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Batman: Arkham City, released in 2011, is the sequel to 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum, developed by Rocksteady.

This page is to give fans of the game the script from the game, written by Paul Dini.

This script starts with the main story, with the side mission scripts shown below the main storyline.


Enter Catwoman

(The game will only start with this if you have downloaded the Catwoman DLC, which usually comes free with each new game disc.)

A group of Two-Face thugs gather inside Two-Face's old campaign office, looking at a painting of Cain and Abel. One thug steps up and moves the painting aside, revealing a vault.

Two-Face Thug: Look what I found!

Two-Face Thug 2: Don't touch it, man. He'll kill you!

Two-Face Thug 3: How long 'till the boss gets here?

Two-Face Thug 4: He'll be here.

Two-Face Thug 5: Riley said he saw the Bat. Is he here too?

Two-Face Thug 4: In Arkham City? Why would he come here? You guys just need to chill the hell out.

A window suddenly smashes behind them, and they turn around, fists at the ready.

Two-Face Thug 2: It's Batman!...What the hell?

Catwoman walks in, and activates the claws hidden in her gloves.

Catwoman: Sorry to disappoint you boys. It's just little old me.

A fight ensues, resulting in the victory of Catwoman, and the Two-Face Thugs knocked to the floor, unconscious.

Catwoman: Ah, now that they're all taken care of, it's time to get what I came for out of that safe.

She proceeds to crack the safe open, succeeding, and pulling out an SD Card.

Catwoman: Try and get one over on me, will you, Harv? I don't think so.

As she puts the card into her PDA, which shows the location of her loot hidden in Strange's Vault (Park Row), a pistol is pointed at her head - the hand holding the gun is not shown, but we only hear the voice.

Two-Face: Get your filthy paws off that, now!

A scarred hand then cocks the gun - Catwoman is now in the hands of Two-Face.

Into Arkham City

Getting Arrested

A white flash, and electricity passing through a human body is heard as Bruce Wayne screams out in agony.

Hugo Strange: Wake up, Mr. Wayne. We have much to discuss.

Bruce Wayne: Strange? You won't get away with this.

Hugo Strange: I already have.

A flashback to the press conference Bruce Wayne is holding in front of the walls of Arkham City, and Vicki Vale is broadcasting the event.

Vicki Vale: This is Vicki Vale, reporting live from Arkham City; the controversial super-prison built right here in the heart of Gotham. In a few moments, Bruce Wayne will be live on stage to explain his sudden interest in Gotham politics. The infamous playboy millionare has never been one to...

Bruce Wayne: It's billionare, Vicki. Millionares are so last year.

He walks up to the stage, greeted by press. Another sudden burst of white, and more electricity-enduced screaming from Bruce Wayne.

Hugo Strange: I assume that you thought yourself untouchable. Well, as you can see, no one is untouchable.

A second flashback, and Bruce is addressing the press and the people of Gotham City.

Bruce Wayne: Thank you! Thank you, Gotham. Imprisoned behind these walls, gang leaders are fighting a bloody war in the middle of our once great city. Every inmate from Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison has been relocated to this facility. How can this be safe for the people of Gotham?

A final burst of white light with more electricity enduced screaming from Bruce Wayne, and the title for Batman: Arkham City slowly appears on the screen.

Bruce Wayne: Shut Arkham City down. It's out of control.

Hugo Strange: Shut it down? By the end of tonight, I will be a hero, just like you...Batman!

A final flashback, and Bruce Wayne continues to address the press whilst TYGER Guards approach.

Bruce Wayne: Today, I'm starting the campaign to close Arkham City and make Gotham safe again.

TYGER Guards run out of their vans, spreading tear gas to separate the crowd as they approach the stand.

TYGER Radio: Remember, Wayne is the priority target.

TYGER Guard: Surround him!

Two TYGER Guards surround Bruce Wayne.

TYGER Guard: Hands in the air, Wayne! We have Wayne!

TYGER Radio: Target secured.

The second TYGER guard hits him over the head with the butt of his shotgun, causing him to black out.

A few seconds later, Hugo Strange looks over Bruce Wayne trapped in a chair in a darkened room, a single light behind Strange.

Hugo Strange: I feel I should thank you. Capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier than Batman. And now that we have you, Protocol Ten is ready to begin. It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure and if you try to stop me, I guarantee everyone will know your secret.

Strange then walks away into the darkness. As he leaves, the single light suddenly gets brighter, lighting up the room. As the television to his right emits a pre-recorded message of Hugo Strange informing the new patients of the various rules in Arkham City, Bruce makes his escape by swinging on the chair left and right until he falls to the floor. As he attempts to get up, the alarm sounds, and a TYGER guard enters from another room.

TYGER Guard: What the hell are you doing? Did you think we wouldn't hear you?

He goes to kick Bruce Wayne, but he counters the attack, knocking the guard out and taking his communications device from him.

TYGER Guard: Help me! Get in here! Help!

He manages to get a communications chip from the device and slip it in the cuff of his suit before another TYGER Guard smacks him in the head with the butt of his rifle, smash his head into the television screen, and pull him out of the room, into the processing area.

TYGER Guard: Welcome to Arkham City, Wayne.

Inmate: What are you doing here, Wayne?

Inmate 2: Did you kill your butler?

Inmate 3: You're going to die in here, rich boy!

Inmate 4: You're gonna be my bitch, Wayne.

Inmate 5: You're mine.

TYGER Guard: On the ground. Now!

Bruce Wayne soon bears witness first hand to the brutalities within the walls of Arkham City, including the tortue of many inmates, and the arrest of Black Mask.

TYGER Guard: What are you waiting for, Wayne? Line A. Move!

As Bruce Wayne is sent into line A, he is taunted by a man in Line B.

Inmate: Hey, Wayne, I hear Penguin's put a price on your head. I'm cashing you in.

Inmate 2: You work for the Penguin?

Inmate: Yeah, what's it to you?

Inmate 2: I hate the Penguin.

Inmate 3: Break his face!

TYGER Guard: You two get out of the way! Wayne! Get your ass up here!

Inmate in Line A: Bruce Wayne. You're on my list. Bang.

TYGER Guard: Move up, prisoner!

The prisoner moves out of the way, and Bruce approaches the end of the line. As he does, a TYGER Guard hits him on the head with the butt of his rifle, and pushes him onto his knees.

Hugo Strange: Lower your weapons. Mr. Wayne will not be any trouble. Will you, Mr. Wayne? The cuffs can stay on. We don't want to make things too easy, do we?

The TYGER Guard pushes him into a large chamber with other political prisoners, including Jack Ryder.

TYGER Guard: Close the doors. Prepare for insertion!

Political Prisoner: I can't believe I'm going to die in here.

Jack Ryder: Bruce Wayne? Great. There I was, reporting on your crummy press conference, and now here we both are. I guess that'll teach you to get involved in politics, won't it?

Bruce Wayne: Listen to me carefully. When they open the door, do not panic. Stay close to me.

Jack Ryder: Do you think I'm taking advice from some guy who's never even been in a fight?

The door slides open, revealing the dilapitated world of Arkham City, where the inmates are fighting one another, and jeering at the prisoners who have just arrived.

Bruce Wayne: Stay calm. They're trying to scare us.

Jack Ryder: Sorry, man. It's every man for himself.

With those words, he runs into the City, right into where some inmates are waiting for them.

Inmate 1: You're my new slave, Wayne.

Inmate 2: You're gonna die in here!

Bruce Wayne encounters some inmates, but he manages to counter all of their attacks, even though he is still in chains. After encountering a few inmates, he manages to knock out the one inmate who's attacking Jack Ryder.

Bruce Wayne: On your feet, Ryder.

He then helps Jack up onto his feet.

Bruce Wayne: I said, get up!

They slowly move towards the entrance, but when it opens, there stands the Penguin, flanked by some of his gang.

Penguin: Well, look who it is!

An inmate then goes behind Bruce and hits him in the back with a rusty pipe, making his fall to his knees and drop Jack Ryder.

Penguin: Welcome to hell, Brucey-boy.

The same inmate hits him again, this time, across the back of the head, and Bruce falls to the floor. He looks up to the Penguin, who throws a cigar to the floor.

Penguin: Lights out, rich boy!/Nighty-night.

He stomps his foot onto Bruce's face, making him black out.

Facing the Penguin

Bruce Wayne is being dragged into an abandoned alley by thugs as the Penguin throws a cigar to the floor, and turns to Bruce. The thugs throw him to the floor.

Penguin: Wakey-wakey, Wayne. Aw, what's up? Do you need me to call your butler?

Bruce: Cobblepot.

Penguin: Aw, you remember me. I'm touched. Your family destroyed mine, Wayne. This...

He then puts on a knuckleduster on his left hand.

Penguin:...well, let's just call this good, old-fashioned revenge.

He goes to punch Bruce, but he counters the attack, bending the Penguin's arm backwards and breaking his hand with a crunch.

Penguin: GET HIM!

His thugs get ready to attack Bruce Wayne.

Penguin: Hurt him! I think he's broken my bloody hand!

The thugs go to attack him, but Bruce counters their attack and strikes back. After a while, he smashes the links connecting his cuffs together, breaking free, whilst knocking a thug out.

Penguin Thug: He broke free! How'd he do that?

Bruce continues to fight. After all the thugs are knocked out, Bruce goes to the Penguin and knocks him out with a single punch.

Bruce: I need to get to higher ground and contact Alfred.

He manages to use the various bins and ventilation pipes to get on top of a building, and manages to get in contact with Alfred.

Bruce: Alfred, have you got my location?

Alfred: Only just, sir. There's more interference than usual.

Bruce: I need an immediate drop on the roof of the Ace Chemicals building. I'm on my way there now.

Alfred: Of course.

Suit Up

Bruce starts to climb the building in preparation for the arrival of the drop.

Alfred: I watched your incarceration on the evening news. Was getting yourself arrested a part of your plan all along?

Bruce: Not exactly, although I did get some one-on-one time with Hugo Strange.

Alfred: And how was that?

Bruce: Not good. He knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. He also told me that something called Protocol Ten would make him famous. I can't leave Arkham City until I find out what it is.

Bruce gets to the upper levels of the building, near the top, when he sees the Batwing arrive and drop the item he needs on the roof.

Alfred: Did it arrive, sir?

Bruce: Right on time.

He climbs to the top, and activates the pod by hand recognition. It opens up to reveal the Batsuit, and Bruce Wayne proceeds to put it on, finally covering his face to turn him from playboy Bruce Wayne to masked vigilante Batman.

I'm Batman

Saving Catwoman

Batman: Alfred, I took an encryption key from a TYGER Guard. I'm going to hack into their communications.

He takes the key from his pocket, and places it into his cryptographic sequencer. He then proceeds to find the radio frequency that TYGER uses, and manages to hear a conversation between a TYGER Helicopter and Hugo Strange.

TYGER Helicopter: All units, this is AIR TYGER 4. We have confirmation that Prisoner 4011 is in the courthouse. I repeat, Catwoman is in the Courthouse.

Hugo Strange: Is she in danger?

TYGER Helicopter: Affirmative. Target is being held by Dent. We believe he intends to kill her. How should we proceed?

Hugo Strange: Stand down. Let Two-Face have his fun.

TYGER Helicopter: Understood.

Batman: That doesn't sound good.

Alfred: No, it does not. Mr. Dent's predilection for all things binary may not bode well for Miss Kyle.

Batman: If there's one person who knows what's really going on, it's her. I need to find Catwoman, now.

Batman jumps off the ACE Chemicals building and glides down towards the courthouse where he is met by thugs. He takes them all out and then proceeds into the courthouse.

In the courthouse, Batman overlooks the activities in the main court room from an upper level window. He overlooks a gang of thugs wanting to join Two-Face. Two-Face is on a platform, flipping his coin repeatedly, with his back turned to them, constantly changing personalities.

Two-Face: The only way to get by this place is to get ourselves some respect -- fear! That's how we get respect, show them all how we do things... We should be fair though. This is a place of justice after all -- screw justice! Kill her, and they're all fear us.

Two-Face turns around and faces the crowd with a voice of authority.

Two-Face: Bring out the defendant!

Over the acid, there is a curtain, which reveals, underneath, Catwoman.

Catwoman: You certainly know how to keep a girl hanging, Harv'. Hey, have you had some work done?

Two-Faces slaps Catwoman across the face.

Two-Face: That's for stealing from us. No one steals from us!

Catwoman: I'm sorry I've been a bad kitty. Untie me, and I'll make it up to you.

Two-Face: Let's see if the coin thinks you're telling the truth.

Two-Face flips his coin and the coin lands on his hand. Revealing the coin to have handed on the good side, he states...

Two-Face: This court is now in session.

The crowd starts cheering, and it soon becomes too loud for Two-Face.

Two-Face: Order in the court! Order, order!

He then brings out his pistol and fires it in the air for attention.

Inmate: Be quiet!

Inmate 2: He's got a gun!

Everyone becomes silent.

Two-Face: That's more like it. Welcome, people of Arkham City. It's good to see so many new faces in the crowd. Fresh faces for the gang.

The crowd starts cheering, and Two-Face continues as soon as they show signs of quietening down.

Two-Face: Today, we present each of you with an exciting new opportunity. Two opportunities!

Batman climbs a ladder and sees an inmate armed with a gun surveying the room from above.

Batman: Taking out the thug with the gun is the key. Without him, the rest of the room won't be a problem.

Batman then silently takes down the thug with the gun and walks onto a rope. He then jumps down where few inmates cowardly flee.

Two-Face: Our friend Batman has arrived. Grab him and cut him in two!

As Batman fights his thugs, Two-Face starts firing at him.

Two-Face: You're not welcome in my court, Batman.

Batman easlily takes down all of the remaining thugs, while dodging Two-Face's shots but in the end Two-Face aims at Batman.

Two-Face: Objection!

And fires, knocking down Batman. Blowling smoke from his pistol, he states...

Two-Face: Overruled!

He kicks open the door and walks over next to Catwoman., gun barrel pressed against her head.

Two-Face: Heads or tails, kitty-kat?

Catwoman: Which one lets me out of here alive?

Two-Face flips his coin and grabs it, with it landing burnt side up.

Two-Face: Not this one. Time to die!

Catwoman: I vote for a stay of execution.

She then breaks free and scratches Two-Face across his face. With him on the ground bleeding, Catwoman looks down at him, claws at the ready.

Catwoman: No gun, Harv'? Shame. This is gonna hurt!

Two-Face brings out a second gun.

Two-Face: Two guns, bitch!

Catwoman gasps, but Batman grapples Two-Face and ties him in the process. Batman grabs Two-Face but lets go of him over the acid tank; where he just hangs over.

Catwoman: And I thought it was only cats that had nine lives.

She walks over to the hanging Two-Face.

Catwoman: How's it hangin', Harv'.

She kicks Two-Face across the stomach and proceeds to taking his PDA.

Catwoman: Come to kitty!

Batman glides down to Catwoman, who turns to him after hiding Two-Face's PDA.

Catwoman: Anyone ever tell you that you're full of suprises?

Batman: I figured that you could use my help, Selina.

Catwoman: You're right. I think I chipped a nail back there.

Batman: Funny(!)

Catwoman then jumps off the platform that holds the tank of acid, then walks slowly away from it.

Catwoman: So what do you need, Mister Detective?

Batman: Protocol 10. What do you know of it?

Catwoman: Never heard of it.

Batman: That's not what I wanted to hear. What about Strange?

Catwoman: I don't trust him. He's been missing for years and suddenly been put in charge of Arkham City. Rumor has it that he's been working with Joker, planning something very special just for you. Maybe that's Protocol 10?

Elsewhere, a sniper takes aim at Catwoman from a sniper point.

Joker: Twinkle, twinkle little bat. Watch me kill your favourite cat!

Catwoman: The ex-district attorney here said something about...

Batman sees a green dot on Cartwoman's face which indicates Joker's sniper, and then pulls her out of the way just in time before the bullet passes.

Catwoman: What the hell!

Joker: See ya soon, Bats!

Catwoman: This place is dangerous. I like it. You expecting a kiss?

Batman: It was Joker. You're not safe here. No one is.

Catwoman: Nine lives, remember.

She then makes her way out of the courthouse.

Batman: I need to find where the bullet entered and where it impacted.

He scans the bullet points and then knows where the trejectory of the bullet leads to.

Batman: The trejectory of the bullet will lead me to the shooter.

The camera zooms out of the courthouse and then overlooks the Medical Center/church. Batman finds a way to exit the courthouse after finding that the front door is blocked.

The Church

Batman manages to find a way to exit the courthouse - either through the upper level doors or the back entrance.

Inmate 1: Is he still in there?

Inmate 2: I think so. I can hear someone in there.

Inmate 3: Keep that door shut, man. I don't wanna go head to head with Batman.

Inmate 2: You didn't say it was Batman. Why the hell are we still here? We should run, or something.

Inmate 1: You think?

Inmate 3: Don't be stupid. If you keep that door closed, he can't get out and we're safe.

Inmate 2: Really? What's stopping him going out the back?

Inmate 1: There's a back?

Inmate 2: Yeah. Two-Face showed me. There's a basement. It's full of cells. There's some guy down there.

Inmate 3: And you didn't think to mention it till now?

Batman jumps down to the inmates and takes them all down. He then makes his way to the church using the line made by the bullet.

Inmate 1: You cold?

Inmate 2: Course I'm cold. It's like 10 below out here and Harley left us outside to freeze to death. Crazy bitch. Bet she's nice and warm in there.

Inmate 1: Take it easy, man, I'm just asking. Who was that lady? The one who got dragged off?

Inmate 2: No idea. Just one of the losers from the church. Buncha do-gooders if you ask me. Hope the Joker hurts her bad.

Inmate 1: Odds are he will. He ain't been his usual happy self for a while now.

Inmate 2: Do you think the rumors are true?

Inmate 1: What? That Harley used to be a dude?

Inmate 2: Nah, the ones about the Joker dying.

Inmate 1: No idea, man, but he didn't look too good last time I saw him.

Inmate 2: When was that? I ain't seen him for months.

Inmate 1: Me neither. Way I see it, if big J dies, this place becomes an all-out war zone. And if that happens, I'm joining up with Penguin.

Batman swoops down to the three thugs guarding the door to the church, and takes them down. When he's knocked them all unconscious, he then contacts Alfred.

Batman: I'm at the church. It looks like Harley Quinn is inside.

Alfred: That dreadful woman is no doubt setting a trap for you.

Batman: Don't worry, Alfred, Quinn never was too smart. I'll be OK.

Batman exits communications with Alfred as TYGER helicopters survey the surrounding area, and he enters the church.

Once inside, he then poceeds to enter into the main hall, where he is greeted by Harley Quinn and a group of thugs who have captured all the doctors and officers inside the church.

Harley: Comin' through, B-man!

She somersaults through the hall towards him, ready to attack him, but when she does, Batman counters the attack and sends her to the floor, causing Harley to cry out in pain.

Inmate: Let the lady go, bat freak! Or these people all get a bullet in their heads!

Harley: I think you should do what he says. It would be a shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit. What do you think, Bat-Brain? Like it? What am I saying, 'course you do. Who wouldn't?

Harley then starts to circle Batman, almost taunting him since he is powerless to attack.

Harley: So, anyway, here's the deal. Mister J is really not up to a visit right now. He's not feeling himself...Well, actually, he was earlier, but that's not what I meant. He's not doing so good and that idiot doctor I sent from here didn't help. I've seen more smarts from these bozos.

She then starts heading for the door, addressing her goons.

Harley: I've got to run, boys. If he tries anything funny: KILL HIM!

She exits through the door, blowing Batman a kiss before leaving. He's now left to face the goons alone, thinking of a way out.

Batman: Attacking armed thugs head on is suicide. I need to disappear, pick them off silently, one by one.

Inmate 1: Don't you move, Batman. Just stay there and this will all end OK.

Inmate 2: What do you mean "end OK"? She. Left us. Alone. With. Batman.

Inmate 1: Keep it together. He's ours. What's he gonna do?

Batman suddenly throws a smoke bomb to the floor. Causing the thugs to panic, he grapples up to the nearest gargoyle.

Inmate 1: Where's he gone?

Inmate 2: He's vanished! He disappeared!

Batman: They don't know where I am. Good, let's keep it that way. Time to survey the room. Plan out my tactics.

He uses the detective mode built into his cowl to survey the room, check how many thugs there are in total to take out, and how best to take them out.

Batman: Four thugs, all armed, two hostages. This is going to be easy.

Inmate 1: We need to get out of here!

Inmate 2: He's gonna get us!

Inmate 1: Batman! Can you hear me?! Try and get us and these people die!

Batman grapples from gargoyle to gargoyle overhead, and locates a thug under some scaffolding holding a hostage.

Batman: He's got a hostage. I can glide to the scaffolding above him without being seen and take him down from there.

He manages to get onto the scaffolding without being noticed, and takes down the thug. He then grapples onto another gargoyle, and notices another thug holding someone hostage in a confessional.

Batman: That idiot thinks he's safe in the confessional. He's just made it easier for me to get in behind him.

Sure enough, he lands behind him, and takes him down through the weak wood panelling behind him. He then focuses on the last two thugs holding their guns at the group of hostages on the floor.

Batman: If I get behind those two without being seen, I can take them down in one move.

He grapples to the gargoyle behind the two thugs, and lands right behind them. Taking both of their heads in his hands, he smashes them together, knocking them both out.

Batman: The room is secure, you're safe now!

Batman enters the bell tower by opening a door. The stairs have been destroyed by Harley. He grapples up, then climbs some ladders to enter the clock tower. Once up there, he activates Detective mode, and locates the sniper.

Batman: There's the gun. It looks like it's been controlled remotely by Joker.

Batman scans the gun. The televisions switch on, the Jokers face appears.

Joker: Well look who it is. I haven't seen you since, how long has it been, there was an Asylum, some monsters, oh, that's right! You left me to die! Well you probably don't remember it that way but who cares. You just need to worry about the bombs, hurry up now clocks ticking.

The screen starts a countdown from 5, Batman crashes through the window, and glides away before the tower explodes.

Batman: Alfred, I've got a lock on the signal used to remotely control the Sniper Rifle. Joker's behind this.

Alfred: Was there ever any doubt?

Batman:  I'm going to follow the signal. It should lead me right to him.

Batman glides to the Sionis Steel mill.

Sionis Steel Mill

Batman: Alfred, find me a way into the steel mill.

Alfred: (sarcastically) Have you tried the front door sir?

Batman: Why not?

Alfred:  It seemed too easy. Let's see, if all other access routes are locked down, the only wayin would be no it's suicide.

Batman: The main chimney? Ok then.

Batman then grapples up and dives down into the main chimney conveniently placed over a fiery drop.

Batman: (thinking): The furnace is too hot. I need to cool down the coals somehow.

Batman then turns off the steam using a Batarang and jumps into a narrow space underneath some thugs.

Harley: I promised you some entertainment right boys?

Doctor: Please I tried my best.

Harley: This miserable quack has failed Mister J and you all know what that means.

Harley: Get in here Mister Hammer!

Joker: Get back here Harley.

Harley: Comin' Mister J!

Batman then suddenly attacks and takes down thugs.

Harley: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead. Well there's no way you're getting to Mister J. We're safe and sound up here. You can just stay down there and burn.

Batman: Alfred, Joker's holed up in the manager's office in the Steel Mill.

Alfred: I'm sure you'll find a way sir.

Batman: Of course I will. Some of the goons dragged a doctor away. I'm going to find her first, then deal with Joker.

Batman eventually finds Doctor Stacy baker. He then takes down the patrolling thugs guarding the doctor. Batman: Are you ok? Stacy Baker: What's wrong with these people? That crazy woman thinks I can fix The Joker. Batman: What's wrong with him? Stacy Baker: there's something in his blood. Some kind of toxin. It's killing hime. He blames something called titan. Batman: Titan? Stacy Baker: Do you know what he keeps saying? He kept going on about his last laugh. Harley: Uh Uh Doc. Isn't that information supposed to be confidential? Stacy: What's going on? We're safe right?

Harley Quinn: Get that door sealed up nice-n-tight, boys? We don´t want the vermin escaping, do we?

Batman: Wait here, doctor.

Stacy Baker: What the hell are you doing?

Batman: I need to get out of here. Someone needs to stop Joker.

"Blood Of The Demon"

Elite Guard: You should have listened to my warning.There are no friends to save you down here.

Talia: Stop!

(Talia slaps Batman)

Batman: Hello, Talia.

Talia: How did you find us?

Batman: I recognized your personal guard. It was just a matter of... following her.

Elite Guard: Please, mistress... he tricked me.

Talia: Leave! I will deal with you later.

Talia: You didn't need to get yourself Arrested to see me, Bruce.

Talia: After that night we spent in Metropolis, you could've just called.

Batman: I'm not here for You. Where's Rā's? If he's dead again, I need you to wake him up.

Talia: Only a true successor may stand before the great Rā's al Ghūl. My Father always intended us to be together, to command his army. Just imagine it. A Better World. (Talia pulls back Batman's mask and recoils at the sight of Batman's disease) Your face! What happened?

Batman: I'm here to take my place at your side.

Talia: You wish to become an assassin? Why should I trust in this change of heart?

Batman: You saw my face. Does it look like I have a choice?

Talia: Are you prepared to take the Demon Trials? You must show you are willing to take a life to save the world.

Batman: I'm ready.

Talia al Ghūl: Then let the trials commence

Talia al Ghūl: Thousands of warriors have fallen in pursuit of the Demon.Would-be successors have proven to be nothing but children battling the enormity of creation.

Batman: Ive seen worse.

Talia al Ghūl: Nothing can prepare you for what comes next.Destiny will decide your fate.

Batman: I won't fail.

Talia al Ghūl: I have heard this words a hundred times.Let us hope you are correct. (finishes through the steps) Your journey begins through this door.

Batman: Let's get started.

Talia al Ghūl: (stops Batman with arm) Are you sure, Bruce? Only one man has passed this ordeal.

Batman: Are you trying to talk me out of this?

Talia al Ghūl: Of course not. I just... I just want you to be certain. When the Blood of the Demon takes hold,you will be on your own.

Batman: Like always.

Talia al Ghūl: Then may the spirits be kind. (sighs)

"Death Of a Special One"

Joker: Hurry up and take your seat Batman. The shows about to begin.

Batman: Let's Just talk about this.

Joker: (Laughs) Now you want to talk? Too late, Batman! (Holds gun on Talia) give me the cure!

Batman: But you've already got the cure. (Talia the swoops up,Nocks the gun out of his hand and pulls her sword out and impales the Joker,)

Batman: TALIA NO!

Talia: Problem solved.

Batman: You didn't need to...

Talia: Why? You would never do it.You left me no choice.

Batman: There's always a choice.

Talia: I had to save you. Harley Quinn stole it for him. I took it back. It's over. (Batman then has a flashback)

(Gun is cocked)

Batman: Talia!

(Talia is shot in the lung)

Talia: I'm sorry, beloved. I didn't know...

(Talia dies)

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