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Blüdhaven is the city that Nightwing protects as well as Gotham City. Located not far from Gotham, Blüdhaven's crime rate is almost at Gotham's level. Nightwing has encountered many criminals there including some of Batman's enemies.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Knight Incident[]

Nightwing re-located from Gotham and focused his efforts on cleaning-up Blüdhaven.

Harley Quinn Story Pack Incident[]

Harley Quinn infiltrates the Blüdhaven Police Department in order to recruit Poison Ivy to join Scarecrow's Alliance. She takes down several Blüdhaven Police Officers before being confronted by Nightwing. After dodging his attacks, Harley defeats him and he is dragged away by Ivy's plants. The pair then leave for Gotham City to meet Scarecrow.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Nightwing was out of town as he was attempting to stop Penguin's weapons laundering business through North Refrigeration and additionally helped Batman when Killer Croc escaped from the Iron Heights Penitentiary and crashed it into the Gotham Bay.

GCPD Lockdown Incident[]

Near the Blüdhaven docks, Nightwing is investigating one of Penguin's hideouts and interrogates one of Penguin's thugs. He finds out that they're planning to bust Penguin out of the GCPD Headquarters.

A Flip of a Coin Incident[]

It's revealed that Two-Face's Gang was robbing various banks in Blüdhaven as a fall-back plan in case their attempt at robbing banks in Gotham failed.

Known Residents[]

Known Locations[]

  • Blüdhaven Police Department
  • Blüdhaven Docks
  • Penguin's Hideout