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The original Batmobile in Arkham Asylum


The new Batmobile in Arkham Knight


The prototype Batmobile in Arkham Origins

The Batmobile is a classification given to certain models of Batman's fleet of road vehicles. While Batman himself most often referred to the vehicle simply as "The Car", Dick Grayson started calling it "The Batmobile" and the name stuck.

With each new model built and designed from scratch by Batman himself, the Batmobile was a custom, highly-modified road vehicle that far exceeded the capabilities of any vehicle of its kind in the open market. A veritable tank on wheels, each Batmobile was armored, highly maneuverable, and possessed numerous non-lethal deterrents that were used in Batman's war on crime.

Most versions of the Batmobile also contained a form of weaponry of some kind.


Arkham Origins Incident[]

A prototype of the Batmobile was seen in the Batcave and was under construction by Batman, under the working title "Urban Assault Vehicle" and had the following description: "Armored to resist direct collisions and small arms fire. Multiple LTL armaments. Shield tracking profiles reduced thermal/radar footprint. 1.200BHP. 7MPG. Status: Under Maintenance." After Bane destroyed the Batcave, the prototype fell off the ledge, destroyed, with Alfred pinned under the rubble. The destroyed remains of that early Batmobile could still be seen on the ledge.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Batman rebuilt the Batmobile after Bane's attack, and used it to move around the streets of Gotham City, but sufficed with simply calling this transportation marvel just "The Car". When Richard "Dick" Grayson became Robin, he started calling it "The Batmobile". The name stuck and from then on, was the official name of each succeeding model.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Batman used the current version of the Batmobile to bring The Joker back to Arkham Asylum. The Batmobile, along with Batman, was trapped on Arkham Island following Joker's takeover. It was targeted by the escaped Blackgate Prisoners, which forced Batman to return to the car to prevent its destruction. He also temporarily disabled its apparent countermeasure systems to avoid hurting the captive Commissioner Gordon.

After he obtained the Explosive Gel from the car's trunk, Batman left the Batmobile outside of the Intensive Treatment Center while he infiltrated and cleared out the Medical Facility. Following an encounter with Bane at the Medical Facility, Batman used the car's remote guidance system to crash the vehicle into him and sent both careening into the water off the asylum's docks. Because of that, Batman was forced to use the Batwing to leave Arkham Island in order to pursue Two-Face at the Second National Bank following the defeat of the Joker.

Arkham City Incident[]


The Batmobile in The Batcave, after being repaired from ramming into Bane on Arkham Island.

The Batmobile was seen in the Batcave Predator Challenge Map and was completely rebuilt following its tussle with Bane.

Before Arkham Knight Incident[]

The Batmobile was wrecked when the Joker's explosives (planted prior to his death) destroyed Arkham Asylum, and was found crushed beneath a large lamp post; given that the timeline checks out, this was most likely the version of the Batmobile Batman used to apprehend Joker in Arkham Asylum. Batman later placed an order with German Car manufacturer Zimmer for a complete redesign of The Batmobile.

The new model had better traction, shielding that could resist ten tons of pressure per square inch, extra resistance to explosions, faster response time for driving remotely, and several experimental prototype technologies. However, German criminals tried to kidnap Zimmer and Lucius Fox to gain access to the prototypes, and, additionally Tweedledie, Tweedledum and Tweedledee attempted to steal it while it was being transported to Gotham. Both plots were foiled by Batman. The new Batmobile got its first test when a Bat-Signal appeared above Stone Ridge Penitentiary. Batman drove it straight into Bane whereas he was ordering an execution and then chased after him into the remains of Arkham City.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

The Batmobile returned as Batman's main mode of transportation, replaced the Batwing from Arkham Origins, and was much more upgraded than previous versions with newer technology and non-lethal weapons inserted, which gave it a tank-like "Battle Mode". It could also be attached to the Batwing (which not only allowed it to be rapidly transported for deployment, but also allowed for the aircraft to interface with the car to apply upgrades). Unlike in previous games, Batman actively employed the Batmobile for most of his one-night battle with Scarecrow, Deathstroke and the Arkham Knight.

Unsurprisingly, the events of the Incident required the use of two Batmobiles. The second one featured all the upgrades possible for the first. It has silver gray plated armor on top of the black body and some yellow trim, the wheel rims were light blue with the plated armor colored brake plates. That one was considered by Batman as a spare. The destruction of the first one at the hands of the Arkham Knight necessitated the mobilization of the spare. Oddly, Lucius stated early in the game that it was "one of a kind."

After Scarecrow injected Batman with a large dose of his Fear Toxin to try and break the hero, Batman hallucinated himself "becoming" the Joker and slaughtering his other enemies, during which a "Jokerized" version of the Batmobile appeared. This Batmobile had been painted white with green and purple in the back, had large gloved hands above the front wheels, large shoes above the back wheels, a boutonnière on the end of the 60mm cannon, and the front looked like Joker's face, complete with teeth and a tongue. In addition, the non-lethal weapons were now fully lethal, mowing down waves of Two-Face, Penguin, and The Riddler's henchmen with minigun bullets and 60mm shells before decimating the survivors with a massive barrage of missles, aptly titled "The Killing Joke".

After Batman's subsequent defeat of Scarecrow, Batman was forced to initialize The Knightfall Protocol, destroying Wayne Manor. Oddly enough, neither the Batwing nor the Batmobile were shown to be destroyed in the explosion that apparently claimed the life of Bruce Wayne. As such, the final fate of the Batmobile remains unknown.


As with all Batmobiles, it could be summoned remotely, via the computer, housed within Batman's gauntlet.

First Batmobile[]


The design of that version of the Batmobile was fairly standard, and resembled a composite of several previous Batmobiles. It appeared to be designed for speed as opposed to destructive/assault purposes.Even so, the car was equipped with highly advanced, military-grade tech, armored body, and powerful offensive/defensive capabilities.

Appearance and Features

The Arkhamverse Batmobile design features appeared to be an amalgamation of the 1989 Batman film and DC Animated Universe's versions serving as the primary sources of inspiration. The long nose, and slim headlights, exposed engine parts, cock pit, fin design and placement, and grill being the most similar, were reminiscent of The Animated Series Batmobile; the rounded design of the fenders, trunk, and vented rear wheel arches were similar to Tim Burton's Batmobile. Its features, which were shown in the game, have been specified on Eaglemoss Batman Automobilia #34. As described in the magazine, the armor was made of hardened steel that could repel bullets, blades, other types of projectiles and resist direct collisions on high speed. A computer-controlled/voice-activated Remote Control system allowed driveless maneuvering; the headlights had cameras for remote control guidance. It was powered by a custom built, high performance turbo-charged V8 engine (creating 1200bhp) and a turbine engine with afterburner in the rear for sudden bursts of speed.

The weapons, while not as advanced as the second Batmobile's, were very effective: a tear gas dispersal system to pacify rioting mobs, a loudspeaker behind the front wheels to intimidate and an electrified grid beneath the body. Ejector seats for the driver and passenger to allow quick exits, and a sliding roof canopy for quick entering. To protect Batman, the windows were polarized and constructed from a revolutionary safety glass that was virtually indestructible (possibly a transparent ceramic polymer). More details in the Thecnical Specifications section.

Second Batmobile[]

Batmobile Riddler gauntlet game

Uniquely, the Batmobile had the ability to transform, on the fly, into "Battle Mode" which gave it the appearance of a battle tank, with a wider track, higher ground clearance, and featured various weapons including a Vulcan Minigun, 60mm Cannon, Missiles, and non-lethal riot suppressors. Enemies who touched the Batmobile would be knocked out by a charge of electricity. Other features included an EMP to stun hostile drones and knock missles out of the air, a device that allowed drones to be hacked and turn against each other, and a power winch, to pull down walls, or to allow the Batmobile to act as a counter weight. In that mode, the Batmobile could not travel at its top speed. However, it gained the ability to move sideways and diagonally indefinitely, and gave full maneuverability and control to firefights. The headlights all turned red in that mode.

The Batmobile's momentum could be transferred to Batman, by accelerating, then ejecting, which allowed him to gain speed and height to his glide, and allowed for faster traversal of the entire city, and not just the streets. The Batmobile could be used in conjunction with the Batwing, and presumably allowed quick transfer from one cockpit to another.

The other feature is that it can docked with latest Batwing for air speed travel, or travel from the place that is not accessible to the Batmobile.

It is also worthy of note that a second Batmobile appears in Arkham Knight, following the destruction of the first Batmobile, earlier in the night at the hands of Arkham Knight far below Gotham. Identical in functionality, the only major difference between the two models is that the backup is gray with gold finish, compared to the original black design.

Appearance and Features

Rocksteady's latest take on the Batmobile, appeared somewhat similar to the Christopher Nolan's Tumbler, due to its heavily armored exterior, and being easily capable to withstanding automatic fire from an assault rifle, and a grenade launcher blast, with no ill effect on its performance. Despite that, it was much sleeker than the Tumbler. The Batmobile featured a central single man cockpit, as opposed to the traditional, two seater coupé design that the car typically adhered to. However, the Batmobile featured room to transport two passengers, within a sealed compartment in the back. It could also strafe short distances, to avoid enemy attacks. It was also fast enough to be able to drive on walls and ceilings. Each wheel had an independent suspension and turn which gave the Batmobile a zero turning radius. The car could turn its wheels 90° and crab steer (drive sideways).


Arkham Knight's Batmobile received acclaim for its appearance and features. It would also receive much criticism concerning the overuse of the vehicle in the game. Many felt that the games over-reliance on the vehicle took away from the open world element.

Technical Specifications[]


Engine ▪Custom built turbo-charged V8 (prototype featured an supercharged v12 ) ▪Horsepower: 1200 bhp.7MPG ▪Custom built transmission system (gear stick shift)

Turbine jet engine ▪Equipped with afterburner ▪Purpose: for sudden bursts of speed and to propel the car over gaping chasms ▪Fuel type: possibly Nitrous-oxide or Nitro-methane

Cockpit ▪Dashboard diagnostics: permanent uplink to the Batcave's computers; radar and infrared sensors; hands-free phone ▪Computer-controlled/voice-activated remote control system ▪Polarized bulletproof windscreen ▪Rocket-fired ejector seats

Armaments ▪Tear gas dispersal system ▪Loudspeakers ▪Electricshock defense system

Wheels ▪Nitrogen-filled tires ▪Steel banded and lined with kevlar ▪Dual caliper, sportive metal disc brakes

Trunk Storage ▪Spare batsuit ▪Explosive gel pistol ▪Tear gas canisters (for the Batmobile)

Extra Features ▪Halogen headlights ▪Headlight cameras for remote control guidance ▪Rear air vents fitted with filters ▪Custom built suspension system

Armor Plating ▪Hardened steel bodywork ▪Shielded tracking profile reduces thermal/radar footprint ▪Aerodynamic body design for maximum speed ▪Scratch resistant paint

Dimensions ▪Length: 247.24 inches (6.28m) ▪Width: 109.10 inches (2.77m) ▪Height: 59.45 inches (1.51m) ▪Wheelbase: 134.65 inches (3.42m) ▪Hubs: 26 inches (0.66m) ▪Wheels: front:34 inches(0.86m); rear:39 inches (0.99m)


WayneTech Hybrid Upgrades
  • CPU VIRUS (able to remotely control drone weapon systems)
  • Secondary weapons generator (MKIII & MKIV)
  • EMP (Disabled drones for short time periods)

"Pursuit Mode"[]


The new "Pursuit Mode" Batmobile in Arkham Knight

  • WayneTech hybrid system :Turbocharged combustion engine and power cell in addition with jet turbine and Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • Horsepower: 1200 bhp
  • Top speed 209 mph without afterburner; 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds
  • Transmission: Continuosly Variable Planetary Transmission and hub mounted electric motor for highly adaptable power delivery and maneuverability
  • Fuel type: Nitro-methane
  • Raised maximum speed threshold by 30%
  • Temperature at vent: 1100 °C
  • Electromagnetic ejector seat
  • Enhanced intel and recon capabilities
  • AI and remote guidance systems
Immobilizer Missiles
  • Payload: 5gm high explosive cl-20/hmx cocrystal
  • Warhead: 2.75 in (70 mm)
  • Guidance: Laser/infrared homing
  • Hub mounted electric motor
  • Material: Advanced synthetic fibre composite
  • Diameter: 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m)
  • Advanced all terrain traction technology
  • Brakes: 26 Carbonic alloy linked to Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Containment Unit
  • Purpose: Passenger transport
  • Space: 3 Seats
  • Resistant to kinetic forces exceeding 4,500 lb/sq in
Air Brakes with regenerative energy mechanism
  • Materials: Graphene composite
  • Actuator: High speed hydraulic cylinder
  • Stopping distance reduction: 78%

"Battle Mode"[]


The new "Battle Mode" Batmobile in Arkham Knight

Armor Plating
  • Thickness: 120mm at thickest point
  • Material: Carbon nanotube aggregate
  • Blast resistance: Explosive reactive armor around cockpit
Vulcan Gun
  • Ammunition gauge: 25mm
  • Length: 1.8 meters
  • Purpose: Anti-tank and surface to air combat
60mm Cannon
  • Ammunition type: 60mm high explosive penetrator shells
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,680 meters per second
  • Estimated to penetrate 820 mm of steel armor at point blank range
Riot Suppressor
  • Ammunition: Non-lethal slam rounds
  • Slam rounds: Flexible plastic casing filled with 50 grams of rubber pellets
  • Designed to deliver minimum long-term trauma & render combatant immobile
Electroshock Defense
  • Voltage: 200 - 300 kv range
  • Delivery: Front and rear conductor rods
  • Purpose: Propel combatant
Gyroscopic Wheels
  • Hydraulic arm-mounted
  • Capable of 360 lateral spin for combat maneuvering
  • Bullet proof synthetic fibers(graphene composite)
  • Multipurpose grapple claw
  • Range: 60m
  • Weight supported: 2.2 t


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Both models[]

  • Some thugs prefer the original Batmobile over the second one. These lines might have been added to reflect the opinion of some of the fanbase, who also preferred the original one's Burton/BTAS themed design.
  • The first Batmobile appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939) as Bruce Wayne's red Sedan. Although the term "Batmobile" didn't appear until Detective Comics #48 (February 1941), and it had the official "bat look" inserted into it and Robin started calling it the "Batmobile" and the name stuck.
  • Artist Carlos D'anda, the designer of the Batman: Arkham Asylum & Motion Capture Series Batmobile, also designed the Batmobile for the game: DC Universe Online.
  • The Arkham Asylum version of the Batmobile could fit Batman and a passenger in the cockpit. In Arkham Knight, Batman is the only one who could fit in the front, while there is a retractable two-seater lift in back that is used for transporting other passengers. This adds one extra "seat", and is much more safe, as nobody locked in the back could physically attack Batman.

Original Model[]

  • The Batmobile appeared in the Playstation Home "Batcave Outpost" Apartment for the Playstation 3. Playstation Home, however was shut down in 2015.
  • The Batmobile is an obtainable item at the Xbox Avatar Marketplace. The car costs 320 Microsoft Points.
  • The Batmobile appears, rebuilt, in the Batcave Predator Challenge Map DLC for Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • The Batmobile design for Batman: Arkham Asylum is influenced by the Burton films and Batman: The Animated Series.

New Model[]

  • Holding the "Call Batmobile" button instead of tapping it makes the car drive to Batman, but Batman won't automatically enter it. This is especially useful during combat sequences, as the car can be called nearby at any time to help in the battle. However, if Batman calls the car while he is gliding, running, or looking down to a street, he will always enter the car, regardless of whether the button is held or tapped.
  • According to Thugs, getting hit by the Riot Cannon felt like getting punched by an "angry gorilla".
  • If Big Head mode is active, the "Roof" of the car won't close. This happens to avoid clipping issues.
  • The design for the Arkham Knight Batmobile has the armored look of the Batmobile from Christian Bale's Dark Knight Trilogy, but also retains elements of the classic design from the 1989 movie. It also bears a resemblance to the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile, which debuted in March 2016.
  • The Arkham Knight Batmobile can be found in the Batcave in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. It, however, is not usable, and destroying it gives the player a usable variant of the Batman '89 Batmobile. The game was released in 2014, a year before Arkham Knight, with Traveller's Tale, the developers of the Lego Batman games, confirming on social media that the car's appearance was an easter egg and sneak peek of the new Batmobile.
  • The Joker hallucination mentions that he influenced Batman in making the new heavily armed and armored Batmobile. Whether this is true or Joker screwing with Batman is up for debate, but Batman justified the new Batmobile as being ready.
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