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Male Characters

As playable characters weren't integrated until after release, the announcers don't have unique lines referring to characters other than Batman. If not playing as Batman, the lines that directly reference Batman are simply not used.


"If you fail me, you fail Scarecrow. And he has a particular way of showing his displeasure."

"He can't hurt you two like I can. Batman breaks bones, I know real pain."

"There's just one left Batman, stop playing around and finish him. I've got plenty more."

"You were supposed to be the best. You're not worthy of the training I passed on to you. If you were, he'd be no match for you!"

"You were trained for this! Focus!"

"You know how to beat him, Do it!"

"Stay focused! He wants you to panic!"

"Take him down, no excuses!"

"I teach you every move he's got and you stil don't see him coming. Pathetic."

"You might think you're safe, but you're not. The Bat's still out there. Don't let your guard down."

"Keep all bases covered! He's sneaking around in there."

"Show me courage, not fear!"


"Report in, all of you."

"Man down!"

"You've got men down out there, check last known locations."

If you take out other present forces while the above is happening:

"We've got radio silence, someone's down. Sweep the room!"

"Find them, now!"

Sentry Guns

"Deploy sentry guns! Pin him down, now!"

"I want a sentry gun in that location. Keep him pinned down!"

Orders for Techniques and Gadgets

Explosive Gel Takedowns

"Be careful of the weak walls and fragile structures, He can rig them to blow."

"You still fight like a coward. Careful of weak walls fragile structures. He can rig them to blow."

Voice Synthesizer

"(chuckles) Okay, so you've learned some new tricks. He's mimicking my voice, switch channels."

Silent Takedowns

"He's using stealth and sneaking up behind you, keep all directions covered."

"Stay low, keep quiet, take 'em out one by one, right? Not today. Team up, watch each other's backs."

"All these years, and you still fight like a coward. Two man teams, sweep the room!"

"Cheap shot! I'll give you that one for free. Pair up, watch your backs!"

"Stuck in the past, Batman! Still usin' the same old moves. Team up and watch eachother's backs!"

"Beautiful, Batman. He never saw you coming. But the others will. No one goes alone, Work in pairs and find him!"

Grate Takedowns

"Hiding in the floor won't help. He's under the grates."

"Using the floor gates? Good move. Here's mine. Batman's under the floor. Destroy those grates and flush him out!"

"He's using the floor grates!"

Ledge Takedowns

"Keep an eye on those ledges. He could be hanging there, just waiting for you to walk by."

"He's attacking from the ledges. Check overhangs and get some mines on the ground!."

Vantage Points

"You're a creature of habit, Batman. Let's see if you can break it. He's picking you off from the vantage point. Get a mine on there now!"

"Mine those vantage points!"

"He's striking from above, take out the vantage points and get some mines on the ground!"

Female Characters

As with male characters, the announcers don't refer to specific characters during challenge maps. However, female characters are referred with correct gender pronouns. The lines are otherwise the same as with male characters.

Sentry Guns

"Deploy sentry guns! Pin her down, now!"

"I want a sentry gun in that location. Keep her pinned down!"

Silent Takedowns

"She's creeping up when your back's turned. All of you, watch your damn six!"

Explosive Gel Takedowns

"Watch the walls. She can destroy them."