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"You stick with the brooding, I'll handle the wisecracks."
—Catwoman bantering with Batman

Selina Kyle, also known by her alias Catwoman, was an orphan who learned to survive on Gotham City's streets. She took to thievery to survive, but was determined to do it in her own style. She learned martial arts and trained extensively to perfect her own skills at cat burglary. Her criminal activities are often tempered by a reluctant altruism, making her an inconstant villain and occasional heroine. She steals objects with feline names or motifs. She regularly eludes capture by the Dark Knight, and maintains a complicated, adversarial relationship with Batman that frequently turns flirtatious and occasionally romantic. Over the years, their relationship developed to become increasingly reliable allies.

Incident Reports

Early Life

Selina Kyle was Carmine Falcone's adopted daughter at a young age, forcing her to fend for herself in the streets of Gotham. She turned to thievery to survive, learning martial arts and gymnastics to develop her own style. Eventually, she created an identity for herself as Catwoman after hearing rumors about Batman.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

While stealing data from a building in Gotham City, she attracted the attention of Batman. He intends on taking her in, but the pair are interrupted when a D.E.O. squad shows up in response to Catwoman's theft. Batman argues with the squad, insisting that he will be the one to take Catwoman in, which buys the Cat Burglar enough time to escape. Batman and the D.E.O squad chase after her, but neither are able to catch her, and she mocks them for it. Batman eventually does catch up to her and the two fight, and while Batman defeats her, she was still able to successfully upload the data she had stolen to her employer. She is then imprisoned at Blackgate Prison following her defeat.

The prison is overthrown by The Joker, The Penguin, and Black Mask shortly after she is taken there, and gang members from each faction began pestering Catwoman about joining their group. Batman arrived and incapacitated them. Catwoman clues him in on recent events and tells Batman that there are hostages suffocating to death in the Arkham Wing vault. She offers her services in exchange for being transferred to a lower security prison and having her sentence reduced, telling Batman that Blackgate is no place for a thief like her. When Batman questions her motives, she convinces him to accept her help by telling him that she isn't a psychopath that wants the hostages to suffer. From that point on, Catwoman supported Batman, giving him valuable information and advice, urging him to hurry up and reach the Arkham Wing.

There are no hostages when he gets there, however; the only thing in the vault is a weakened Bane attached to several tubes. Catwoman appears, telling him the truth - there never were any hostages and she had manipulated Batman to get to Bane from the start. Batman tries to sympathize with her, telling her that many will get hurt or die if Bane is freed, but she coldly replies that it helps her sleep at night if she doesn't think about the negative repercussions of her actions and that she is only doing it to pay off a debt. As she had planted bombs all over the prison, Batman was unable to stop her and she was able to escape the facility with her objective. As Bane was incredibly weakened, she was only able to make it to the docks before Batman caught up to her, however. She urged Bane to escape and the two fought again, resulting, once again, in Catwoman's defeat. Batman asked who she her employer is, but she is unable to answer his question as she was hired anonymously.

An unnamed federal agency, led by Captain Rick Flag, appeared and took Catwoman and Bane into custody. A final scene revealed that a woman referred to as Director Waller had Catwoman released with an expunged record and the thanks of a grateful nation, suggesting that Catwoman was working for this agency.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident

During this period, Catwoman befriended Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, forming an inconstant team known to Batman as the Gotham City Sirens.

Arkham Underworld Incident

Arkham Asylum Incident

Catwoman never appears physically in Batman: Arkham Asylum except for her mask and gear are seen in the Arkham Mansion on the way to the Warden's Office in the East Wing. It is part of a Riddle, which, when scanned, will reveal her biography. Her name was also on the Party List, indicating that she has been a patient in Arkham Asylum and may have been incarcerated during the takeover but never released from her cell. However, it is most likely that she had broken out of the prison during this period.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident

Catwoman and batman

Catwoman saves Batman from the TYGER Guards.

Before Arkham City's opening, Batman is found surrounded by TYGER Guards in a trap set up by Strange to capture him. Fortunately, Catwoman helps Batman, who had infiltrated the Prison, and rescued him using a prisoner convoy vehicle she had stolen from a TYGER Guard that was transferring Poison Ivy from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City. Catwoman tells Batman that she had made an uneasy alliance with Ivy. Batman warned her that she shouldn't be playing such a dangerous game with Ivy. Straight after Arkham City had closed its gates on Gotham's criminals, only three remained at large; Two-Face, Catwoman and Batman. While Catwoman sat in her apartment, debating whether to flee or to stay, her phone rang. It was the voice of Catwoman's enemy: Two-Face.


Catwoman gets a call from Two-Face

He says "Sorry, Kitty-cat, but one of us had to go down." After that TYGER Guards were at her door. Catwoman fought her way through guard after guard to the safety of a nearby roof. She watched as the TYGER Guards ransacked her apartment until they found her safe. She readied her claws, but a shadowy figure appeared behind her and held a gloved hand over her mouth until she passed out.

Catwoman then woke in the Batmobile as it raced through Gotham's streets. She angrily told Batman that he should not have gotten involved. Batman then advised Catwoman to give up her loot and to leave town before it was too late. She then asked how Batman knew about Arkham City. He explained that he found a secret room in Quincy Sharp's Office back at Arkham Asylum, filled with plans for the new prison complex. Catwoman thanked him and pressed the emergency eject button on her seat and disappeared back to Arkham Asylum.


Batman tries to help Catwoman.

Two-Face was already at the Warden's Office in Arkham Asylum, photographing the plans to the secret vault inside Arkham City.

Catwoman then burst into the room and by then, Two-Face laughed and tossed the plans into the fire. Furious at him, she knocked him to the ground, grabbed the camera and fled. The TYGER Guards are then alerted to Arkham Asylum and there was no escape for either Catwoman or Two-Face.

Suddenly, Batman pulled Catwoman to safety and left Two-Face to be captured. Later, Catwoman opens the camera and finds that the memory card has vanished. She looked down on Two-Face who was waving the card, before swallowing it. Furious, Catwoman sliced through the line and fell to the ground, only to be surrounded by TYGER Guards. She was then arrested and taken to Arkham City.

Arkham City Incident

Arkham Asylum's former administrator, Quincy Sharp, won the election to become Mayor of Gotham, he incarcerated all prisoners and mental patients from Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum within a sealed-off perimeter known as 'Arkham City', including Catwoman. Lawlessness reigned and armed mercenaries patrolled the walls of the prison city to ensure no one attempted to escape, with Sharp hoping that the society of villains housed inside would kill each other and rid Gotham of its worst criminals.

While in Arkham City, Catwoman decided to break into Hugo Strange's Office to retrieve her loot that was confiscated upon her arrest. TYGER Guards capture her and take her to Strange, where he conducts a psychological interview with her to discover her criminal motives and her relationship with Batman. Catwoman refused to answer his question until he threatened her by revealing he has a TYGER agent who has Holly Robinson in sight, waiting for an order from Strange to kill her if necessary. Catwoman then answered his questions, and in return, Hugo reveals the location of the Confiscated Goods Vault plans is located in Two-Face's vault in his former campaigning office which he used when he was running for District Attorney of Gotham City.

"No-one steals from us!
I've been a bad girl; let me go and I'll make it up to you.
Let's see if the coin thinks you're telling the truth."
—Catwoman toys with Two-Face

Two-Face holds Catwoman at gun-point.

She then infiltrated Two-Face's old campaign office in order to find the Confiscated Goods Vault plans, beat up members of Two-Face's gang, but ended up captured by Two-Face.

She was then about to be publicly executed by Two-Face in the Courthouse, due to her previous theft as a means to ensure Two-Face would rise in the ranks of Arkham City. Two-Face then decided after flipping a coin to hold a trial instead of killing her immediately. This conveniently gave Batman enough time to infiltrate the courtroom and beat up his gang. Before shooting Batman he was going to execute her, but she frees herself and scratches the good side of his face. Two-Face then takes out a second gun to kill Catwoman, but Batman captures Two-Face and leaves him hanging above the acid vat.

After she is saved by Batman, she doesn't elaborate on any knowledge on what is going on in Arkham City or on what Hugo Strange is up to, but she doesn't trust the latter either way as he was absent for years and then is placed in charge of Arkham City by Mayor Sharp. As she tried to tell him more, the Joker tried to assassinate her only for Batman to quickly move her out of the way. Batman told her that she's not safe in Arkham but Catwoman told him she'll be fine. She promptly left, having no further interest in the conversation.

"Hey, Pammy! Here's an idea: if you want a boyfriend, why not try the dating route? (To herself) Beats all this voodoo crap."
—Catwoman faces off with Ivy's brainwashed goons
220 CWIvy1-330

Catwoman defends herself against Ivy's henchmen.

With Batman busy, Catwoman plans on stealing her loot from Strange's vault. However, she is unsure about how to get in, debating on who can help her; she ponders about finding Killer Croc and having him rip a hole into the vault, or asking Penguin for some explosives. Seeing a flower shop, Selina decides that to pay a visit to her old friend Poison Ivy and ask her help. After retrieving her weapons from her apartment, she went looking for Ivy's lair, which was an abandoned hotel covered with vines in the submerged area of Amusement Mile.

Getting inside, Catwoman asked for Ivy and was greeted with hostility. It turns out that Catwoman had broken her promise to water Ivy's plants for her, and they died as a result. Ivy sent her brainwashed muscle to kill her, but Catwoman knocked them out. However, she was quickly restrained by a vine. Ivy told her that the only one of the plants left was in Strange's vault. Catwoman made a deal with Ivy to retrieve the plant from the vault if Ivy could get her in. Ivy agreed, demanding Selina leave immediately.

Returning to the vault door, Catwoman found that Ivy sent the plants from her old flower shop to burrow into the ground. Taking out the TYGER guards at the scene, Catwoman entered the sewer and found the hole Ivy made into the vault. Finding the security controls, Selina saw that she needed three key cards from the TYGER guards patrolling the area; however, if she was found, the vault would be permanently locked down.

"It's easy, just take your loot and leave Arkham City. You'll never forgive yourself, Selina; help Batman, then escape. (Scoff) It's Batman; it's not like's he's going to die. (Sigh) When did you develop a conscience? See what I give up for you? You'd better not be dead already."
—Catwoman debating over helping Batman

Selina secures Strange's vault for herself.

She stole three cards and opened the vault, stealthily taking out the guards to allow herself the luxury of entering the vault undisturbed. She heard Strange over the radio, deciding to make the Steel Mill his first target of Protocol 10, to wipe out the Joker and Batman at the same time. Catwoman found Ivy's plant, but decided to smash it in retaliation for the trouble Ivy gave her before helping. Just as she got a-hold of her loot, Catwoman was confronted with more guards, with Strange gloating over the speakers that she will die like Batman.

Selina knocked them out and took her cases of loot, heading out to escape Arkham City. However, upon seeing Batman unconscious and under a pile of rubble on the nearby monitor, Catwoman decided that it was best to help him first and come back for her loot. Once back in the sewers, Catwoman was left annoyed that the shock-waves from the destruction Protocol 10 caused the way back into the vault to collapse.

Heading to the Steel Mill, Catwoman freed Batman from the rubble. After exchanging banter, she told him that they both now knew what Protocol 10 was. Telling Batman that he'd better hurry if wants to stop it, Catwoman left to go hide from the destruction in Arkham City. She later watches Batman bring the Joker's body out of the Monarch Theater.

"Time to get my things and blow this town, for good."
—Catwoman decides to cut her losses and leave with what she has

After the Joker's death, Catwoman went to her apartment to get her stuff and leave the city, but her apartment was destroyed in an explosion that was triggered when Catwoman tried to enter. Catwoman was briefly knocked unconscious. A group of Two-Face's thugs surrounded her and wondered if she was still alive. Catwoman woke up and quickly beat up the thugs. Angry, she interrogated a thug and threatened to slice him to pieces with her whip in order to tell her where her things were taken. The thug told her that Two-Face had her things at Penguin's Museum, and Catwoman responded by knocking him out with a knee to the face. She went to the museum, fought Two-Face, and discovered that due to his obsession with duality, Two-Face kept half her stuff and gave the other half away, angering Catwoman who then knocked him out with a solid punch to his face. Soon after, she then went around the city to fight Two-Face's thugs and got her items back.

With nothing left to do, Selina decided to go back to Ivy's hideout, blaming Strange for the death of the plant; Ivy vowed to kill Strange in revenge. Knowing that Strange was already dead, due to Wonder Tower blowing up, Selina gave Ivy a sarcastic "be my guest." When Ivy declared that she would kill everyone, Selina took the cue to leave as Ivy was starting to get worked up enough to kill her.

After Arkham City Incident

Evading capture by the GCPD and retrieving all her stuff, Catwoman left Arkham City for good. Little is known about her movements after Arkham's closing, although there has been a string of high-profile burglaries in Gotham that suggest that she is still in Gotham.

As Catwoman herself notes, after the death of Joker, half the crime in Gotham went with him. She also hadn't seen Batman in months (as he was busy with the four people infected with Joker's blood).

Before Arkham Knight Incident

Catwoman showed no interest in Scarecrow's plans for Gotham, believing they would fail. Instead, she decided to infiltrate Arkham Asylum in order to eavesdrop and get information she could use as leverage against Batman when he eventually confronted her about her crimes. She manages to get in, but makes a misstep and is discovered by a security drone. She curses herself for being careless and escapes without learning any useful information.

She is eventually contacted by the Riddler, who invites her to a meeting by claiming he wants to hire her to steal a special power core for his newly-built robots in exchange for information regarding Scarecrow's plan. As she is usually hired by other villains to steal items they need for their plans, Catwoman doesn't suspect his intentions and complies; however, upon meeting him, she is taken by surprise by one of his robots, which already are active.

Arkham Knight Incident

"Worst part about this? It looked cheap."
—Catwoman makes light of having a bomb around her neck

After disabling the militia in Grand Avenue Station, Batman sees that the Riddler has kidnapped Catwoman, holding her hostage at the Pinkney Orphanage on Miagani Island.

Batman arrives to find that she has been outfitted with a collar that will explode and kill her if they don't work together to collect nine keys to unlock the collar via various puzzles given by Riddler. As Batman beats the race tracks, Catwoman had to endure listening to Riddler's boasts and explanations about his genius designs.

After completing the three riddle rooms and the six races tracks, Catwoman was left annoyed that Riddler hid something from her; the collar actually needs a tenth key to be removed. Completing the final riddle room, Catwoman was freed of the explosive collar and decided it was time to get back to stealing valuables. However, Riddler attacked using his mech suit; she and Batman beat his robots until Riddler decided to make Batman complete all his challenges to earn the right to right him. She quipped that they can just choose to leave him to die, leaving with Batman. She laments that Batman's all about work when he turns her suggestion they find a hotel room. She then leaves to plunder Gotham, teasingly suggest that she breaks into Wayne Manor.

Cat Bat-farewell

The final farewell?

She eventually returns when Batman collects all Riddler trophies and assists him against Nigma (wanting revenge) despite Batman's insistence the situation was under control. Selina helps knock Riddler out, giving him a black eye. After Batman tosses Nigma into the Batmobile, she kisses him acknowledging his identity as Bruce Wayne and sadly departs after he tells her of his plan and insists on doing everything alone much to her dismay.

Catwoman's Revenge

"Please, do you want me to beg? I can beg! MERCY, PLEASE!"
—Riddler begs Catwoman not to bankrupt him
BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160302031738

After the Arkham Knight Incident, Catwoman infiltrated Riddler's hideout to get revenge on him imprisoning her during Halloween. Catwoman tracks down his secret hideout being guarded by his own henchmen. She steals their keycards, deactivates the security systems, and takes down the henchmen, to make sure that she isn't disturbed. After solving a puzzle, Catwoman gains entry into the lab where she is greeted by Riddler's A.I. Computer and Riddler himself, still in custody of the GCPD and talking to his computer via a phone, pretending that he is talking to his lawyer. As he finds out that his lair has been entered, Riddler orders the computer to send robots after Catwoman. Catwoman fights the robots, surviving all of Riddler's deathtraps, lasers and even an electric floor. She gains access to the main computer and start's wire transferring all of Riddler's millions to her own personal bank account. As she activates the factory's self-destruct protocol and leaves the building, Aaron Cash can be heard tasering Nigma, as the talk with his "lawyer", was getting too heated and suspicious.

Before Kill The Justice League Incident

It is revealed through ARGUS calls that Selina moved out of Gotham City and was living a quieter lifestyle elsewhere with the money she had stolen from The Riddler. Nigma tracked down her new home address and tried to hire Harley Quinn to aid him with his revenge scheme, but Harley outright refused, saying that she won’t attack her friend under any circumstances.


Catwoman is a woman who is defined by pride and temptation. Being a high-profile burglar, she is skilled in espionage, so she is able to keep herself from being known. She also has a high interest for jewelry, particularly that of high value and rarity.

Catwoman is often displayed as the embodiment of attraction and a pinnacle of dominating superiority, specifically over men. She isn't afraid to make suggestive comments and frequently flirts with Batman on numerous occasions. She also seems to be aware of her appearance and sometimes makes use of it. Additionally, in the Arkham City incident, she was feared by many Blackgate inmates, occasionally leveling that induced by Batman himself.

Unlike most of the villains of the Arkham franchise, specifically inmates of the asylum, Catwoman isn't considered to be a psychopath or criminally insane. She seems to hold little regard in wanting to kill, let alone wanting to care for another life, but this doesn't mean she is without morals. Under some situations, Catwoman can, yet sometimes reluctantly, aid Batman in his endeavors - a good example being when Catwoman saved the downed Batman from TYGER forces in loss of her loot, stating she would never forgive herself if he died. During a taped patient interview with Dr Strange, she had planned on leaving the interview until Strange said that one of the TYGER Guards was holding her friend, Holly, at gunpoint, forcing Catwoman to comply for the sake of her friend's life. The only time where she held immorality was during the Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident, but this was only because she was hired by an unnamed agency.

During the Arkham City Incident, she demonstrated that she is stubborn as she was almost shot by the Joker until Batman saved her and tried to convince her to leave the city for it wasn't safe. In response, she said, "Nine lives, remember?" before grabbing her whip and leaving the courthouse. This also shows how she is very daring to take risks, showing signs of fearlessness.

Catwoman also stands between the boundaries of an occasional hero and villain: she only plays the role of a hero whenever necessary and doesn't show much of a villainous ego. By the time of Arkham Knight, she reveals in a optional conversation with Batman that few of the criminals in town trust her any more due to her "playing nice" with Batman and many of them consider her a hero on Batman's team, much to her chagrin. She reveals herself offended by the idea of anyone thinking she does anything out of principles.


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Catwoman wears a skintight catsuit with a cat helmet that is accompanied with a pair of spy goggles with red lenses which are always covering her eyes. There is also a choker with a cat pendant attached to the helmet. Catwoman's suit includes a zipper that shows her cleavage and sports a collar on the top back. She also wears black gloves with cat claws and black high-heeled boots.

Batman: Arkham City

Catwoman's appearance is almost identical to her appearance in the Arkham Origins Blackgate incident. In this incident however, she mostly wears her goggles above her eyes. When covering her eyes, these goggles provide Catwoman with the Thief Vision ability.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Catwoman's apparel is about the same as in Arkham City. However there are some differences. The cat pendant on her choker is gone but there is now a different cat pin on her cat suit. The collar on her suit is now much smaller and she has a holster for her whip near her waist. Her appearance is also different. Her hair is considerably longer and it is now a lighter shade of brown. Her eyes are much tighter and there are scars on her left cheek and right eyebrow following the explosion of her home in Arkham City. Additionally her face is covered in numerous open cuts and bruises from her many battles with Riddler's robots in the orphanage.



Catwoman can use her whip to swing onto the side of a structure and climb to the top. Catwoman can't glide, but she can leap off a vantage point or perform a pounce attack similar to Nightwing's with the same effect as a Glide Kick. Catwoman has the ability to cling onto mesh ceilings. Catwoman has her own version of Detective Mode called Thief Vision. Like Batman's detective mode, it shows various enemies, vantage points and doors. In Arkham Knight, all of this returns.


Catwoman does not have a grapple gun or smoke so is more susceptible to being hurt when seen by enemies as she cannot disappear by grappling to a vantage point. She can however run behind enemies silently and can crawl on mesh ceilings to perform takedowns on enemies above and below her - an advantage which Batman does not have. In Arkham Knight, her basic predator gameplay returns but she is unable to fight against the games Minigunners enemy types in predator challenges.


Catwoman's combat powers is less focused on raw strength and gadget use, like Batman's, and instead focuses more on speed, agility, and gymnastics. Because of this, she is extremely quick, making her the fastest character in the game. Her fast strikes mean that she doesn't need to counter as much as the others do. Most of her standard attacks include complicated flips, high kicks, and groin shots. Her special attacks include an instant takedown, a whip trip, and a type of whiplash attack that deals damage to all affected. She could not pick up downed enemies to perform a Critical beatdown/Aerial Attack. In Arkham Knight, her basic combat gameplay returns and is able to perform duel mode with Batman but she is unable to fight against the games brute enemy types. She and Batman are the only ones that can fight against Riddler Robots in Arkham Knight. Catwoman also can not interact with environmental melee weapons but can interact with Environmental Takedowns objects only in Arkham Knight. Also in Arkham Knight, like Harley Quinn, Catwoman can not pick up downed enemies to perform critical beatdowns/aerial attacks.


  • Peak Human Condition:: Due to extremely intense training regimen in both martial arts and gymnastics, Catwoman is in top physical condition with her physical abilities being almost superhuman.
    • Peak Human Strength:: Her years of hard training in martial arts and gymnastics grant her the capability to give extremely powerful strikes, especially kicks, that were enough to incapacitate physically strong thugs and to break apart Riddler's Robots with refined brute force. She can swing her whip with immense velocity to increase her striking power further.
    • Peak Human Speed: Catwoman is extraordinarily agile, able outmaneuver almost all her enemies, she came across near instantly, her tremendous agility and reflexes allow her to jump exceptionally high and far, making her immensely evasive giving her an overwhelming advantage in speed combat. Her speed is superior to Batman and even Nightwing, both who are extremely fast combatants themselves. Her reflexes are lighting fast, able to shift rapidly between offense and evasion, attack and evade from any multiple directions.
    • Peak Human Agility: Catwoman is immensely nimble and flexible due to her immense gymnastic training. Her cat-like agility is vastly superior to even Olympic class athletes and gymnasts, as well as being greater than that of even Nightwing. She can use it to crawl, climb and leap at extremely high speeds, to the extend she can crawl faster than Batman, scale buildings and walls in seconds, and crawl on grated ceilings without effort.
    • Peak Human Endurance: Catwoman is extremely tenacious and her endurance is at the highest peak of human physical potential. Even after a long and hard battle against Riddler and many of his robots, she still had sufficient stamina for burglary. Her resilience made her capable of surviving being in front of her exploding apartment and only sustaining minimal injury, enough that she could get back up after a few seconds to defeat several opponents.
    • Master Martial Artist: Due to her immense martial arts training, Catwoman is a exceptional master hand to hand combatant, her fighting skills are of the highest caliber, able to take out multiple physically strong thugs and armed men in quick succession, she can cooperate very well with Batman able to keep up with the latter's immense combat dexterity and reflexes, able to coordinate simultaneous offense and teamwork near perfectly.
    • Master Acrobat: Due to immense amount of rigorous training in gymnastics,Catwoman is a master contortionist with tremendous acrobatic skills,her immense limberness combine with her dexterity and balance which is trained to sheer perfection allow her to perform a wide variety of gymnastic and acrobatics maneuvers, even difficult acrobatic techniques that only the most skilled and well trained expert athletes can perform, she has shown immense capabilities in Freerunning, able to freely move about Arkham City in an extremely efficient and acrobatic manner, able to leap, climb and scale the complex terrain and architecture of the many buildings and stationary vehicles, even utilize the environment to her advantage. In combat, she can twist, bend and contort to a extremely high degree, able to evade her enemies from multiple directions and counterattack just as quickly, not even the Batman could match her supreme agility.
    • Master Hacker: Selina has exceptional knowledge in computer science, she is able hack and breach past even the most complex and sophisticated security functions in a computer system as shown when she easily access Nigma's personally customized and modified computer system accessing his bank account within several seconds, in her numerous successful burglaries of plundering expensive treasures and valuables, she has the technological expertise to easily disable different types of advanced and complex electronic security devices very quickly without being noticed.
    • Stealth Mastery: Catwoman is a master infiltrator, able to sneak into the most heavily guarded facilities and high security buildings with great ease, she is the mastermind behind many successful high profile burglaries without being noticed at all by Gotham Police Force with only the vigilant master detective Batman being the only one who is aware of Selina's top secret crime activities.


  • Whip- Used to trip or disarm foes.
  • Caltrops- Drops several metal jacks in front of Catwoman which trips thugs who step on them.
  • Bola- Throws metallic pellets, which act like Batarangs, stunning foes who get hit.



Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight


  • Players can also download Catwoman outfits from Batman: The Animated Series and The Long Halloween in Batman: Arkham City. However, the Long Halloween costume lacks the distinctive tail and whiskers associated with it.
  • If you look at Catwoman while flipping in and out of her Thief Vision, you will see her goggles slide on and off her face by themselves, as Catwoman doesn't touch them or take them off.
  • While Catwoman herself does not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum, her clawed gloves and mask appear on display at the East Wing Corridor of the old Arkham Mansion, suggesting that she was an inmate. Despite this, she does not have a documented psychological profile by Dr. Young.
  • In Catwoman's third story mission, if the player chooses to leave Arkham City with the loot, the game will appear to end with Catwoman escaping into Gotham and when the fake credits ends, the game rewinds to the vault. If you slow down the rewinding, you can hear Joker's saying "Thank you for the entertainment, Bats!".
  • According to Calendar Man, Catwoman's birthday is around the same time as the Arkham City incident.
    • This puts her birthday in around January/February, as the events of Arkham Knight occur after 9 months and in October.
  • If the player is Catwoman and she enters the museum to search for Two-Face, if she falls into the water, Tiny will not attack her or kill her. This is probably because Batman defeated Tiny during his arc, so the shark does not pose as a threat to Catwoman.
  • Where Catwoman was living after the Arkham City incident is unknown, as her apartment is enclosed into the mega-prison and it is later destroyed by an explosion. As Knight reveals that the survivors of protocol 10 received compensation from the city, it's possible she did as well, especially as her old apartment was destroyed.
  • In Arkham Knight, while saving Catwoman from the Riddler, Batman frequently see hallucinations of the Joker taunting him of his romantic feelings for her and threatens to kill Catwoman first once he fully possesses Batman's mind.
    • The hallucination's taunts and Catwoman's suggestion of finding a hotel room leave some questioning if Batman and Catwoman have slept together before.
  • Catwoman has been taken hostage thrice, with Batman saving her two out of the three. She was captured by Two Face in Arkham City as well as being held hostage by Ivy but talked her way out of it. She was also kidnapped by the Riddler in Arkham Knight though she eventually defeated him with Batman's assistance and got her revenge for being set up.
  • She has an adopted child, Holly Robinson.
  • Catwoman may kiss henchmen as she chokes them out while facing them directly in Predator mode (for example, as a result of a Corner Takedown or Floor Grate Takedown). This can be considered equivalent to Batman shutting henchmen's mouths with his hand, or headbutting them. She may also kiss henchmen in Combat mode during a counter or a takedown.
  • In Arkham VR, throughout Wayne Manor, the player can find postcards from "SK" bearing lipstick impressions, from destinations such as Cape Town, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and London. A nearby globe has newspaper headlines attached, showing heists have taken place at each of these locations. This suggests both that Selina travelled the world between Arkham City and Arkham Knight, and also that she was aware of Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne. However, given Arkham VR was all a nightmare, these postcards may reflect Bruce's desires rather than anything real.
  • When Catwoman mentioned Batman's identity before kissing him, it is unknown if Bruce Wayne revealed his alter-ego prior to Arkham Knight, she figured it out, or knew who he was the whole time.
    • If the Riddler is defeated before Batman confronts Scarecrow in the final showdown, Selina Kyle will still mention Bruce's name which rules out having both her and the Riddler watch Batman unmasked by the Scarecrow.
    • Though when Hugo Strange asks about Batman's secret identity in her interview tapes, Selina is completely clueless as to who Batman is (however it's possible she simply acted like she didn't know).
  • Catwoman has a distinct sound effect played every time she takes out an enemy, both in combat mode and predator mode. This is unique to her. In some maps in Arkham City, however, this sound effect is, perhaps erroneously, replaced by the common sound effect (which sounds like a thunderclap).
  • Catwoman is shown to hold genuine care and admiration for Robin. As seen in Batman: Arkham Knight when she would occasionally ask Batman how he is doing.

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