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A successful beatdown.

Beat Down is a combat move that appears in every game from Batman: Arkham City onward. It's used to focus the player's attacks towards a single enemy and takes them out if the move is completed successfully.


The move is typically started with a Stun. As the enemy stands dazed, Batman (or any other character) begins a relentless fast-paced beat down, before finishing them off with one final, powerful attack.

The enemy will never survive this final attack. However, focusing on a single enemy means that other enemies will attempt to stop the player from finishing the attack, but can be easily Countered, and the beat down can be continued afterwards.

Only two enemies are immune to this move: Martial Artists and Militia Brutes. The former is completely immune, while the latter requires two finishing moves before going down.

Critical Beat Downs are a variant of the move, where the playable character (with the exception of Catwoman and Harley Quinn) picks up a downed opponent from the ground and performs a fast beat down on them. Re-attempting this after a finisher, makes the character throw the unconscious opponent over their head. It's performed by pressing the crouch and stun button at the same time (Similarly to a Ground Takedown), and is only available in Batman: Arkham Knight.

The two Lieutenants in Arkham City and Enforcers from Arkham Origins can be beaten down immediately without the need of a Stun. These enemies, along with Brutes from Arkham Knight, take hits (and therefore, combo multipliers) much more quickly than the average-sized enemy. Titans from Arkham City, however, require an Ultra Stun, and they take hits more slowly. A Beatdown Finisher on a Lieutenant, Enforcer and Titan is respectively called "Lieutenant Takedown", "Enforcer Takedown" (both add 1 multiplier, 50 points per multiplier) and "Titan Takedown" (1 multiplier, 100 points per multiplier), although they add no more combat variations.


  • Batman stuns his enemy with his cape, and uses his fists to beat the enemy.
  • Catwoman uses her Whip to stun her attackers, and uses her Clawed Gloves to beat them.
  • Robin uses his Staff to stun and beat his opponent (he uses his fists in Knight, as it's faster).
  • Nightwing uses his Escrima Sticks to perform both the stun and the beat down.
  • Deathstroke uses his staff through the entire move, like Robin.
  • Bruce Wayne uses a Kujiki Bomb to stun his opponents and beats them down with his fists.
  • Azrael shares his moveset with Batman, and thus uses his cape and fists.
  • Harley Quinn uses her Baseball Bat to both stun and beat her enemies.
  • Batgirl uses her cape and fists.
  • Red Hood kicks his opponents to stun them and beats them with his Guns, before finishing them off with a shot to their head or abdomen.
    • Using a Flashbang to stun a faraway enemy, Red Hood can perform a ranged beatdown, which works identically but fires at the opponent in place of punches. (The move still needs to be finished in order to take out the opponent.) Since the move is performed at a distance, Red Hood is the only character who can safely Beat Down an enemy with a stun stick.