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This page includes spoiler details from the latest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Please proceed at your own risk.

Batman: Arkham Knight - The Official Novelization written by Marv Wolfman is the official novelization of the hit video game Batman: Arkham Knight.


The Arkham Knight novelization follows the same, but somewhat altered version of the game's plot. Some scenes and scenarios have been changed to better fit a written format as well as the inclusion of additional dialogue, scenes and information.

Changes & Added Information[]

  • Officer Owens (whose first name is revealed as Scott) is shown eating food at Pauli's Diner and then promptly receiving a wrapped up order before he is called to investigate the 'smoking stranger', whereas in the game Owens only gets to make one food order, an order which doesn't get to arrive before the gas attack.
  • Hugo Strange is mentioned by Oracle to have been captured during that same night, working with Victor Zsasz on a bombing attempt on Gotham Central Station, seemingly ignoring his death during the events of the Arkham City game.
  • After Commissioner Gordon and Batman cremated the Joker's body, Gordon took Joker's ashes and flushed them down various toilets into the waters beneath Gotham City.
  • The novel states that Commissioner Gordon had a son named James Jr., who at some point turned into a homicidal killer.
  • Batman acknowledges Joker's presence a lot more in the novel than in the game, to the point where Batman is shouting at him and telling him he's not real.
  • Albert King, one of the Joker infected, is not in the novel. Instead he's been reimagined as a bank robber named Albert Christopher Rogers, who goes by the alias "Big Al,". Rogers was shot in an attempted robbery and was given a routine blood transfusion with Joker's blood.
  • The flashback to Gordon's visit to Panessa Studios is revealed to have taken place seven days before the main events of the game.
  • After Batman finds Simon Stagg, who has been exposed to Fear Toxin while being held captive by the Arkham Knight's Militia, he tricks Stagg into believing that Batman is a monster that wants to help Simon get revenge on Scarecrow. Batman does this to get information out of Stagg.
  • The novel mentions The Flash by name, and references their connection to Central City, revealing that Scarecrow's plans included expanding fear gas attacks on both Central City and Metropolis, potentially falling to the mercy of their respective protectors The Flash and Superman.
  • When Batman confronts Scarecrow on Stagg's Airship, he has a hallucination where Joker forces Batman to brutality beat Scarecrow down to a broken and bloody mess on the floor. Afterwards, Joker seemingly takes control of Batman's body for a brief period of time.
  • Jason Todd's "death" is mentioned as having occurred three years before.
  • When Batman catches up to Scarecrow on the roof of the Arkham Knight's hideout, Batman has another Joker hallucination and Scarecrow tells Batman that he is aware about the Joker's presences. Scarecrow then reveals to the Dark Knight that he and Joker were working together. Joker contacted Scarecrow after he injected Batman with his blood and Scarecrow modified his Fear Toxin to bring out the Joker in Batman.
  • Arkham Knight references the Winchester murder, a plot point from the comic Batman: Gothic.
  • Deathstroke's involvement is completely removed.