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"Why do you work alone, Batman? I believe it's because you enjoy the loneliness."
—Calendar Man[src]

Fixated on the calendar, Julian Gregory Day became Calendar Man, a villain who timed and tied his murders thematically to certain holidays throughout the year, and often left clues by which he could be caught.

Gotham City's hopes for a day off were often clouded by the knowledge that any holiday of note was likely to be shadowed by Calendar Man's presence.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

In later observations noted by Dr. Young, she deduced that Calendar Man had possibly been subject to certain psychological incidents throughout his childhood that occurred on certain dates.

Arkham Origins Incident[]


Batman in Calendar Man's Cell at Blackgate Prison in Arkham Origins

Calendar Man was a criminal that Batman had successfully investigated, arrested, and labeled Case 153 C-M. Calendar Man was then sentenced to death for his crimes and was sent to Blackgate Prison for his last days. The Extortion Files revealed that Day was originally declared insane by Harleen Quinzel, but Warden Joseph convinced her to change her diagnosis so he could be sentenced to death by Judge Harkness. Records on Day's profile indicated that the state had declared Julian Day insane when Harkness gave his sentence, suggesting that Dr. Quinzel had not submitted her altered reports.

On Christmas Eve, Calendar Man was scheduled to be executed and was on-route to the prison gas chamber when the Joker, impersonating Black Mask, and his gang began an invasion of the facility saving the killer from his would-be capital punishment.

"Black Mask" freed Calendar Man and forced Commissioner Loeb into the chamber to be executed in his place, though not before telling Day that the former “owed [him] one”. Day assassinated Judge Harkness later that same night by hanging him from the roof of his mansion with a string of Christmas lights.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident[]

After murdering Judge Harkness, Calendar Man was recaptured. However his death sentence was commuted when he was deemed insane by the state and not fit to stand trial. Calendar Man was then committed for life at Arkham Asylum, where he was a patient of Dr. Penelope Young.

Calendar Man was one of several patients who were taken into Joker's trust about the ongoing captivity of Jason Todd within the Asylum's walls. One day in May of a certain year, Calendar Man tortured Jason with over 365 punches, one for every day of the year.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Ark mans Calendar Manbatman-arkham-asylum-76

Batman in Calendar Man's Cell at the Penitentiary in Arkham Asylum.

Up until Joker's return to the island, Day remained under treatment by Dr. Young at the asylum. Once Joker took over Arkham, Calendar Man was one of many inmates that escaped the island in the confusion.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident[]

Calendar Man resumed his crimes after the events on Arkham Island, killing off at least two Gotham citizens. Due to the tightening measures of TYGER, Calendar Man was caught in a room with his latest victims. He was kept once more in a cell inside Arkham Asylum. On July 14, he celebrated Bastille Day privately, muttering a few French words and relishing the idea of moving into the prison city that was being constructed. He was later transferred to the new mega-prison in North Gotham, Arkham City. After being transferred, Calendar Man took sanctuary in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. When any unfortunate individual dared to enter his new home, Calendar Man overpowered and held them prisoner. During each new holiday, Calendar Man celebrated by killing his captive.

Months later, when Two-Face sought to establish himself in Arkham City, he and his men stormed the courthouse, and subdued Calendar Man. They then locked him in the holding cells within the courthouse basement.

Arkham City Incident[]

AC Calendar Man

Calendar Man in his cell in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Arkham City

Calendar Man was one of the few violent prisoners inside Arkham City who was not a direct threat to Batman. He simply welcomed him as an old friend and, on certain holidays, reminisced the previous crimes that he had committed.

Two-Face, acting as Judge and Executioner, conducted his own version of a trial at Solomon Wayne Courthouse. As the proceedings were being set up, Calendar Man was reciting his usual date-affiliated mutterings. Calendar Man watched from his cell as Two-Face's men took The Joker from the adjacent cell. Later, Bane broke out of court leaving one of the juror seats empty. Two-Face then ordered an alternate juror to be brought in, which turned out to be Calendar Man. Calendar Man then remarked that it was unfortunate that Killer Croc wasn't there to take his place.

The proceedings were eventually interrupted by the arrival of the Batman. Two-Face promptly ordered both Joker and Batman to be sentenced to death. In the ensuing melee, Two-Face attempted to strike down the Batman with a huge gavel but he was interrupted by Calendar Man, who disposed of the weapon and threw himself upon Two-Face. The Joker and the Batman then made their own separate exits, while Two-Face's men secured Calendar Man and escorted him back to his cell.

Calendar Man eventually escaped his cell for good, and left a member of Two-Face's gang in his place. If you looked closely with Detective Mode, the thug's neck appeared to be broken.

After Arkham City Incident[]

It was presumed that Calendar Man had escaped from Arkham City. Calendar Man was later apprehended when the GCPD stormed the mega-prison, due to his shape and condition.

Before Arkham Knight Incident[]

In the months leading up to Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight's attack on Gotham, Calendar Man conducted several schemes.

On January 21, Calendar Man celebrated National Hugging Day by covering himself with infected blood and visiting the children's ward in Elliott Memorial Hospital.

On February 2, Calendar Man celebrated Groundhog day by watching the stream from Punxsutawney with a "house guest". According to his notes, if the rodent in the celebration predicted an early spring, he would let the "guest" go. But if the rodent retreated back to its burrow, Calendar Man would bury his "guest" alive.

On June 5, Calendar Man 'advocated' the importance of World Environment Day by forcing a class of schoolchildren to drink runoff liquid from Ace Chemicals.

On Labor Day, Calendar Man murdered several people inside the Campbell Calendar Company in an attempt to draw out Batman. He had received the Electrocutioner's gauntlets from The Arkham Knight to help disrupt Batman's communications. Awaiting the Dark Knight were seven clones of Solomon Grundy named after the days of the week. While Batman was distracted by the creatures, supposedly created by Day himself, Calendar Man kidnapped a newborn baby for the next step of his plan. The exhausted Batman was given a list of names and told that those people had been poisoned and had 24 hours to live. Day instructed Batman to save them all. If Batman failed to save all of the people on the list or brought any of his allies with him when he returned, Calendar Man would execute the baby.

The citizens were saved, but before Batman returned as ordered, Scarecrow visited to dissuade his attempt to kill Batman. Grudgingly, Calendar Man relented and gave up the baby without a fight.

On September 19, Calendar Man celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day by cutting off a man's leg and placing a wooden peg in its place. According to Calendar Man the man couldn't "walk the plank". He then checked on his female scurvy victim, but apparently she wasn't ready for whatever he had in mind. He then resolved to resolve the issue next year.

On September 21, Calendar Man celebrated World Peace Day by leaving a few bombs at the Ouraci embassy.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Calendar Man Hideout

Calendar Man's hideout.

Calendar Man had since his previous actions, Calendar Man had lost a substantial amount of weight, before establishing a hideout at Drescher near the militia HQ where he kept his diary. (Which is part of Riddler's Riddles to unlock City Story.)

According to Calendar Man's Diary, he had another plan to kill Batman on Halloween, but Scarecrow's intervention foiled his plans. Calendar Man appeared as a bystander outside of Wayne Manor after Wayne was unmasked, and he witnessed the "death of the Batman", which fulfilled his promise of being there at the vigilante's end.


Julian Day has a creepily calm demeanor. His soft-spoken voice contrasts with his heavy appearance and many violent actions as a serial killer. Whilst many other villains in Batman’s rogue gallery feigns calamity, Day appears to be genuine except in his notes when he expresses with anger that Scarecrow’s terrorist attack on Gotham delayed his plans. This viewpoint presumably comes from his fixation with dates that disassociates him from reality and the importance of people - one inmate claims that when he visited Day, the Calendar Man looked at him like he was “nothing” or “how a kid looks at an ant [before he steps on it]”.

Day is regarded as one of the most heinous killers in Gotham’s history. This is shown by how he is imprisoned within Arkham City, a place where even the most notorious criminals such as the Joker, Penguin and Zsasz roam free. Many other criminals are weary of him, including Catwoman. Some, like the Joker, admire his work and attempt to use him for his intelligence, brutality and showmanship especially during the holidays.

Day appeared to target women more as his victims. When speaking to Batman about his various crimes, three of them were women whom he stalked and murdered due to an imagined romantic attachment.

Despite foiling him countless times, Day doesn’t see Batman as a threat. In Day’s mind, they paralleled one another, having started their respective careers as a vigilante and serial killer at a similar time in life and built off each other, becoming more experienced in both of their works. It can be assumed Day could have easily escaped Arkham City at any time yet he longed to share the memories of his work with Batman like an old friend would, even promising because he was there at his beginning he would be there at his end, a promise he fulfilled.

Psychological Appearance[]

Arkham Origins[]

Arkham City[]

Arkham Knight[]

Psychological Profile[]

Calendar Man[]

Real Name: Julian Day

GCPD Profile[]

Julian Day

Dr. Penelope Young[]


Psychological Profile: Day suffers from schizotypal personality disorder, with ideas of reference focusing around the calendar. He believes the major dates of Gregorian calendar mark times when he is personally and uniquely freed from societal norms. On these dates, he exhibits mildly sociopathic, frequently criminal behavior. He is in general one of the easier to treat here at Arkham, except on major holidays, when he becomes impossible to handle, displaying borderline behavior and refusing to socialize throughout the day.

Additional Notes

I have been unable to source his ideas of reference; I suspect incidents of childhood trauma related to a number of major holidays.

Due to my tendency to work through the holidays during which most of other staff take leave, I've been able to study the majority of Day's schizotypal breaks.

Dr. Hugo Strange[]

Julian Day A.K.A. Calendar Man

He is one of the more circumspect and introverted prisoners. He whittles away his days obsessing over anniversary schedules, privately reliving every gruesome detail of his monstrous crimes. There is no hope for rehabilitating him; if he ever escapes Arkham City, his criminal plans extend endlessly into the future.


  • Obsessed with quirks of the calendar
  • Carefully plans and themes crimes around holidays
  • Obsessive Compulsive psychotic
  • Successful inventor


Arkham City[]

New Year's Day[]

"New Years Day. Should old acquaintance be forgot and all that. I made sure she wouldn't forget me that day, didn't I, Batman? It was the first New Year's party I'd had been invited to in a long time. Ah, but then I wasn't really invited, was I? The restraining order saw to that. Still, she and I had been close, or so I believed, and a New Year means a new start. I admit, stepping into a crowded ballroom with a flamethrower was a bit dramatic, but what better way to melt the ice at a party. Perhaps she should have taken that "cup of kindness" from me when I first offered."

Valentine's Day[]

"Valentine's Day. Hearts and flowers. The perfect occasion to smother my new love with tokens of affection. I chose a dozen red roses, an assortment of truffles and a darling little lacy thing...Oh, excuse me. I didn't mean to be so intimate. A-hem...You might say I'd overdone it, and in truth, at that point, my love and I had not actually met. Ever the romantic, I followed her to her apartment. Loudly proclaiming my love, I drowned out her screams of protest. Sadly, it was not to be. So instead of smothering her with gifts, I simply smothered her."

St. Patrick's Day[]

"March 17th, the day set aside for St. Patrick, the holy man who drove the snakes from Ireland. Interesting thing about snake venom, Batman: Some are green, just like the dye used to make green beer. That made it all the easier when I hosted that St. Paddy's Day party for my old gang. As you remember, one of my henchmen tried to tip you off. I wasn't sure which one had done it, so I decided to punish them all. One dose of green mamba venom into the beer keg and they were soon rotting under the shamrocks. So I guess that makes you responsible for their deaths too. I'll drink to that."

April Fools Day[]

"Well, well, well, Batman, you listened well. You appear to understand the importance of dates, don't you? Let me tell you about this day, this day of fools. I remember clearly that I watched her for days, waiting for the perfect moment. It was cold that March; it felt like spring would never come. They drank coffee and she confessed her life lacked surprises. For six more days, I watched. April 1st, 5:22 A.M. I finished cutting through the brake lines of her car. From the camera I placed on her dash, I saw her panic. My only regret, she couldn't hear me yell, "Surprise!"

Mother's Day[]

"M" was for the murderous look she gave me. "O" meant only that she was weak and old. "T" is for her terror as she fought me. "H" is for her heart that I now hold. "E" is for her eyes swiftly dimming. "R" means rot, and soon rotting she will be. Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER", a word that means a corpse to me. Happy Mother's Day, Mommy."

Father's Day[]

"I wasn't real close to my dad, and after my first internment at Arkham we never spoke at all. Seems he wrote me off as a wacko, a loser. So after I was released, I wanted to clear the air between us. The next Father's Day I dropped by his place and suggested we go fishing. You ever go fishing with your pop? Well, it's some fun, let me tell you. The two of us, out on the water, pulling in one whopper after another. Of course, I was doing the actual pulling. Dad was baiting the hooks. You know, with a finger, a foot, an eye...whatever I had left of him. Even today, whenever I eat a nice piece of fish, I feel closer to my dear old dad."

Independence Day[]

"Explosives planted at every exit and beneath this cell itself. What better way to celebrate Independence Day? My independence, of course, from Arkham. Unfortunately I decided to be clever about it and had a calendar sent to police headquarters with the month of July ripped out. You figured it out right away and arrived just as the fireworks were starting. You stopped me from escaping. But not before the fire swept through the intensive care ward. But then, what's the Fourth of July without a barbacue?"

Feast Day of St. Roch[]

"Do you remember that wonderfully hellish August, Batman? Packs of mad dogs swarming the furnace-hot streets, savaging everyone in their path? One bite and humans were reduced to crazed animals themselves. Mmm. Good times. Though Crane provided me with the hydrophobia formula, I had the presence of mind to release the hounds on August 16th, the feast day of St. Roch, patron saint of dogs. An obscure date I know, but I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate "the dog days of summer." 

Labor Day[]

"Ah, early September. Kids headed back to school, leaves starting to turn, and, best of all, Labor Day. Like the year I posed as a construction laborer and drove a bulldozer through the Gold Exchange. Or the year I referenced the Labors of Hercules and released lions, bulls and wild boars upon Gotham. (laughs) Better than a circus. Even you have to admit last Labor Day was my most inspired. Laying siege to that hospital maternity ward. You labored mightily yourself that day. Saved every one of them. Well, there's always next year."


"Boo! Funny thing Halloween in Arkham. It seems redundant here. Within these walls the monsters are on display year 'round. Of course, there was that one year Joker lead a breakout on All Hallows' Eve. What a wonderful night. Costumed revelers innocently partying alongside killers and fiends. Of course, the real screams came when it was time to unmask. Trick or treat."


"You know, I always feel a little lonesome in November. I think that's because even the worst of us enjoy a good old-fashioned family Thanksgiving. I know I did a few years back when I dropped in unannounced on Turkey Day. All those surprised faces around the table. Mom and dad could hardly believe it. Mind you, I don't know whose mom and dad they were. I was on the run and needed a place to lay low. That family, whoever they were, could certainly cook. Stuffing and gravy and pumpkin pie to die for. Unfortunately, they did. Like I said, always feel lonesome in November."

Christmas Day[]

"Ebenezer Scrooge was a saint compared to old Judge Harkness. Remember him, Batman? Gotham's hanging judge, they called him. Even though the state had ruled me insane, Harkness swore he'd send me to the gallows. So you see, it was all a simple act of self-preservation. I could hardly be held responsible for strangling that street corner Santa Claus for his suit. I needed the disguise to sneak into the judge's Christmas Eve party. Harkness thought it was all in fun until "St. Nick" caught him around the neck with a string of Christmas lights. The cops found him later, hanging from the elaborate light display of his own roof. Judgie almost looked like a cartoon himself alongside the comical reindeer, elves, and snowmen. I called that murder my "Christmas special."

December 13, 2004[]

“Well, well, well. And on today of all days.”

“Do you remember my early work? Flawed but it showed promise. Just like you. As your skills improved, I perfected mine.”

“Starting with seasons, and moving through the weeks, I became stronger. My work more elaborate. Days were the secret, Batman. And the end of days is coming.”

“I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end.”


  • Even though Calendar Man looks significantly overweight, his physical strength isn't to be underestimated, as he was strong enough to snap the neck of someone who looked to be stronger than him.
  • His name derives from the Julian and Gregorian calendars, the main ones used in Western society.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, in the Main Cell Block of the Penitentiary, Calendar Man's cell could be glimpsed. The cell was covered with torn calendar pages, and when scanned, the bio of Calendar Man is unlocked.
  • He appeared to have worked with Scarecrow before. Scarecrow was the one to deliver the formula (the one for the substance that turned the dogs Day unleashed on the people of Gotham in August into foul beasts) to him.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, after the player had visited him on 12 holidays, (there will be a calendar on a wall next to his cell) if they returned, Calendar Man would be gone, and a dead Two-Face goon would be in his cell in his place.
    • According to Batman: Arkham Unhinged writer Derek Fridolfs, he initially pitched a story that would delve deeper into how Calendar Man escaped from Two-Face's prison. The story involved Jervis Tetch having visited him multiple times in that prison to later aid him in his escape and even help him carry out Calendar Man's revenge on Two-Face's henchmen, hypnotizing them to jump from buildings.[1]
  • In the comics, Calendar Man's crimes usually were pranks and rarely resulted in murder. However, in Arkham City, all he seemed to talk about was murder, and in Arkham Origins Commissioner Loeb referred to him in a press conference as "one of Gotham's most heinous and relentless killers." The fact that he was locked up inside Arkham City, where most criminals were allowed to run free, was an indication of how dangerous he was in the Arkhamverse.
  • By collecting all of the Riddler's Trophies in the Courthouse, you unlock Calendar Man's Character Trophy, Character Bio, and Concept Art.
  • Scan Calendar Man or his cell in Arkham City to solve the Riddle: "Who's crazy enough to date this guy?"
  • While in Detective Mode if you look down at Calendar man's right leg, which has a leg brace on you can see it is completely fine. Meaning that he's faking his limp when he talks to Batman and to anyone else who might interact with him, despite this Batman will not get suspicious of him when the Calendar outside his cell has the months you talked to him on specific days marked off, or when Calendar Man escapes.
  • The appearance of Calendar Man in Arkham City looked to be inspired in the Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory with both depictions being a homage to Hannibal Lecter.
  • Despite being released at the very start of Arkham Origins, Calendar Man did not appear again at all in the game. He committed his murder of Judge Harkness, which was established in Arkham City, during the game's events.
  • In Batman: Arkham Origins, Calendar Man had a to-do list written on his cell wall. It read:
    • 1. Judge Harkness
    • 2. Celebrate
    • 3. New Year Party
    • 4. (Star) Day with her
    • 5. Go fishing
    • 6. Turkey Day with Family
    • 7. New calendars
  • There were also some calendars that had December 2 circled for unspecified reasons. Also, on the wall, there was a note that read "Happy Holidays, Julian! -HQ" The note was most likely written by Harleen Quinzel.
  • According to Calendar Man, he killed his victims on St. Patrick's Day by spiking their beer with snake venom. In reality, drinking venom would be harmless, as venom only affected the bloodstream. It does not affect the digestive system.
  • If you turned the date back to December 13, 2004, and visited Calendar Man in Arkham City, he would give you a new dialogue as this date was when Rocksteady was created. His dialogue during this meeting foreshadowed the ending of Batman: Arkham Knight.


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