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Batman's Utility Belt was one of Batman's most iconic and handy gadgets. It was a gold belt with several pockets and was where Batman stored his gadgets.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins

As part of his vow to seek justice for his parents' murders, Batman would never use a gun. The Utility Belt is merely a complement to Bruce Wayne's training and range of skills. Assembled in the Batcave, the utility belt had magnetized impact-resistant pouches. Its buckle featured an easily rotating locking mechanism, to which various devices were attached. Bruce Wayne borrowed and assembled many of his gadgets from Wayne Enterprises and the Batcave like the Grapple Gun, Explosive Gel, Detective Mode and Smoke Bomb.

Arkham Origins Incident

It was a grayish-black utility belt that was worn around the waist of Batman's prototype Batsuit even in his early days as a vigilante. Batman used that belt to carry all the gadgets that he used, found, and came across.

Arkham Origins Multiplayer

Cold Cold Heart Incident

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Arkham Asylum Incident

After the Joker took over Arkham Asylum and locked Batman in with him, Batman used his gadgets to find his way around. The Utility Belt stored: a somehow infinite supply of Batarangs, one canister of Explosive Gel, the Line Launcher, the Grapnel Gun, the Batclaw, the Cryptographic Sequencer, and other upgraded gadgets. All of these gadgets provided Batman with the edge that he needed to overcome his foes and defeat the Joker.

Arkham City Incident

After Bruce Wayne escaped his custody from the TYGER Guards inArkham City, he contacted Alfred and requested him to send the Batsuit and his utility belt on the roof of Ace Chemicals. The belt acted the same as it did in Arkham Asylum. After Batman went in the Museum to rescue Mr. Freeze, he had to follow a blood trail from a member of the League of Assassins but before he did that he requested to have the Line Launcher dropped in Arkham City and Alfred made a joke if Batman ever considered a bigger belt. Batman did consider it but it would be too heavy and it would slow him down.

Harley Quinn's Revenge

After the Joker's death, and a vengeful Harley Quinn captured Batman, her goons took his belt from him, but it seemed to have a defense system as whenever the henchmen tried to pick it up, they were electrocuted. A group of inmates hurdled around it, and were afraid to touch it until Robin came by the area and knocked them all out. Robin took the belt and gave it back to Batman after he was set free.

Arkham Knight Incident

In the default outfit, it was colored gold. Near the end of the game, Batman temporarily abandoned the belt, however, that only affected his ability to use quickfire gadgets during one fight.



  • In one chat with Batman in Arkham City, Alfred asked him if he had ever considered a larger belt due to the ridiculous amount of gadgets that he could hold in it. Batman replied that he did and even used one, yet it was too heavy and held him down. Batman could've been joking, but it was possible that he had a large amount of utility belts.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, the belt was gold, but in Batman: Arkham Origins the belt was grey/black. This might have been a reference to Batman: Year One, in which the belt was grey, as Origins borrows certain plot points from the aforementioned comic.
  • After completing Arkham Knight's story, Batman could return to the storage room where he left his belt. The belt was still on the table, but used the default model. If Batman wore any alternate skins, the belt model would be miscolored.
  • As seen in Harley Quinn's Revenge, the belt has a security system that prevents unauthorized people to handle it: it can be seen when Harley's thugs are repelled, but Robin can pick it up without troubles.