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The following is a list of Game Over lines in Batman: Arkham Asylum.


  • "Oh, isn't that cute? Little bat's a-sleepin! Someone finish him off."
  • "Hey! Someone help Bat-baby up off the floor!"
  • "I'd like to thank my fans for their undying support, and the people of Gotham, who I'll be seeing very, very soon..." (chuckles)
  • "Gotta say, I thought you'd last longer."
  • "I salute my fallen enemy!" (blows a raspberry, turns around and trips)
  • "That loser didn't stand a chance! I mean, look at me!"
  • "Too easy! Played you like a violin, then cut your strings. Nighty night, Bats!" (If Batman failed to rescue a hostage)


  • "Tonight, Gotham, I have defeated your dear Dark Knight. Don't be sad - you're next!"
  • "One down. Who's next to party with me?"
  • "Who else wants to get crazy?!"

Harley Quinn[]

  • "Loser, loser, loser! Ha!"
  • "Bye, bye, Bats! Mwah!"


  • "And at the end of fear, oblivion."
  • "You've failed; now suffer."
  • "Now madness takes you forever."

Poison Ivy[]

  • "Sorry, love. You're plucked."
  • "You're dead and buried, darling."


  • "The bat is broken!" (breaking Batman's back)
  • "Once again I have defeated you, Batman!" (punches screen)

Killer Croc[]

  • "I will enjoy feasting on your bones!" (eats camera)
  • "Tick tock, Feed the Croc!"

Playing as Joker[]

Aaron Cash[]

  • "I'm gonna enjoy teaching you some manners, Joker! Get him back to his cell.


  • "You'll never beat me. Joker. I won't let you win."
  • "You'll never win, Joker. I'll always be here to stop you."

Causes of Game Over[]

  • Batman dies
  • Joker dies (Joker challenges only)
  • Hostage dies
  • Getting caught by Killer Croc in his lair
  • Getting caught by Scarecrow in one of his Nightmare worlds
  • Failing to leave the room before it is filled with gas (Harley Quinn part)