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The following is a list of Game Over lines in Batman: Arkham Origins.


As Batman[]

  • "Awww. Too bad. So sad!"
  • "Oh I'm sorry! Did I kill your friend? Oops! My bad! Haha!"
  • "Looks like I'm gonna need to find a new playmate. Oh, and we were having so much fun, too!"
  • "Ding dong, the Bat is dead! Which old Bat? The dumb old Bat! Ding dong, the dumb old Bat is dead! HAHAHA!"
  • "Aw... Gotta say, I thought you'd have more fight in you. A lot more fight."

As Deathstroke[]

  • "Deathstroke? More like Death-joke!"
  • "You may be the world's greatest assassin, kiddo, but Joker always gets the last laugh!"


As Batman[]

  • "I hoped for more of a fight."
  • "That was... unsatisfying."
  • "And I had such big plans for you."
  • "I'm dissapointed. I expected better from you." (Venom Bane)
  • "So this is how the Bat finally falls." (Venom Bane)
  • "You've been... broken." (Venom Bane)
  • "First I broke your spirit. Now I break your back." (TN-1 Bane)
  • "He is gone, Batman. Because of you." (TN-1 Bane)

As Deathstroke[]

  • "After all these years of claiming to be the best, you are beaten by my WORST."
  • "Defeated by my underlings. Not impressed."


As Batman[]

  • "Boys, get 'im outta here. And don't ding up any of the gear. That's worth some money."
  • "And THAT'S why I'm the boss! Now if you'll excuse me, I got business to attend to. Piss off!" (throws cigar at screen)
  • "Ahh, it's a real shame you're dead. You're actually worth more alive! (laughs)"

As Deathstroke[]

  • "World's greatest assassin? You? Bollocks."
  • "Someone rip off his mask for my collection. At least he's not spandex."

Cold, Cold Heart DLC[]

  • "What's a'matter, Brucy boy? D'ja choke on the pate?" (Bruce Wayne's death)
  • "And THAT'S how you ring in the New Year!"
  • "Break out the Champagne boys! I think it's goin' to be a very, very good year."

Black Mask[]

As Batman[]

  • "I was hoping you'd at least live long enough to see what I've got planned for this place."
  • "With you out of the way, Gotham's mine for the taking. And sooner than I thought."
  • "That's it?! All this build-up and he falls over like he's made of sticks?! What an anti-climatic ending!"' (Kicks Batman)
  • "What? The party's already over?! But I was just getting warmed up!"
  • "I didn't think you'd be this easy. Oh well, live and learn."

As Deathstroke[]

  • "Unkillable? Not quite."
  • "Not your best day, Deathstroke. Now hurry up and die."


As Batman[]

  • "You should've turned yourself in when you had the chance. All right, boys, let's get this trash out of here."
  • "Hmmm. Not much to look at from up close. Don't know why everyone was so afraid of him."
  • "Looks like justice is served, fellas. Now to see what's under that mask."

As Deathstroke[]

  • "They call this one "Deathstroke"? Ha, correction: They called this one Deathstroke."
  • "Your life ain't worth the dirt you lie on. Get this sorry excuse for an assassin outta here."


  • "I bet you never expected the end to come like this."
  • "Now that you've been dealt with, I've got a prize to collect."
  • "Lo siento, Batman. Pero mi veneno es la muerte. (Translated from Spanish as “Sorry, Batman. My poison is death.”) Now sleep!"


  • "Bullseye."
  • "A nice clean kill. Just the way I like 'em."


  • "Know that you die with honor, which is more than can be said for most."
  • "You fought well, Batman. But I am stronger. Faster. Smarter. And so this ends the only way it could."
  • "You cannot match me." (mobile game only)


  • "Shocking, isn't it, Batman?"
  • "I know. Intimidating, aren't I?" (Mobile game only)


  • "And here I thought I'd finally met my intellectual equal... So much for that."
  • "Brains always triumph over brawn, my friend. Always.


  • "Awww, look at that poor little bat. Got his wings clipped."
  • "Gotham's gonna BURN! And with you out of the way, there's no one left to stop me!"
  • "Well, it looks like this is goodbye."

Killer Croc[]

  • "I'll line my lair with your flesh, Batman!"
  • "Looks like dinner is served." (eats camera)
  • "Ah... The sweet scent of defeat."

Mad Hatter[]

As Batman[]

  • "Oh dear, oh dear, what have I done? Oh, that's right - I killed the Batman'!"
  • "O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!"

As Deathstroke[]

  • "Oh, lovely, Mr. Deathstroke! Would you like some tea? ...Alice?"
  • "Alice? Aaaalice. Hahaha, you're not Alice."


  • "We could have accomplished such great things together..."
  • "You think you're a hero, but you're really just a symbol of how low this city's fallen. We're better off without you."


  • "You fought well. And so I grant you the favor of a quick death."
  • "I take no pleasure in your death. But I see no other way."

Mister Freeze (Cold, Cold Heart DLC)[]

  • "And now your blood runs as cold as mine."
  • "The thought of killing a man should turn my stomach, but as I look at you now, I feel... nothing."

Master Kirigi (Initiation DLC)[]

  • "Let the outsider die meditating on his failures."
  • "You should have stayed at home with your baseball and hotdogs…foreigner."(Walks away)
  • (Walks towards the camera) "Such a long journey only to be defeated by your own demons." (Walks away)