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The Catwoman Bundle is a DLC story expansion from Batman: Arkham City. It was released on October 18th, 2011. The events of the story take place during Arkham City's main story and are interwoven in small sections.


Main Story[]

  • Episode 1 - Description: Two-Face stole something belonging to Catwoman, she wants it back.
  • Episode 2 - Description: With the plans retrieved, Catwoman needs to convince Poison Ivy to help her break into Hugo Strange's Confiscated Goods Vault.
  • Episode 3 - Description: Poison Ivy has smashed open an enterance into the Confiscated Goods Vault, now Catwoman has to take on the Elite TYGER Guards to pull off the heist of a lifetime.
  • Episode 4 - Description: With Batman saved it's time to leave Arkham City once and for all.


Catwoman Interview Tapes[]

Catwoman is interviewed by Hugo Strange about her life and if she likes Batman.

Two-Face Interview Tapes[]

Two-Face was interviewed by Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange informs him of knowlege he recieved that Catwoman was planning on stealing from him.

Episode 1[]

Catwoman breaks into a building owned by Two-Face, and after defeating his guards, she reveals a hidden safe behind a painting. Guessing the combination, she gets what she came for - an SD card - but is caught by Two-Face and threatened with a pistol.

Between Episode 1 & 2[]

Two-Face kidnaps Catwoman, holding her to trial in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse shortly after Bruce Wayne is admitted to Arhkam City. He hangs her above a vat of acid while determining her punishment, deciding to hold off on immediately killing her due to a favorable coin flip. Bruce, now Batman, breaks into the courthouse after overhearing TYGER communications, saving Catwoman and tying up Two-Face. Catwoman is also nearly killed by a remote-controlled sniper rifle on behalf of Joker, but is saved by Batman. In the interim, thugs can be heard by Batman discussing the nasty scratch that Catwoman gave to Two-Face's "bad side."

Episode 2[]

Catwoman decides to break into Hugo Strange's paraphenalia vault now that Batman is out of the way and busy with The Joker. She thinks of having Killer Croc or Penguin bust into the vault, but decides against it, instead seeking Poison Ivy's help. She sneaks past charmed guards into her building, only to fight past even more guards and a rising cloud of toxic pheromones in an attempt to convince Ivy.

Episode 3[]

Catwoman manages to convince Poison Ivy, who uses her plants to tear open the vault in exchange for the recovery of a plant specimen being held in the vault. After retrieving keykards by pickpocketing guards, she manages to get into the vault without triggering a total lockdown. Before leaving with the money, she double-crosses Pamela by destroying the plant, and discovers that Batman is in danger due to the Joker from a CCTV feed. She has two choices:

  • Escape with her money and leave Batman behind. Batman dies, but the cutscene will rewind and the choice can't be made again.
  • Leave the money behind and save Batman from the Joker. Batman lives and Catwoman is forced to abandon her goods.

Between Episode 3 & 4[]

Catwoman goes into hiding to survive Protocol 10. Later, she is present to witness the Joker's corpse being carried out of Arkham City after Batman's fight with Clayface.

Episode 4[]

Catwoman decides to go home to cut her losses and leave Arkham City, only to discover her jewels were stolen by Two-Face. She learns they were taken to the Gotham Natural History Museum, taken over by Dent in the Penguin's absence. Catwoman arrives and defeats Two-Face, learning he has lost half of the jewels. She takes the half that he still has, and meets up in Batman, discussing how they both have unfinished business in Arkham City and will remain.

After Episode 4[]

Catwoman is left to play freely to complete Riddler Challenges left specifically for her, such as pink Riddler Trophies. Catwoman later goes on to appear in Batman: Arkham Knight, having survived the events of Arkham City.



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  • Oddly, the Catwoman Trophies aren't even mentioned by the Riddler unless Batman tries to collect them. It's unknown why he is testing Catwoman as well.
  • For some reason Batman can only collect his Trophies and is electrocuted if taking Catwoman's, but she is able to take both. She will have trouble with Batman's trophies, however, as many require his gadgets.
  • If Catwoman is killed by the Joker's Henchmen, Harley Quinn will laugh at her in her Game Over Screen despite being friends. In Batman: Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are still friends, so that could be the reason.