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Challenge Mode Medals are earned by completing objectives in challenges in the Arkham games.

There are 3 types of medals bronze, silver and gold.


Batman: Arkham Asylum[]


Medals in Combat were earned by reaching high amounts of points by using combat moves, taking no damage and being flawless with the combo.


Challenges in Predator were earned by doing certain objectives, such as performing silent takedowns.

Extreme Challenges[]

Extreme Challenges were harder versions of Challenges meaning the medals were harder to obtain.

  • Combat: The amount of points needed to be earned were
  • Predator: The objectives were different and way harder.

Play as The Joker[]

There were no medals while playing as Joker.

Endless Combat[]

Endless Combat Challenges were combat challenges that were never ending to see how points could be earned but there were no medals.

Batman: Arkham City[]

Medals in Endless Combat[]

In Endless Combat Medals can now be earned.


There were campaigns in this game that consisted of 2-3 challenges (6-9 Medals) and modifiers.

Custom Challenges[]

Custom Challenges can be modified.

Earning Medals when not Batman[]

Now you have Medals as Characters that are not Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins[]

Combat Training Challenges[]

There were challenges of combat that the medals came from a way like predator instead of getting points.

Longer Campaigns[]

Now Campaigns went up to 5 Challenges and 15 Medals

Batman: Arkham Knight[]


Some types of challenges were removed including Campaigns, Combat Training and Custom Challenges.

Endless Predator[]

Now Endless Knight is a Endless Predator Map where Medals are Earned by Defeating a certain amount of enemies.


Batman: Arkham Asylum[]

Medals appeared as white Batarangs.

Batman: Arkham City[]

Medals appeared as green circles with a question mark carved in, as challenges were called Riddlers Revenge.

Batman: Arkham Origins[]

Medals appeared as yellow circles with a gold trophy.

Batman: Arkham Knight[]

Medals appeared as blue Batarangs.


BAK Crime-Fighter-Challenge-Pack-Catwoman

Catwoman about to Earn a Medal.