable to the Vulcan Gun.

Special Units

  • Arkham Knight's Gunship: Originally manned by the Arkham Knight, it later fought Batman while on autopilot. It can fire a barrage of missiles at multiple targets, and can fire up to four separate missiles at once.
  • Cloudburst Tank: Manned by the Arkham Knight and guarded by 6 Cobra Tanks. Armed with homing missiles. Employs a scanner that rotates 360 degrees, but can only scan one direction at a time, and not through structures.
  • Deathstroke's Tank: Manned by Deathstroke and guarded by 5 Cobra Tanks. Equipped with homing missiles and a missile launcher. Employs a 360 degree scanner, but not through structures.



  • The player can complete the game without every having to destroy the Serpent Drones. They just serve as a way to earn some EXP by destroying them.