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The Metropolis Batcave was built by Batman at some point after the Knightfall Protocol and his relocation to Metropolis following his acceptance into the Justice League.

Incident Reports[]

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

After joining the Justice League, Batman still needed a place of his own to work; not comfortable being in the Hall of Justice unless necessary. To this end, he found an disused subterranean area of the power plant under the church in Suicide Slums. Likely with the aid of the Justice League, Batman was able to quickly build his new Batcave without the public aware of his actions.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

With the aid of Gizmo, the Suicide Squad were able to find and enter this Batcave in order to look for a weakness of Batman's they could exploit in order to kill him. Delving deeper in the cave the team finds the cave's Bat Computer, along with a hologram message of Batman to Tim Drake. With the activation of the hologram meaning himself, along with the other members of the League, have gone rogue, the hologram message begins the BABEL Protocols; a contingency plan Batman had secretly developed without his team member's knowledge, with the main goal of the protocols being the creation of countermeasures designed to nullify each member of the League. Using the Bat Computer to skip parts of the protocol they already knew and had utilized already, the hologram revealed, much to the annoyance of Harley Quinn, that Batman hadn't created an "Anti-Batman device" to stop him, not long after this King Shark and the other members of his team find the bloodied mask of Robin on the floor, Harley believing Batman might have actually killed him. Imploring Tim to find the rest of the Bat Family, the hologram gives Tim a speech about the importance of being part of a team, as well as considering his team as family, something Bruce claims to have learnt from Tim, the speech proving to be a bonding moment for all four members of the Suicide Squad.

Just as the hologram is about to reveal a way to weaken Superman however, Batman fills the entire cave with his Fear Toxin, exposing each member to their deepest fears while stalking and attacking them in the form of the "Demon Bat" persona he had taken on after the Knightfall Protocol. Eventually, Harley, with the aid of the rest of her team, successfully managed to expose Batman to a different strain of the Fear Toxin, allowing the four of them to fight and beat Batman, stopping the effects of the Fear Toxin and returning them to the real world in the Batcave, and with an unconscious Batman the team leave the Batcave, taking him to LexCorp to find out a new way to weaken Superman.

Following Batman's death not long after this, the Batcave in Metropolis would become inactive.


The Batcave has multiple pillars and platforms from his original purpose of transferring chemicals and supplies. Batman refurbished them to contain modified Fear Toxin to disable intruders. Deeper inside, there is a computer with numerous contingencies to disable the Justice League. Next to said computer is a display case of mementos from past cases. To the left of the computer is a lower platform that has a display case for five MK 8 Batsuits.


  • Robin accessed the Batcave before the events of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, leaving only his bloodied mask behind, implying Batman killed him or Tim went into hiding to heal.
  • Display cases in the Metropolis Batcave are shown to contain the following items that reference previous games in the Arkham series:
  • A locked AR program can be found with the words "lethality enabled" as it's main mode, however, the Squad is unable to activate it, implying only Batman or members of the Bat Family can access the AR programs in the Metropolis Batcave.
    • The mode is implied to allow the AR programs to actually do serious harm to whoever trains in them, meaning either Batman enabled the mode to further improve his skills, become a more lethal and deadly opponent while under the effects of Brainiac's mind control by "killing" the AR holograms or he recently enabled the lethality mode as a way to trap any unsuspecting member of the Bat Family.
  • If you visit in the DLC, the cave is has a glitches that makes it look like a Scarecrow Nightmare
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