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The following is a list of Game Over lines in Batman: Arkham City.

Hugo Strange[]

To Batman[]

  • "So you fail to live up to his expectations. How predictable."
  • "I knew I was better than you, Wayne. Now you have proved it."
  • "Arkham City has become your tomb, Wayne."
  • "So, the great Batman has fallen. Good."

To Catwoman[]

  • "I will enjoy dissecting your brain, Ms. Kyle."
  • "Escape from Arkham City is impossible, Catwoman."
  • "Your thieving ends now."


To Batman[]

  • "And the judgment is... death!"
  • "Heads or tails?"
  • "Looks like your luck's run out, Batman!"
  • "Bad luck, Batman!"
  • "What's up, Batman? In two minds about saving the kitty? Let me help you out. KILL HER!" (If Batman leaves Catwoman to die in the courtroom)

To Catwoman[]

  • "Time to die, kitty cat!"
  • "Sorry, kitty."

Harley Quinn[]

To Batman[]

  • "Stupid little dead bat! Who's gonna save ya now?"
  • "I knew it. You're nothin' but a lightweight loser!"
  • "You were supposed ta save Mr. J, bat-brain!"
  • "If you're dead, who's gonna save poor Mr. J?"

To Catwoman[]

  • "Neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh!"

In DLC: Harley Quinn's Revenge[]

  • "Oh no, You're all dead. Who's gonna save Batman now?"
  • "Tough luck, bird-brain!"
  • "You're gonna pay for letting Mister J die!" (To Batman)
  • "Good, I hope it hurts!" (To Batman or Robin)

The Joker[]

  • "I figured you'd have a little more fight in you. Guess I figured wrong!"
  • "Oh, Bats! I really figured you'd last longer than that!"
  • "It's okay to die, Bats. I'll be here to protect Gotham. I'll do a real good job!"
  • "Hahahaha"
  • "hahhahahahahahhh!!"
  • "Heheheheheheheheh"

As Fake Joker[]

  • "Get up, Bats! Hey, you ain't looking so good!"
  • "Oh, Bats! If you only knew what I have planned! You'd just die!"
  • "Aren't you supposed to be up on your feet and trying to stop me?"

Mister Freeze[]

  • "Death is cold, Batman."
  • "I will turn your blood to ice."


  • "Anyone want a slightly used Batsuit? I'm sure the blood'll wash off."
  • "And there was me thinking it was going to be difficult. Get him out of here!"
  • "Having a little lie-down, are you? Enjoy it. It's your last."
  • "Someone cut the mask off his face. No need to be gentle."

Poison Ivy[]

  • "You ruined everything, Selina."
  • "You shouldn't have come here, Selina."
  • "And another arrogant human dies." (To Catwoman or Batman)

The Riddler[]

  • "This is hardly a surprise. I always knew I was better than you."
  • "Well, well. So the shaved monkey has failed. How utterly, utterly expected."
  • "What's wrong? Has your primitive brain given up and accepted that I, the Riddler, am better than you?"
  • "Riddle me this: What lies on the ground, is full of holes, and gives off a slight burning smell?" (If Batman stands in the way of the hostages in Riddler's hideout)
  • "Question: What do you call someone who prevented a guard from turning into minced-meat? Answer: Not you, Batman!" (If Batman stands in the way of the hostages in Riddler's hideout)
  • "You picked wrong, Dark Knight!" (If Batman fails to save William North in one of Riddler's games)

Solomon Grundy[]

  • "Grundy will kill you."
  • "Grundy must hurt the Bat!"

Talia al Ghul[]

  • "My father was wrong about you."
  • "Pity, I thought you and I were destined to be together."

Ra's al Ghul[]

  • "You disappoint me, detective."
  • "It appears I chose unwisely, detective."
  • "And the hunt for my successor goes on."


  • "Next, I will become YOU, Batman!" (Points at the camera while finishing his sentence)
  • "It was the performance of a lifetime!"


  • "The world's greatest detective dies at the hands of the world's greatest assassin."
  • "I never fail to kill my target. You better run, Batman. You're next." (If Batman fails to save Jack Ryder)
  • "You're next on my list, Batman. Run if you like. Deadshot always hits his target." (If Batman fails to save Jack Ryder)

Mad Hatter[]

  • "When you wake up, you will be mine..."
  • "You're late, Batman. Late, late, late."

Victor Zsasz[]

  • "I'm going to take my time, Batman. After all, you took yours."
  • "You missed my call." (If Batman fails to answer Zsasz's call)
  • "You took too long, Batman." (If Batman fails to answer Zsasz's call)

Black Mask (Challenge Mode)[]

  • "What? Did you think you could beat me? Me?!"
  • "First you fall, then Gotham."
  • "No one goes up against the Black Mask and lives.''

Causes of Game Over[]

  • Batman dies
  • Catwoman dies (Game Of The Year, Return to Arkham, or Challenges only)
  • Robin dies (DLC or Challenge only)
  • Nightwing dies (challenge only)
  • Hostage dies (if grabbed by henchman during Predator parts)
  • Leaving Quincy Sharp to die at the hands of Two-Face's men near the main gate (when he enters Arkham City)
  • Leaving Catwoman to die at the hands of Two-Face in the courthouse (when Batman is seen by Two Face or his men and walks down the stairs)
  • Leaving Talia to die at the hands of The Joker in the Monarch Theatre (when she is captured by him)
  • Falling in the water at the museum
  • Failing to stop the shark from eating Batman (when the shark attacks his raft one more time)
  • Failing to stop Deadshot from killing Jack Ryder (when Deadshot is located)
  • Failing to answer Zsasz's phone in time (when Batman answers his first call)


  • This is the first game to have Game Over Lines for Zsasz. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Joker says his Game Over Lines in the Zsasz levels.
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