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Chemical Reaction is a Predator A.R Challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It's located on the central mixing chamber of the Ace Chemicals facility, and consists of default militia themed enemies only. It's part of the Crimefighter Challenge Map Pack #3.

The playable characters are Batman and Nightwing.


  • Do not use Detective mode
  • Do not get detected
  • Take out 5 enemies in 5 seconds


  • Rather than using fear takedowns, it's suggested to use explosive gel to take out 5 enemies out quickly. Simply upgrade the gel with the Instant takedown upgrade, and spray the gel to these locations:
    • On the breakable wall where two enemies are standing.
    • Behind any enemy who stands still.
    • Then sneak behind 2 enemies and perform a double takedown, quickly detonate the gel, and escape quickly.


  • This map was the first Dual Play predator challenge where Batman wasn't paired with Robin. Due to this, there are no lines whenever the two characters perform a Dual play takedown.
  • Batman and Dick Grayson working together against armed enemies is similar to the premise of Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer.