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Officer on Ice (designated Case File 1231-1) was an event that occurred during the New Year's Eve incident. A Police officer was literally put on ice by an arms dealer working for Penguin. He used the GothCorp-manufactured cryogenic weapons stolen by Mr. Freeze.


Before Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

After the former GothCorp cryogenicist Victor Fries was mutated in a lab accident to become Mr. Freeze, he stole some illegally developed Cryogenic weapons. He then supplied the weaponry to the criminal gang, in exchange for their help in trying to help him abduct his former employer, GothCorp CEO Ferris Boyle, promising to give them access to the weapons (keeping his desire to rescue his wife from Boyle's clutches to himself).

As a result, one of Penguin's arms dealers, Rusty, started a sale on the weapons. He was caught by a Police Officer who stumbled upon him with the weapon and several other members of Penguin's gang. He was then forced to freeze the officer, with it slowly putting the guard into cryostasis and left the area to make it to a sale, also leaving the rest of Penguin's gang to guard them in the event that Batman showed up. Unbeknownst to him, however, his cryogun also started leaking.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

Batman, who was in pursuit of Mr. Freeze, tracked Rusty to South Gotham to find Freeze's destination after interrogating one of the criminals left at Wayne Manor. He found a frozen cop at one of the docks of the Diamond District with several of Penguin's thugs guarding him nearby. After subduing Penguin's thugs, Batman then set up a crime scene, since he needed to find clues to locate Rusty. As he lacked the XE suit or its thermal gloves as it was still under development, he was forced to put off saving the frozen cop. He scanned the cop and learned the cop was exposed to a substance that was slowly putting him into cryogenic stasis. Further analysis of the compound showed that the cop was not well-equipped to deal with the weaponry, and that the gun was leaking. He then decided to use the trail to find Rusty. He contacted Alfred to notify him about how Penguin's gang is using cryogenic weaponry to attack innocents and put them in ice, requesting that he complete the XE suit if he is to save them. Alfred agrees to work on it in an instant, and asks for the weapon's origin, with Batman stating before signing off that he'll only find out after he finds Rusty and makes him talk. He follows the trail, even foiling a robbery caused by Penguin's thugs involving cryogenic weaponry that somehow caused the building they were raiding to catch on fire, he eventually located Rusty and, after interrupting his sale, proceeded to interrogate him on Freeze's location. Rusty then revealed that Freeze made a deal with Penguin that he'll supply the latter with cryogenic weapons if they abduct Boyle, and were on their way to GothCorp. Batman, realizing what he's implying, accuses Rusty of lying as GothCorp doesn't work on weapons development, let alone cryogenic weaponry. However, Rusty insisted that was where they were headed, and even offered the entry codes to the building as proof. Batman then takes the codes before knocking him out, although he was disturbed at this revelation.

Casefile details[]

Batman: Finding Penguin's dealer is the key to finding Freeze. I should scan the area for clues that might tell me where he went. I'll come back to help this person once I have my Thermal Gloves.

Chemical Evidence analysis of Police Officer 1

"Chemical Evidence
Status: Cryostasis
Heart Rate: Low: 17 bmp
Core Temperature: 4.7 C
Victim Weight: 75 kg"
—Chemical Evidence scan results for the security guard

Batman: Whatever this substance is, it's slowly shutting his systems down - putting him into cryostasis. I won't be able to safely remove him from the ice without the Thermal Gloves from the XE suit.

Chemical Evidence analysis of Police Officer 2

"Chemical Evidence
Status: Cryostasis
Heart Rate: Low: 17 bmp
Core Temperature: 4.7 C
Victim Weight: 75 kg"
—Chemical Evidence scan results for the security guard

Batman: The officer just chanced upon Penguin's men. He wasn't equipped to deal with this cryotech. But the cryogun was leaking.

Scan of residue from leaking cryogun

"Trace evidence
Chemical analysis
Fluid analysis: Unknown Compound
Viscosity: 1.198 Pa*s
Thermal Properties: Cryogenic"
—Trace evidence results of the fluid stain from leaking cryogun.

Batman: If I hurry, this trail will lead me straight to Penguin's men. Then I can make them tell me where this tech came from.

Batman: Alfred. Penguin's men are using cryogenic weapons to encase innocent people in ice. I'm going to need the Thermal Gloves in the XE Suit to break them free.

Alfred: I'll get to work immediately, Sir. Any idea where these weapons are coming from?

Batman: I'll get that answer when I catch up with Penguin's dealer.

Finding Rusty[]

Rusty: It's like any other gun, cept instead a'killin' a guy, you're gonna freeze'em solid.

Criminal: How does it work?

Rusty: Just point and click.

Criminal: No, I mean - how does it make ice?

Rusty: I look like a damn scientist to you?

Criminal: I dunno. I'm just askin'.

Rusty: Quit askin' and just listen. Just be careful about what you shoot at, alright?

Batman arrives at the scene

After beating up the criminals

Batman puts Rusty into an interrogation lock

Batman: Where's Freeze?

Rusty: You think I know?

Batman: You plan on celebrating the new year in traction?

Rusty: Okay, Okay! He made a deal with Penguin - weapons in exchange for some stiff - uh - Ferris Boyle. He's in GothCorp, last I saw.

Batman: You're lying! GothCorp doesn't make weapons.

Rusty: What!? No! I - GothCorp! I swear! Look - I've got the entry codes.

Batman: I'll take those.

Batman knocks Rusty out.

Downloading GothCorp entry codes

Batman: It doesn't make sense. GothCorp involved in weapons tech? There's got to be more to this.


  • Officer on Ice is one of only two casefile events in the DLC story Cold, Cold Heart, the only other being A Cold, Cold Case. Both casefiles are mandatory to completing the story.