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The Blackgate Prisoners also referred to as inmates, are the most common enemies in Batman: Arkham Asylum. There were many different variants, but all of them were loyal to the Joker, who led the breakout.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Batman went to Blackgate Prison to rescue Commissioner Loeb from Black Mask and had to fight the Blackgate Prisoners. Later, Captain Gordon contacted Batman and asked him to apprehend 20 Blackgate escapees.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident[]

The Blackgate Prisoners appeared in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Between Arkham Origins Blackgate and Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Most of the Blackgate Prisoners got moved to Arkham Asylum around that time. ===Arkham Underworld Incident==÷

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

After a "mysterious" fire broke out at Blackgate, all of the inmates were conveniently transferred to their boss' prison, Arkham Asylum. After the breakout of their boss, the Joker, the Blackgate Prisoners roamed free on Arkham Island, killed all of the Arkham Guards that they saw, and took their weapons. Some were stationed in different places while they heard Joker's commentaries and announcements. Others were killed during a short war with the Arkham Lunatics, but in the end, the rest were brought back into custody.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident[]

After the shut down of Arkham Asylum the prisoners are move into the new prison Arkham City.

Arkham City Incident[]

The Blackgate Prisoners were moved to Arkham City, and some joined Joker's Henchmen and Penguin's Henchmen since their war. Some inmates wanted to know who was going to win, and some others heard the rumors about the Joker dying. During Protocol 10, some inmates were killed by Hugo Strange's TYGER Helicopters and some survived. After Protocol 10 was over, news of Joker's death spread all over the prison with many prisoners who disbelieved the news while others were relieved.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

One year after the events of Arkham City, the Blackgate Prisoners joined the united gang of villains on Halloween Night to kill Batman.

During Gotham's Most Wanted Side Mission, Wonderland, the Asylum section of the book used drawn versions of the Arkham Asylum versions of those inmates.

Known Blackgate Prisoners[]



  • In Arkham Asylum, most of the Blackgate Prisoners were bald while some had face paint that resembled clowns; all were barefoot, many shirtless and some of them had scars around the sides of their heads, possibly due to experiments or possible lobotomies. The rest had transdermal implants reminiscent of mohawk hairstyles.

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