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Black Mask is a predator challenge map in Batman: Arkham City. It takes place in an Sionis Industries meat factory.



  • Sonic Boom - Use the Sonic Shock Batarang to pacify a henchman. (upgrade required)
  • Choke Slam - Use the Dive Bomb Tackle to knock down a henchman, then take him out on the ground.
  • Line Drive - Kick 1 henchman using the Line Launcher.


  • Gun Thief - Disarm a henchman with an aimed Whip attack.
  • Cat Fight - Perform a Beatdown on an armed henchman.
  • Grate Moves - While in a floor grate perform a Takedown on a henchman.


  • Shield Bash - Knock a henchman down with the Shield Bash and then take him down.
  • Zip Kick Off - Use the Zip Kick to knock a henchman off of a walkway.
  • Window Pain - Perform a Takedown through a glass window.


  • Head Shot - Shoot a henchman in the head with the Wrist-Dart for a one-hit takedown.
  • Get Over Here - Use the Batclaw to pull a henchman through a window.
  • Bowled Over - Sneak up behind a henchman and knock him off of a walkway with the Electrical Blast.


  • This challenge has a cutscene involving Black Mask escaping in the challenge campaign.