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"If you're seeing this, means I've been compromised. I wanted to say goodbye, Tim. After everything...I'm proud to call you, Nightwing and Oracle my friends. This hologram's activation means that I - probably the entire Justice League - have gone rogue. BABEL PROTOCOLS are active."
—The Batman hologram beginning the BABEL Protocols

The BABEL Protocols was a contingency plan created by Batman in the event that either any or all members of the Justice League were to go rogue and become a threat to others. However, none of the other League members were aware of the BABEL Protocols, as Batman had created them in secret behind his team members backs, with the main purpose of the BABEL Protocols being to exploit the weaknesses of any member of the Justice League in the event they turned evil or were brainwashed.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

After having fought and defeated the Sinestro Corp in space, a Yellow Lantern was recovered after the battle which Batman would keep after discovering it had an adverse effect on Green Lantern's Power Ring. With knowledge about the Lantern powers he had been told by Green Lantern, Batman would create the first exploit in the BABEL Protocols by creating an anti-Green Lantern device utilizing the power of the Yellow Lantern. Following this Batman would continue to discover more weaknesses to create exploits for the BABEL Protocols, notably creating a device that can interfere with the Flash's Speed Force and discovering Superman was vulnerable to a special type of irradiated mineral created from his destroyed home planet known as Kryptonite, and had come up with a way to create a stronger type of Kryptonite in the event that Superman became more resistant to the usual Kryptonite. However, Batman didn't reveal an exploit for himself in the event that he would turn evil, and had programmed a hologram in the Batcave to activate and begin the BABEL Protocols if either one or all Justice League members were to become compromised, with a message directed towards Robin in particular.

Batman's fears soon became reality when the alien Brainiac arrived in Metropolis and began an invasion on the city, while also successfully brainwashing the Justice League to aid him in the invasion. The only two members of the League to escape the brainwashing were Wonder Woman and the Flash, however, even the Flash would become a slave to Brainiac after Batman found him in The Batman Experience with the hidden Suicide Squad, leaving only Wonder Woman left to oppose her former friends. At some point during the invasion, Lex Luthor would find and take the anti-Flash device for himself, while Wonder Woman would learn about Superman's weakness to Kryptonite.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Following the death of Wonder Woman at Superman's hands, the Suicide Squad would go along with the Lex Luthor of Earth-2's plan of finding a new way to weaken Superman via Batman, after having seen the Man of Steel's new resistance to Kryptonite, and with the aid of Gizmo the team would discover Batman's Metropolis Batcave and enter it in order to find the answers they were looking for. Coming across the Batcomputer, the hologram of Batman would activate with his message for Robin, and acknowledging it's activation can only mean either Batman, or the entire Justice League have gone rogue, announces that the BABEL Protocols were now active. Skipping through the parts they already knew, having used both the anti-Flash and anti-Green Lantern devices to kill the two heroes before discovering the BABEL Protocols, Harley Quinn was left annoyed to discover from the hologram that there wasn't an "anti-Batman" device to exploit a weakness of the Dark Knight's, and before they could hear of a different way to take down Superman, Batman floods the Batcave with Fear Toxin, shutting the hologram down. After defeating Batman and taking him back to LexCorp, Luthor would discover a means of creating a golden version of Kryptonite from Batman that would have a stronger effect on Superman than Green Kryptonite currently did. Using this Gold Kryptonite the Suicide Squad were successful at weakening and eventually killing Superman, and with all members of the League dead the BABEL Protocol became inactive again.


  • The BABEL Protocols are based on the contingency plan of the same name from the Tower of Babel storyline.
  • Currently, Wonder Woman's weakness isn't known, as the Batman hologram was shut down before being able to continue revealing the countermeasures for both her and Superman.