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George "Digger" Harkness, better known as Captain Boomerang, is a professional criminal recruited by Amanda Waller to join the Suicide Squad in order to kill the Justice League.

Incident Reports

At some point in his youth, Digger was in a band called Trigger Discipline; serving as their bass guitarist. When it came to his choice of theme for super villainy, Digger chose boomerangs because they were cheap and a homage to his homeland; the final touch was giving himself the title of "Captain", believing a military rank would invoke respect and awe.

Arkham Origins Incident

Boomerang was mentioned by one of the 20 escaped Blackgate Prisoners. The prisoner told the thugs around him that he needed a place to hide because: "It's some guy with a boomerang!". The other thugs thought that he meant Batarang and were talking about Batman, but the prisoner told them: "No. It's definitely not the Bat. Dressed totally different. Calls himself Captain and... Look can we finish this conversation somewhere else? Somewhere SAFE?" It seemed as if Captain Boomerang had a grudge against that particular prisoner.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident

Over the years, Boomerang joined fellow enemies of the Flash as part of a group known as the Rogues, despite the fact they had a "No Killing" policy. Boomerang only complied in order to have a group to fit in with. Some of his new allies were Mirror Master, Top and Pied Piper. Piper dropped out of the villain business once Superman spooked him; having heard Piper planning a sound-based attack on the Man of Steel two cities away.

An aspiration of Boomerang's was to join the Legion of Doom but wasn't able to afford the membership fees; he was a "working class" criminal and thus didn't have a steady supply of money. However, it wasn't the notoriety of being in the group Boomerang wanted; it was the apparently great dental plan provided to its members.

At some point Boomerang was taken to Arkham Asylum and remained there for an undetermined amount of time.

Kill Arkham Asylum

Boomerang escaped in the chaos Amanda Waller created by opening all the cells in Arkham. During his escape, Boomerang was halted by a quartet of villains who wished to hire his mercenary services in helping them escape; Mad Hatter, Crazy Quilt, Spellbinder and Hypnotic. The mental manipulators promised quite a bounty for simply helping them escape; quite a fortune in money, jewels and rare treasure would be his reward. Unfortunately, they ended up in a trap along with Condiment King. Waller tasking them with killing each other until only one remained. Boomerang survived Mad Hatter tricking him by realizing there was no way he'd live to a ripe old age with all the binge drinking; Hatter and King were Boomerang' victims. Everyone else took themselves out.

Kill the Justice League Incident

Following Brainiac's invasion on Metropolis, as a last-ditched effort to take him down, Amanda Waller recruits Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and King Shark and sends them into the city.


From the Files of Lex Luthor

Captain Boomerang has fashioned an identity as a themed supervillain enjoying a storied rivalry with The Flash. In fact, over 100 hours of Arkham therapy footage, Harkness has mentioned this rivalry an average of 15 times per hour. However, scrubbing through hours of Hall of Justice security footage, “Captain Boomerang” is mentioned exactly once. Followed by “who”.

He is an irritant with delusions of grandeur and appropriative weaponry. Still. A chaotic dimwit who can tap into the Speed Force may have his uses yet...  



  • Captain Boomerang is thus far the only Australian villain in the Arkhamverse.
  • Apparently, Boomerang wasn't aware of the Flash's secret identity until Wonder Woman calls the Flash by his first name in front of Task Force X. Later when he records himself calling out the Flash before their final confrontation, Harkness will mockingly call him "Barry".
  • When asked about what he would do upon meeting a doppelganger of himself, Boomerang implies he would sleep with the double regardless of sex.
  • Boomerang throws in a lot of local Australian jargon when he talks, using words such as "Dunnie" for a toilet and "munted" for broken.
  • Boomerang has a weak immune system, which is implied to be due to drinking too much alcohol over the years.
  • Boomerang implies a lot of people back in Australia want to kill him.
  • It's implied in Kill the Justice League that Captain Boomerang is well endowed, with differing reactions from his teammates.
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