Batman Arkham Origins Mobile is an action game developed by Netherrealm Studio. Gameplay is similar to Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, but only has one cutscene. The story follows the same storyline as Batman: Arkham Origins, but in the opening cutscene omits assassins Shiva and Killer Croc. Completing objectives and linking WBID will unlock credits for console and the Red Son Batsuit for mobile. Achieving objectives on the console edition will unlock credits for mobile and the Blackest Night Batsuit. It is available on IOS and Google Play for free.


While fighting, there are two stances, defensive stance and offensive stance. Defensive reduces damage when hit, and offensive increases attack damage. While fighting, a health bar is shown at the top. The player has ten energy. Energy is spent doing missions and be can restored with WayneTech Points.


Instead of the swiping Arkham City Lockdown used, Arkham Origins Mobile uses touch controls. To attack, the player taps the screen. To block the player holds two fingers on the screen. To activate a special move, the player touches one icon at the bottom of the screen. To change stances, the player touches the stance icon. Sometimes after attacking multiple times, a combo is triggered where the player can swipe to acheive extra damage.


The player may buy Batsuits or core upgrades with WayneTech Coins or WayneTech Points. Points are more rare, and some Batsuits can only be unlocked with them. After fighting in a mission, the player has a possiblity to unlock a Batsuit item, which can be used to upgrade or unlock suits. An example of a suit is the New 52 Batsuit, which can be unlocked with ingame coins.


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