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Brainiac is a hyper-intelligent planet conquering alien-android of Coluan origin who, after successfully assuming command of Metropolis, manages to take control of several members of the Justice League, to which Task Force X are deployed in response.

Incident Reports

Before Kill the Justice League Incident

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Kill the Justice League Incident

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Brainiac has a god complex. His arrogance and egotism is so massive that he sees whole multiverse as his personal playground for experimentation. He cares not for how many life-forms he would integrate or kill in his pursuit of knowledge. He has conquered or annihilated thirteen different universes, all for the sake of his twisted curiosity.

His massive power and intelligence have made him bored. When everything went directly according to his calculations, he truly sought to experience something unknown.


  • Psionic Powers: Brainiac can fully take control of and command multiple individuals, with seemingly no way of undoing this according to Flash. However, the Lasso of Truth appears to at least partially reverse the effects of Brainiac's mind control, much like Wonder Woman did to Flash when his eyes returned to normal.
  • Tentacle Manifestation: Brainiac's cybernetic prosthetics come equipped with multiple tendril-like weapons.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: Brainiac is notorious for being one of the smartest minds in the DC Universe.
  • Mind Transference: Brainiac is shown having the power to transfer his mind to twelve different versions of himself across the multiverse, allowing him to cheat death if he dies in one of these bodies.
  • Power Mimicry: Brainiac is able to mimic and wield the powers and abilities of different members of the Justice League that were under his control, becoming "the fastest man alive" by turning into a purple version of the Flash, harnessing a replica of the Green Lantern powers as a purple version of Green Lantern and becoming a purple version of Superman and utilizing his powers as shown during his fights against the Suicide Squad. However, in these forms Brainiac also gains each hero's weaknesses from the Anti-Justice League tech.


  • Skull Ship: Brainiac's ship is a highly technologically advanced spacecraft which looms over Metropolis after his invasion.

Game Over Lines

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

  • "Here lies Harleen Quinzel, a failure and constant disappointment." (Harley Quinn)
  • "So much wasted potential, Nanaue." (King Shark)
  • "From nothing back to nothing, Harkness." (Captain Boomerang)
  • "Well now, this must be very embarrassing for you, Lawton." (Deadshot)


From the Files of Lex Luthor

Behold the greatest threat your world - and countless others - have ever known. The Coluan scientist calling himself Brainiac possesses an unimaginable intellect, yet one focused on a pathological, unrelenting goal. His desire: his rebuilding of his lost homeworld of Colu, seemingly across the entire multiverse. Really, my own so-called “obsession” with the Kryptonian is barely a tic in comparison.

Precious little is known of the motives behind Brainiac’s behavior. He seldom leaves his interdimensional vessel to oversee his invasions, and we have learned that his consciousness is actually distributed across multiple bodies - perhaps even with their own personalities. But doubtless, all share a belief in the superiority of their great, lost Colu.

I recognize the work of a great scientist when I see it, and his mastery of advanced technology is apparent. The dimensional phasing, which I was able to reverse-engineer… the power to warp the minds of the Justice League, which I was not. Even the Skull Ship itself - perhaps a touch melodramatic, but inarguably a vessel perfectly suited to its purpose.

In particular, my research of Coluan data suggests the Terminauts are a bit more Brainiac’s own creation. What could have driven him to such extremes? I have many questions. But having survived the fate of my Earth, I am content to see him destroyed before I know the answers.

From the Files of Lex Luthor (Green Lantern form)

The very source of the Green Lantern Corps’ power is nebulous enough without considering just how Brainiac has learned to tap into it. Ah, but I should approach this logically, step by step and from the beginning.

From the information I’ve been able to obtain, the power source is a semi-stable Oan cell of emotional energy that is accessed by interdimensional portals in some way. The emotional energy harnessed is, of course, willpower -— as has been stated by Corps members myriad times. Perhaps this is why it seems trivial for Brainiac to duplicate and wield. Any being of lesser will would have given up this idealistic mission to restore their home planet and civilization. And yet he perseveres!

The greater question is, of course, how Brainiac can create a facsimile of that Oan well of power without the access key that is a Power Ring. Whatever method Brainiac uses must be found, studied, and possibly implemented against him. For the cause, of course.

From the Files of Lex Luthor (Superman form)

This at least follows logically. In the Kryptonian, Brainiac came up with a force he was able to overcome through subterfuge and he is now integrating his acquisition. That said integration seems to be overly literal and semi-biological is besides the point - it’s sound business practice. Kudos where it’s due.

But where the integration, or corruption, process forces a sense of unity through conformity in his rank and file troops, these corrupted Justice League forms look much like themselves. Clearly, they need to be recognizable. But Brainiac himself taking on the appearance of the League seems completely out of character. Almost a defeat made manifest.

I believe the true reason behind this “artistic direction” is intimidation. Defeating the corrupted Superman was a challenge even with my assistance; Brainiac even more so. The two together is daunting in a way few have words for.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

"My Justice League will burn this earth down for me."
—Brainiac to King Shark



  • The fact he has a Terminaut fused into his back implies he may imply its altered his own mind without Brainiac realizing it.
  • Brainiac constantly propositions the Suicide Squad after they complete missions; attempting to sow distrust against Lex-2.
    • Upon seeing the Earth-2 Luthor just before his first physical death, Brainiac is shown reacting negatively to him, possibly giving a reason for the attempts at making the team distrust Luthor.
  • Its not stated why Brainiac chose an inhabited planet like Earth to turn into his New Colu, instead of an abandoned planet like Pluto or something similar. Given his terraformers could turn barren places into his desired planet.
    • His choice of choosing an inhabited planet to terraform could possibly be a reference to Brainiac's interest in collecting planets with intelligent life in the comics, with him shrinking and bottling each planet he takes an interest in as part of his collection.
  • Brainiac being able to transfer his mind to twelve different versions of himself in the multiverse is possibly a reference to how, in some continuities in the comics, Brainiac is a robotic being who is able to transfer his programming into another robotic body in the event his current one is destroyed.
  • Unlike most depictions of Brainiac, his voice consists of multiple voices rolled into one, with a south-eastern British accent, in spite of the fact that he was originally from Colu.
    • Brainiac’s accent may be due to his voice actor, Jason Isaacs, being British himself.
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