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Campaign for Disarmament is a Most Wanted side-mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.


To ensure no external opponents of the Arkham Knight's Militia attempt to enter Gotham City during its seizure, the Arkham Knight scatters the entire city with mines and threatens to detonate them if anyone but Batman steps foot in the city, explaining why the government or military doesn't intervene. Batman eventually disable each of these mines, all of which were protected by a giant wave of Drones.

Once Deathstroke takes over the Militia, the player can disarm the rest of the mines before beating the other Militia missions. This activates a conversation between Batman and Deathstroke where Batman challenges his rival to a duel at Grand Avenue. Upon going to the designated spot, Batman will lock down the island and hunt Deathstroke down in the Batmobile whilst taking down five Cobra Tanks guarding him. Upon the defeat of the Cobras and his tank, Deathstroke will leap out of his destroyed vehicle, ready to fight, only to get instantly KO'd by Batman. Batman then drives Deathstroke to the GCPD custody.

This mission can only be completely beaten once Occupy Gotham, Armored and Dangerous, and Own The Roads are completed. Upon the completion of this mission, Drones will no longer appear throughout the night and Deathstroke can be spoken to in GCPD lockup. The Militia is also completely destroyed and not seen again after this mission. The Militia does appear in the DLC In From the Cold.


  • The title is a play of the term Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an organization dedicated to the idea of disabling nuclear weaponry.
  • Deathstroke's bossfight is virtually identical to the Cloudburst boss, except there's only five Cobras instead of six, and the game skips the second phase of the boss (scanning the Cloudburst before locking on and attacking its sides) and goes to the third one (dodging the Cloudburst's fire whilst backing up and shooting it). Deathstroke also possesses a 360-view.
  • If the mission is finished, the Militia Commander will be the villain of In From the Cold instead of Deathstroke.
  • Even if you finish this mission before Occupy Gotham and Own the Roads, Deathstroke's picture will always be on this mission screen in the Gotham's Most Wanted wheel.
  • Batman's line “The bomb's payload is exposed. I can use the power winch to trigger a controlled explosion.” became a reoccurring joke/meme online due to how often Batman would say the line every time after destroying all the Drones sent to stop him hacking into the bombs.