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Cat's Conundrum is a Combat A.R Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight. It is located on a rooftop at Panessa Studios. The challenge consists of Blue and Red Riddler robots, and the player needs to change their colors regularly to attack them. It's part of the Crime Fighter Challenge Map Pack #1

The default playable character is Catwoman.


  • 5000 points
  • 10000 points
  • 15000 points


  • Avoid doing Beatdowns near a switch. The robots may change color during the beatdown, often ruining the combo.
  • Stay close to switches, but still keep your distance. Being too close risks accidental color change, but being too far forces one to run to a switch, ruining combos.


  • Batman is the only other playable character besides Catwoman, presumably because the other characters have no animations for fighting robots and because of the color coding of the robots.
    • While playing as Batman, the player needs to fight the Blue robots.