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Similar to playable characters, each usable Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight has its strengths and weaknesses. This page gives small basic info for each Batmobile, gives their pros and cons, and provides links on the origin continuity they're from.

In General[]

Before the main story is completed, players can only use the default/prototype Batmobile, as they are the only models with Battle Mode (Although different colour schemes are allowed). While the other models can be used in post-story gameplay, the default Batmobile is required to complete certain Most Wanted missions.

Most Wanted missions which require Battle Mode[]

Every other most wanted mission either doesn't require the car, or its usage is optional, but sometimes makes the mission easier. In addition, whenever Batman apprehends a (super)villain, he needs to deliver him to the GCPD lockup with the Batmobile. This can be done with special Batmobiles, but certain cutscenes are skipped due to their lack of passenger area. The Season of Infamy missions should automatically equip the default model off-screen when battle mode is required.

Batmobile (Arkham Knight)[]

Arkham Knight-Batmobile

The default Batmobile. Has several different colour schemes, which are listed here, and can be seen here.

Prototype Batmobile[]

The only variation of the default Batmobile to have special functions. When this Batmobile is equipped, the player can use the Double Thrust Waynetech upgrade before it's bought.


A special variant that appears near the end of the main story mode. However, in showcase it is marked "Unavailable" without any known way to unlock it.


Being the default Batmobile, its speed, weight and handling are fairly neutral, without any being notably better than on the other Batmobiles. However, its battle mode and 360 degree turning make moving around easier.

1989 Movie Batmobile[]

Batman89 suit-batmobile skin pack

The 1989 Batmobile was released in August 2015, and comes with an extra Batman costume and four racetracks, Cobblepot's Causeway - 1 Lap Race, Cobblepot's Causeway - 3 Lap Race, Joker Parade - 1 Lap Race and Joker Parade - 3 Lap Race. As a standalone purchase, it costs $1.99.


This Batmobile seems to be the fastest model, even without boosting. However, its long shape can sometimes affect turning. This Batmobile is possibly the best choice if the player is collecting extra Waynetech points from the various racing A.R challenges.

2008 Tumbler Batmobile[]

The Tumbler Challenge map Batman Arkham Knight

The 2008 Tumbler Batmobile was released in September 2015, and comes with four racetracks, Ashes - 1 Lap Race, Ashes - 3 Lap Race, Cataclysm - 1 Lap Race, and Cataclysm - 3 Lap Race. As a standalone purchase, it costs $1.99.


This Batmobile has the slowest base speed, but is the heaviest, which not only gives it great cornering but able to plow through the thickest of objects without slowing down and sends cars and APCs flying.

Classic TV series Batmobile[]

Batman Arkham Knight-Batman 66 combo pack

The Classic TV series Batmobile was released in October 2015, and comes with Robin and Catwoman costumes and four racetracks, Penguin Dockyard - 1 Lap Race, Penguin Dockyard - 3 Lap Race, Batcave Set - 1 Lap Race and Batcave Set - 3 Lap Race. As a standalone purchase, it costs $1.99.


The car seems to be a slightly slower than the 1989 Batmobile, but has superior handling, making drifts and turns easier. However, this might cause it to accidentally crash/lose control.

Batman V Superman Batmobile[]

BvS Batman-batmobile-Arkham Knight skin

The Batman V Superman Batmobile was released in November 2015, and comes with an extra Batman costume. Notably, this car is free even without the season pass and does not feature any racetracks specifically associated with it.


This Batmobile appears to be either slightly slower or on par with the Classic TV series Batmobile in terms of speed, and is slightly lighter than the 2008 Tumbler Batmobile, which makes it good for ramming other vehicles. However, its handling is rather heavy.

Original Arkham Batmobile[]

The batmobile by razkurdt-d3d82oz

The Original Arkham Batmobile was released in December 2015. As a standalone purchase, it costs $1.99. Like the BvS Batmobile, no racetracks are directly associated with this car.


This Batmobile is quite fast, and can reach very high speeds, but is still slightly slower than the 1989 Batmobile. The car unfortunately has the worst handling available, feeling extremely unsteady, even when being driven in a straight line. Naturally, drifting is notably more difficult, so extremely fast times in the races will not come without great difficulty.