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Catwoman in Riddler's hideout

Catwoman's Revenge is a story pack in Batman: Arkham Knight which focuses on Catwoman after the events of the game. It also includes two A.R challenge maps. It's part of the Arkham Episodes.


Some time after Batman’s disappearance, Catwoman, eager for revenge against The Riddler for holding her hostage, finds the location of Riddler's HQ, located in Winslow’s Toy Shop. After obtaining the necessary key cards and knocking out the guards, Catwoman unlocks the hidden entrance to Riddler’s robot factory, hidden beneath the shop. At the same time, Riddler, still incarcerated at the Gotham City Police Department, attempts to communicate with his factory’s AI system in order to command his Riddlerbots to free him (which he feebly disguises as a call to his lawyer). Catwoman taunts him over the phone, detailing her plan to steal his money and destroy his factory as payback for his actions against her. Furious at this notion, Riddler activates the factory’s security measures, including Riddlerbots, lasers, an electrified floor, and a giant buzzsaw device similar to ones used in other traps of Riddler’s. After evading the traps and destroying the robots, Catwoman reaches Riddler’s main computer and proceeds to empty his accounts before activating the factory’s self-destruct sequence, leaving an irate Riddler stuck in jail to be tasered by Cash (who has caught on to Riddler’s antics).


Challenge Maps

Note that the Episode needs to be completed before Challenges become available.

Release Date

November 24th, 2015


  • This episode takes place one night after the City of Fear incident, thus making it the earliest post-Arkham Knight Arkham Episode.
    • It being the earliest was further supported by one of the Riddler thugs stating that "Penguin's boy's ain't getting paid. Two-Face's boys spent the night robbing banks and they ain't getting paid. But Riddler's boys?", as in both GCPD Lockdown and A Flip of a Coin, it was revealed that Penguin's thugs were still getting paid via one of Penguin's remaining stashes of money while breaking him out of the GCPD, and Two-Face's thugs were revealed to have continued their money-laundering operations despite their robbing banks in Gotham being foiled due to Two-Face exploiting Nightwing's absence from Bludhaven by robbing Bludhaven's banks.
  • The fight near the end of the episode has became infamous for being one of the most difficult fights on the series, as the traps that are activated can easily lead to failure if the fight takes long enough.
    • In addition, Catwoman can take damage during takedowns, if she is performing it on the electric floor. It is often suggested to avoid using special moves, and instead using the damage boost granted by Freeflow focus MKII.
  • The story and Catwoman's motivations and actions are similar to Batman Returns by Tim Burton. Aside from her breaking and entering Winslow's Toy Store being similar to her first crime as Catwoman in the film being robbing a toy store, she also had a similar motive of revenge against someone who did her ill in the past (in Returns, it was against Max Shreck who tried to murder her by throwing her out the window to silence her, and in the DLC, it was against the Riddler due to his earlier trickery against her). Coincidentally, both also get their target tasered when succeeding in their revenge plans (in Returns, Catwoman used up her "last life" by shooting herself and Shreck with a taser, frying the latter to a charred corpse, while in the DLC, Catwoman indirectly got the Riddler tasered by Aaron Cash when she got him to break down by robbing him of his wealth and then setting his robot factory to self-destruct).
  • The DLC episode is the only time where Riddler Thugs were given a standard uniform (green vests with a hood), as in prior games they were indistinguishable from other thugs outside of a faint green glow in certain cases (with it being heavily implied that they were undercover in various groups).