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This page includes spoiler details from the latest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Please proceed at your own risk.

Born into the wealthy Wayne Family, Bruce Wayne had an idyllic childhood, although he was given a strong sense of justice by his moralistic and philanthropic parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. After their violent murder at the hands of a mugger, Bruce dedicated his life to battling the criminal element that took their lives. He left Gotham City for many years to train to physical and mental perfection across the globe, with the aid of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, by bringing Gotham's criminals to justice as the vigilante known as Batman.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents were gunned down right in front of him. The first person to talk to the young Bruce Wayne after the tragedy was a kind police officer named James Gordon. He offered the boy what little comfort he could. The family's faithful butler, Alfred, became Bruce's legal guardian. Bruce became obsessed with avenging his parents' murder and created a plan for the rest of his life.

For the next several years, Wayne trained extensively to the height of mental and physical perfection. He studied detective techniques, criminal psychology, invention, computers, disguise, escape arts, tracking, acrobatics, weapons, and marksmanship to name a few. Bruce concluded that he would need to operate outside the law in order to honor the vow to his parents. Upon completing his mental preparations, he left the United States to continue his training. Wayne came to discover that fear was a drive to do both good and terrible things but he wouldn't kill. He saw his father's compassion as a line that separates the two.

Bruce went on a journey for many years to learn and master the many forms of the martial arts. He went to China, Japan, Thailand, and eventually Korea. In North Korea, Wayne found a secret Korean monastery where he meet the Martial Arts Master, Kirigi. At first, Bruce was treated as nothing more than servant and a foreigner. Later, Bruce was eventually allowed to train with Master Kirigi and his students in Togakure-ryū and other Shinobi arts similar to the Japanese Ninjutsu. Mastering all of them, and even managing to defeat Kirigi's best student Shiva, Bruce earned the sensei's respect and was allowed access to the instruction that he'd been seeking. Throughout all of this, Bruce also developed enhanced physical abilities thanks to his heavy training and determination on keeping his body strong and healthy. He mastered a dozen disciplines, experimented with them and fused them into something that was uniquely his own.

Returning to Gotham after years abroad, to claim his inheritance and become CEO of his family's company, Wayne Enterprises, Wayne realized that he needed to become a symbol to fully utilize everything he had learned on his journey. He chose the image of a bat, an old childhood fear, and began crafting an identity to prey on the superstitions and cowardice of criminals. He confided this plan with Alfred, who did not initially approve, but faithfully stood by his charge, and helped him renovate the caves beneath Wayne Manor into a base of operations. Bruce befriended Lucius Fox, though he didn't share his plans with him at first, and used his position to develop or "borrow" custom made items that could be useful in his crusade. He assembled the first armored Batsuit and Utility Belt out of various materials from the Batcave and Wayne Enterprises, and re-purposed a prototype stealth jet to act as his Batwing, as a means of transport and an aerial delivery system, with plans to develop a terrestrial alternative which became the Batmobile.

During his first year as Batman, Bruce also had an interview with the investigative journalist, Owen Grant. On Halloween, of his second year as Batman, Bruce Wayne also hosted a Halloween Party at Wayne Manor, although he was later forced to evict one of the guests, Ian Chase, from the party after the latter ended up harassing another of the guests and one of his friends, Clarissa Rodriguez.

Arkham Origins Incident

On Christmas Eve, Bruce, who had only been Batman for two years, discovered that the criminal mob boss, Black Mask, had hired a cadre of eight assassins to kill him for reasons unknown, with a bounty of fifty million dollars posted for him.

He found out what Black Mask had against him, but it also brought him into conflict with the assassins Bane, Copperhead, Deathstroke, ShivaDeadshotFirefly, Electrocutioner, and Killer Croc, as well as the black marketeer, the Penguin. He also confronted Anarky, Enigma (later the Riddler), and the Mad Hatter. His campaign as Batman often brought him into conflict with his friend and butler, Alfred, and who also saw him as a parental figure that was holding him back. After Batman discovered that the Joker was the real threat, and who was posing as Black Mask, he was haunted by the nature of his insanity while having intense flashbacks to the night on his parents' murder.

Later, while Bruce was investigating Bane's whereabouts, he learned in his underground hq, that Bane had discovered who he was which caused him to attack Wayne Manor and the Batcave which left Alfred almost dead. Bruce used the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves, to revive Alfred and decided to give up on being Batman. Alfred, however, managed to bring him around by reminding him that he couldn't fight alone, which stirred both Bruce Wayne and Captain Gordon.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

Bruce hosted the Humanitarian of the Year Awards Ceremony at Wayne Manor in the Ballroom on New Years Eve to support the winner, Ferris Boyle: the founder and CEO of GothCorp. But the party was interrupted by a giant ice explosion in the ballroom. Penguin's Henchmen appeared and took the guests' hostage. A man in a mechanized suit that was called Mr. Freeze by his thugs, walked in and demanded that Ferris Boyle be brought to him. Among the panic, Bruce slipped away and attempted to contact Alfred with no success, and made his way out to find him. He found Alfred fearlessly engaging several Penguin thugs. After he saved Alfred, Bruce found Vicki Vale, and several other guests around the grandfather clock entrance to the Batcave in the Study, so he used the Wine Cellar entrance to the Batcave instead. Bruce donned the Batsuit and returned to Wayne Manor as it erupted in flames as Batman. He rescued Alfred again and the guests from nine armed Penguin thugs in the Library. He met Mr. Freeze face-to-face for the first time shortly after. Freeze kidnapped Boyle and escaped in a helicopter. Later during the night, Batman deployed his Extreme Environment Batsuit to battle Mr. Freeze. Batman discovered that Mr. Freeze's acts were not out of hate, but out of love for his wife, Nora Fries, who was terminally ill and in cryostasis after an accident that was caused by Ferris. That same accident transformed Victor Fries into Mr. Freeze. Batman took down both Freeze and Boyle in the Cryogenic Testing Facility at GothCorp and saved Nora's life.

Arkham Asylum Incident

While the identity of Bruce Wayne himself was not seen, as Bruce was geared up as Batman throughout the incident, his bio could be unlocked by scanning Wayne Tower from Arkham Asylum, as well as Oracle addressing him by his real name from time to time.

After Arkham Asylum Incident

Quincy Sharp revealed plans for the construction of Arkham City, which Bruce said that he was taking a "wait and see" stance on, despite the disturbing fact that Sharp had interfered with the Arkham Parole Board's power, which left him wondering who would decide if the convicts would be fit to rejoin society. He later came forward with information on Hugo Strange's medical record and his criminal history, in the hopes of destroying his plans for Arkham City, but Strange passed off the unearthed history as being placed to make him a scapegoat and told Bruce easily that Arkham City would go ahead as planned, and that he was amused by Wayne's attempts of stopping him. At the end, it was revealed that Strange discovered a long time ago that Bruce Wayne was Batman and he awaited his return to Arkham City.

Arkham City Incident

As Bruce Wayne rather than Batman, Bruce protested against Arkham City, which gained him a large following because of the pull his family had in Gotham City. However, it was quickly stopped when the TYGER Guards arrested him while he was giving a speech to the Gotham City Press outside the gates of Arkham City. Inside Arkham City, he was tortured by Strange, who revealed that he knew his secret identity and threatened to tell everyone his "secret" if he tried to stop him and his plans, namely "Protocol 10."

Bruce tried to escape after Strange left and a TYGER Guard entered, and tried to kick Wayne, but Bruce managed to counter this and knocked him to the ground and took his radio encryption key card and pocketed it before another guard entered and struck his head against the TV screen and dragged him out into the processing area. Bruce encountered passing criminals like Black Mask, random inmates and a non-costumed Deadshot (who had been hired to kill Wayne in Arkham City, along with 4 other Political Prisoners and Batman), Bruce made his way to the front of Line A into Arkham City. 

Bruce was thrown into the front area, along with a familiar face, Jack Ryder, who was also imprisoned for speaking out against the prison. Urging Ryder not to panic as the doors opened, Ryder ignored him and charged out along with another prisoner, and found the inmates of Arkham City forming a welcoming party. Beating the two of them down, Bruce came to Ryder's rescue, knocked out the thug that was beating on him, and helped Ryder to his feet. However, the gates of the prison opened and allowed the Penguin and his gang in. Cobblepot was delighted to have Wayne at his mercy because of the long standing enmity between them, and he said "Welcome to hell, Brucie boy!" as a thug knocked Wayne down with a pipe from behind. Cobblepot mockingly said either "Nighty night" or "Lights out, rich boy" and stomped on Wayne's face, which knocked him out.

Bruce woke up, and was dragged in front of the Penguin underneath the old Ace Chemicals Building. Cobblepot, wanting "good old fashioned revenge," tried to beat him to death with a set of brass knuckles on his left hand. But Wayne wasn't having it. As Cobblepot tried to strike him, Bruce grabbed his hand and violently twisted it, breaking his wrist. Bruce then fought off several of Cobblepot's henchmen, breaking out of his shackles in the process. Wayne knocked Cobblepot unconscious, and then proceeded to the rooftops to contact Alfred and let him know about Strange. The Batwing dropped in the Batsuit for him on the roof of Ace Chemicals and he donned it, and became Batman.

Later, when Batman was infected by Joker's Titan poisoned blood, he searched for Ra's al Ghul for a sample of his blood so Mr. Freeze could make a cure, and he even saw his dead parents in an illusion that told him to let go and come to into the light. This brought Bruce back into contact with his former lover and potential ally, Talia al Ghul, who was the daughter of Ra's. As Bruce convinced Talia to let him take the Demon Trials, he eventually revealed that he had no intention of killing Ra's, which made Talia very infuriated, but he eventually gained the cure for himself.

A week after Talia was killed by Joker, and Joker by the poison in his own blood, Bruce fell into a state of depression for losing the love of his life and not being able to save Joker, and refused to talk about it to either Barbara or Tim.

Arkham Knight Incident

Bruce Wayne was forced to unmask himself to Thomas Elliot when the latter held Lucius hostage at Wayne Tower. Bruce Wayne was unmasked by Scarecrow and his secret identity as Batman was publicly revealed. Bruce was seen entering Wayne Manor before it blew up and was presumed to be deceased.


Bruce Wayne was very dedicated and determined to his work of crime-fighting, and sometimes employed morally dubious tactics (like torture), but ultimately for the good of Gotham. Despite his dark past and serious work, Bruce had displayed a sense of humor around his butler, Alfred. Although possessing great hate and anger towards criminals, he had proven himself a very caring and selfless person, who constantly put his life on the line to save innocent lives and brought the most dangerous criminals to justice for society's protection.

Perhaps Bruce's strongest characteristic was his strong moral code to never kill.

To the public, Bruce Wayne took on the facade of an irresponsible, fun-seeking playboy in order to avoid suspicion of his alter-ego. However, even as Bruce Wayne, he had attempted to do good, through charitable campaigns, and renovation projects. while as Batman, he revealed his dark, intimidating personality in the form of a bat (his childhood fear for his enemies to dread) to frighten the criminals that he stood against, and believed that theatricality helped him seem more than a man. Bruce Wayne's ultimate goal was to bring order and justice to Gotham City.


Bruce Wayne was a white male approximately in his mid-30s. He stood tall, at around 6'2 inches, with short black hair and blue eyes. He was heavily muscled, owing to the intensive training regimen he undertook to operate as Batman.


During the Initiation DLC for Arkham Origins, we see Bruce still in training. He sports a beard, and wears a dull colored robe. He wore heavy boots, and wooden gauntlets covered in thick rope for additional protection.

Arkham Origins/Cold, Cold Heart

During the events of Arkham Origins, Bruce looks quite similar to how he is represented in other games. During public appearances, he wears a blue suit with a blue tie. When in the Batcave, Bruce appears to favor wearing tight-fitting dark gray WayneTech bodysuit.

Arkham City

During the events of Arkham City, Bruce appeared near identical to how he looked in Arkham Origins, though with a pin protesting Arkham City on his lapel. After getting imprisoned in Arkham City, his suit begins to show visible tearing from the rigourous physical activity and violence Wayne experiences.

Arkham Knight

During the events of Arkham Knight, Wayne wears a black pinstriped suit with a green tie. This is later used as a means to differentiate him from Hush, who, aside from some faint facial scars, wears a red tie.

GCPD Profiles

Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down Crime Alley outside the Monarch Theatre when Bruce Wayne was just eight years old. He was raised by the Wayne Family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Upon his return to Gotham City two years ago, the sole surviving Wayne made an impression on their city with philanthropy as well as his aggressive reluctance to discuss exactly where he was or what he was doing during his time away. All reports indicated that Wayne Enterprises and Wayne himself were inscrutable, but someone with this much power and influence should be watched closely.


  • Peak-Human Physical & Mental Attributes:
    • Peak-Human Strength & Speed
    • Peak-Human Metabolism & Stamina
    • Peak-Human Longevity
    • Peak-Human Agility & Reflexes
    • Peak-Human Instincts & Senses
  • Master Martial Artist, Espionage & Melee Combatant
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Master Tactician
  • Gadgets Usage
  • Multilingualism
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Master Of Disguise
  • Business Management (CEO OF Wayne Enterprises)


Rogues Gallery


  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, players played as a young Bruce Wayne in Scarecrow's 2nd Nightmare. The nightmare showed Bruce's reaction to his parents murder, and also shed some light on his relationship with Commissioner James Gordon.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, Bruce Wayne was playable during the first part of the game.
  • In Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation DLC: Rite of Passage, Bruce Wayne debuted as an alternate selectable character along with two alternate skins. The DLC detailed part of Bruce's travels in Korea, and his training with the the League of Assassins ninja, Master Kirigi and his students.
  • Bruce Wayne appeared as a selectable costume in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. This was merely a cosmetic change, as he was still referred to as Batman.
  • Bruce Wayne playable again in the first part of the Cold, Cold Heart DLC of Batman: Arkham Origins. As Penguin's thugs ransacked Wayne Manor, Bruce fought his way through his own home and got to the Batcave via the Wine Cellar entrance and suited up as the Dark Knight.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight


  • In Batman: Arkham City, Batman hacked Deadshot's PDA that had the list of all his victims and three of them remained and Bruce was one of them to kill just before he killed Batman. This was due to the fact that Deadshot was unaware of Batman's secret identity.
  • In Arkham Origins, Bruce was playable in a character mod. He wore an Arkham City free zone tag like the same in the opening event of Batman: Arkham City.
  • In Enigma's headquarters, in his secret room, there were newspapers that indicated that Enigma suspected that either Bruce Wayne or Harvey Dent was Batman.
  • In Bruce Wayne´s Office, at the penthouse in Wayne Tower, you can hear some familiar voices at his answering machine: Vicki Vale, Lex Luthor, Cassie Cain and Kate Kane. If Scarecrow is yet to be apprehended, Joker can be heard trying to imitate Thomas and Martha Wayne, but failing to keep his composure.