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A close-up of the tank drones used by the Arkham Knight's milita.

During the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, the Arkham Knight had a large army of drones alongside his militia which were present in Gotham City. The drones mainly consisted of unmanned tanks, but also included autonomous flying units. The tank drones frequently engaged the Batmobile in combat and used a variety of weapons including homing missiles, cannons, and detector rays, usually relying on sheer numbers to overwhelm Batman. The drones were codenamed after species of snakes, with the exception of Spider and Dragon Drones (the latter of which is a serpent, so it is still related).

Most enemy drones in Batmobile combat have an exposed sensor array, signified by a bright glowing light. Shooting this sensor array with the Batmobile's Vulcan Cannon would instantly destroy it. The Disruptor can be upgraded to rig armed drones (except deployed sentry guns) to explode upon attempting to fire.

Types of Drones[]

Ground Units[]

  • Spider Drones: Small drones primarily programmed to do work. There are 15 of them to destroy in the Arkham Knight's HQ on Founder's Island as part of a Riddler Challenge.
  • Sentry Guns: Autonomous rotating turrets which are vulnerable from the rear.
  • Pythons: Stationary missile sentries that have to be destroyed in order for the Batwing to enter a certain area of Gotham. They are sometimes deployed into battle as well. They are vulnerable to the 60mm Cannon while their missiles can be shot down with the Vulcan gun.
  • Rattlers: The most common tank unit found in the streets, firing single cannon rounds. They are also armed with a Vulcan gun, which they will fire at Batman if they detect him while he is not inside the Batmobile. They are vulnerable to the 60mm Cannon. The single sensor array is to the left of the barrel, glowing blue.
  • Twin Rattlers: A modified Rattler which is slightly larger and armed with two cannons which fire simultaneously for better firepower. They do not have a Vulcan gun. They are vulnerable to the 60mm Cannon. There are two sensor arrays, one under each barrel, glowing blue.
  • Diamondbacks: A tank unit larger than a Rattler that shoots three rounds at once in a spread pattern. They are vulnerable to the 60mm Cannon, but can withstand two shots to the turret because of its armored gun shield. There are three sensor arrays, though only two are easily struck in combat - one under the barrel, one low on the front of the chassis, and one low on the back of the chassis, all glowing white. Diamondbacks also have a Vulcan gun identical to the one used by the Rattler.
  • Mambas: A mobile missile launcher drone, firing infrared homing missiles tipped with tandem-charge warheads. They are vulnerable to the 60mm Cannon while their missiles can be shot down with the Vulcan Gun. Their single sensor array is under the missile launcher.
  • Cobras: The most dangerous mass produced unit. Armed with detector rays, Vulcan guns, and very heavy cannons. Their armor is immune to the 60mm Cannon while their cannons can easily destroy the Batmobile, albeit only once they lock-on, which takes a few seconds. However, they are vulnerable from the rear to shots from the 60mm Cannon, or level two of any secondary weapon. They are not encountered with other, lesser drones, and their unique weakness causes encounters with them to be stealth-oriented fights.

Air Units[]

  • Boas: A flying mini drone unit armed with an electroshock weapon, able to track and attack three targets simultaneously. They can be found in some Predator encounters. They are controlled by a single soldier and can be hacked to knock out up to three targets at once and destroy itself, or Disrupted to knock out the controller upon spotting Batman.
  • Serpents: A larger flying quadrotor drone armed with a Vulcan Gun. They can be destroyed by an aerial landing and Explosive Gel, the Batmobile's 60mm Cannon, or sabotage with an upgraded Disruptor.
  • Dragons: An unmanned flying helicopter drone unit armed with a dumbfire rocket launcher that fires spreads of area-effect rockets at the ground. They are vulnerable to the Vulcan Gun and EMP charge, but hitting them with the 60mm Cannon is difficult due to their small size and fast movement.
  • Comms Relay Drone: Special drones that drop the heavily armored bombs onto Gotham's streets.

Special Units[]

  • Arkham Knight's Gunship: Originally manned by the Arkham Knight, this helicopter later fought Batman while on autopilot. It can fire a barrage of missiles at multiple targets, and can fire up to four separate dumbfire rockets at once. Notably, it has coaxial contra-rotating rotors (two rotors on top that spin in opposite directions), like a Kamov Ka-50.
  • Cloudburst Tank: Manned by the Arkham Knight and guarded by six Cobra Tanks. Armed with homing missiles, dumbfire rockets and a laser cannon. Employs a scanner that rotates 360 degrees, but can only scan one direction at a time, and not through structures. Defeating it requires overheating the Cloudburst mounted on it through destroying four heat sinks (which disables the laser cannon), and then disabling the tank itself.
  • Deathstroke's Tank: Manned by Deathstroke and guarded by five Cobra Tanks. Equipped with homing missiles, a dumbfire rocket launcher, and a laser cannon. Employs a 360 degree scanner, but not through structures.
  • Arkham Knight's Excavator: A large excavator ridden by the Arkham Knight during the confrontation with Batman at an underground tunnel. It is armed with drills powerful enough to shred the Batmobile into pieces.



  • The player can complete the game without ever having to destroy the Serpent Drones. They just serve as a way to earn some EXP by destroying them.
  • The Arkham Knight deliberately uses drone warfare to allow Batman to use all his weapons - if they were manned, Batman would refuse to use lethal force.
  • If observed with Photo Mode, the cannon rounds fired by the Militia's tanks are actually reused assets - Deadshot's bullet casing from Shot in the Dark in Batman: Arkham City.
  • While the Boa Drones are usually controlled by the Militia, a Penguin thug in Jailbreak is shown to have one.