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"You suggested little Alberto over here-hey baby-... try to convince his father to take early retirement. He disagreed... And called you a... Let's see...'psychotic little bastard.'"
—Candy to Penguin concerning the captive Alberto Falcone[src]

Candy was raised on the streets, but managed to pull herself up and earned a business degree. Unfortunately, lean times and a contracting job market caused her to fall in with the Penguin's crowd. The recession had driven many well educated people to take desperate action to support themselves, but that was no excuse for criminal behavior. Her crimes were minor, however, and made her an excellent candidate for rehabilitation.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

According to a profile obtained by Batman, Candy was known to have been raised on the streets. Thanks to her determination, she managed to persevere and earn a business degree. Yet lean times and a contracting job market forced her to fall in with Penguin's crew. Unlike other members of the Penguin's crew, she was known for only committing minor crimes.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Candy is one of Penguin's allies during the Christmas Eve Incident. When Batman infiltrated the ship and pursued her partner, Tracey, the latter tried to call Candy for backup. Candy told her she was unable to due to aiding Penguin; instead she suggested using the other thugs and Electrocutioner to deter Batman, unaware that he had already defeated them. Candy was first seen when Batman infiltrated the ship, the Final Offer. She was present when Cobblepot was torturing Alberto Falcone and even gave Cobblepot a summary of the torture. When Batman entered Cobblepot's Office, Candy screamed and ran behind Penguin's desk.

When Deathstroke and Batman fought in the Boiler Deck Fighting Pit, Candy, Tracey, and Cobblepot could be seen watching the fight. After Batman defeated Deathstroke, the three turn to retreat. As they are walking away, Cobblepot seductively smacks Candy's bottom, which she doesn't seem to mind. They then hide in Cobblepot's Office for the rest of the game alongside Tracey, as Cobblepot revealed in a transmission to Batman taunting him when the latter attempted to pursue him (with it also being strongly implied that they were about to get intimate with him).

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

Although Candy did not physically appear, Penguin referenced her when he threatened his men while he was trapped in ice from the Freeze Gun and said that he would have her draw him a "nice, warm bath" so he could drown them all in it.


Candy was a very attractive black woman. She had a bracelet on each of her arms. Candy was shown to wear a black pinstriped dress with white belt. She wore her black hair in a ponytail. She had brown eyes. Candy wore black glasses, red lipstick, a gold necklace, and black heels.


  • Using Penguin for Income.
  • Criminal Record exists only in association with Penguin.
  • Potential for rehabilitation.


  • "Hiya, boss." (Penguin)
  • "Gone fishing, remember?"
  • "Just a nibble. That Roman's a slippery one, but he does have a new hobby."
  • "Collecting masks. Ain't that a hoot?"
  • "All available hands report to aft deck four. Engine room's starting to flood. Needs to be pumped out pronto."
  • "Hey listen up. Unless y'all want this ship restin' on the bottom of the channel I need some hands in the engine room right now-as in NOW, now- to pump 'er out!"
  • "All right, time for a status report: Decks 1 and 2: still flooded. Deck 3: about half flooded still. No real change there. Repairs on deck 4 are coming along quite well-and no thanks to most of you lousy lugs-we've got the flooding in the engine room under control. That's all. Have a nice night. Enjoy the fights."
  • "Uh-uh, I can't. He's doin' business. You know what that means."
  • "C'mon, Trace. You got a whole boat full a'brawlers. An what 'bout that 'Lectrocutor? He's a nasty one, you'll be fine."
  • "I don't know. Just handle it, sista! He's callin' me back in."
  • "You suggested little Alberto over here-hey baby-... try to convince his father to take early retirement. He disagreed... And called you a... Let's see...'psychotic little bastard.'"



  • Candy's real name is currently unknown.
  • Candy worked on a team with Tracey for Cobblepot, with her wearing a black dress in contrast with Tracey's white one.
  • Candy also appeared to work as something of a spy for Cobblepot, as seen in his first Extortion Tapes when she reported back to him after she "went fishing" for information on Roman Sionis.
  • Candy's ultimate fate is never revealed, though Batman's notes could suggest she eventually ended up going clean.