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Issue: N/A
Subtitle: Batman: Arkham Origins
Date: 2013-2014 (online)
Feature Characters: Batman
Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth
Villains: Penguin
Black Mask
Arnold Flass
Gillian B. Loeb
Howard Brandon
Humpty Dumpty
Guest Appearances: Enigma (however, unnamed)
Lieutenant James Gordon
Other Characters: "Red" Mahaffey

Young. Inexperienced. Untested. Before his one-man war to save the soul of Gotham City truly began, the vigilante known as Batman was new to its dark streets. Though his mind, body, and arsenal of crime-fighting had been honed to near-perfection, his methods were unproven, his errors costly.
But The Dark Knight can't afford a single mistake. The crime lord called Black Mask is out to consolidate his power over the police and politicians alike. And the arms dealer known as the Penguin is importing bigger, deadlier weapons by the day.
It's up to you whether Batman begins... or ends

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Cover Art:

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Note that regardless of the readers choices, Batman will inevitably meet The Penguin, who in Arkham Origins implies that he doesn't believe in Batman until his appearance in the Final Offer.


Adam Beechan (Plot)
Adam Beechan, Doug Wagner, Frank Hannah (Script)


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New Gotham
Unspecified locations in Gotham City

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