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Bleake Island is one of the three central boroughs of Gotham City, appearing only in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Bleake Island is one of three islands that form central Gotham, located north of Miagani Island, and northeast of Founders' Island.

The island consists of three primary districts. The largest one, Chinatown, is an activity center that houses many retail stores and entertainment facilities. The second district, known as The Cauldron, consists mainly of industrial storage facilities in the east, and houses more retail outlets further northeast. The third district, Panessa Studios, is a more underdeveloped district, surrounded by an old water canal running across the entire island and sea. The district contains an old movie studio, taken over by Batman to keep the Joker Infection under control and to act as a temporary makeshift Batcave.

Additionally, Ace Chemicals becomes a playable area during an early mission, but the same mission leads to it's destruction, making it permanently unaccessible.


  • The Cauldron: an area composed mainly of industrial storage facilities, and some retail facilities. Major locations include:
    • Kord Industries
    • GCPD headquaters
    • Sionis Industries (warehouse)
    • Falcone Shipping (warehouse)
    • Mendo Soap Co. (factory)
    • Gotham Herald Building (factory)
    • Gotham Gas
  • Chinatown: Gotham's commercial center for both Chinese and other Asian businesses, that houses a number of entrances to the sewers and the water treatment center located beneath the island. Major locations include:
    • Osamu Tower
    • The Clock Tower
    • The Bank of Gotham (Chinatown branch)
    • The Oblivion Bar
    • Scarecrow safehouse
    • Urbarail Chinatown Station
    • Ace Chemicals Processing Plant
    • Gotham City Water Treatment (beneath Chinatown)
  • Panessa Studios: an old movie studio separated by an old water canal. Major landmarks include:
    • Dixon Docks West
    • Panessa Movie Studios
    • Urbarail Panessa Studios Station
    • Gotham Lighthouse
    • Iron Heights Penitentiary blimp (Crashed)


  • The name is a pun on the word "bleak", meaning barren or desolate.