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"If you try to come between us. I'll carve you a smile so wide your head falls off."
—Bell to Gordon at the Movie Studios

After a successful career of finance, Christina Bell joined the board of directors at Queen Industries in Star City. During a blood transfusion following a miscarriage, Christina was exposed to the Joker's Titan-infected blood. When she returned to work, Christina took a knife to a board meeting, brutally murdered eleven senior executives, and carved smiles on her victims' faces. She adopted several facets of Joker's personality, notably his obsession with Batman.

Incident Report

Before Arkham Knight Incident

After a brief career in finance, Christina Bell went on to become a board member at Queen Industries. She also used to work as part of Stagg Enterprises' Gotham branch. Christina was also a mother of two and had a husband. When Christina suffered a miscarriage she required a blood transfusion.

When Joker sent samples of his mutated blood to hospitals all over the state, Christina and four other people were infected with his blood. Because Christina's blood and the other transfusions went unrecorded for some reason, she didn't receive the cure, which caused the blood to gestate too long and made the infected people to look and act like Joker; except for one of the victims, Henry Adams, who appeared to be immune to Joker's blood. Three weeks later, when Christina returned to Queen Industries and entered the boardroom for a monthly shareholder's meeting, she discovered her seat was taken, which resulted in her killing all 11 board members by slitting their throats and carving smiles on their faces, and eventually laughed when she was caught and confronted with it. Batman (who was also infected) brought all four of the infected people to a containment facility.

When she was incarcerated by Batman, Christina developed Stockholm Syndrome, and had also adopted the more extreme characteristics of the Joker's personality. Two months and one week prior to Scarecrow's takeover of Gotham, Christina's husband was known to have died from a stroke.

Arkham Knight Incident

Harley Quinn raided Panessa Studios, where Christina, Albert King, and Johnny Charisma were being kept. Quinn released Bell, King, and Charisma from their cells, and left them free to roam the studios. Bell was protected by a squad of Harley's Henchmen, sadistically shot one, gave orders to the goons that were laced with taunts and threats, and also made no secret toward her wanting Batman to win, to the other goons' disgust (since Joker at least rooted for them to beat Batman before his death). After all of Harley's goons are defeated, Bell lunged at Robin and was quickly subdued when the duo barged in. Robin took Christina back to her cell, where she was later murdered by Henry.


While fighting Christina Bell at the horror film set, it was clearly obvious that she wanted Batman to win and even described herself as part of 'Team Bats'. Besides her obsession with Batman, Christina took up the violent sadism of Joker's personality as she murdered and mutilated the 11 board members of Queen Industries when they removed her from the board and laughed when those charges were presented to her. Furthermore, Christina's capture by the hands of Batman, made her develop Stockholm Syndrome and she described her jail keeper as her "soul mate."


Similar to the Joker, Christina had green hair, white dyed skin, and red lipstick. She dressed like that of a business woman, with ripped stockings and no shoes or heels.


  • "Miss me already, Bats? Oh, it's you. Commissioner Boredom. What have you done with my soul mate? If you try to come between us I'll carve you a smile so wide your head falls off." (Commissioner Gordon)
  • "It's good to see you, Bats! Did you miss me? I know you did. Is it my turn to experiment on Robin, yet? I'll show the boy how to draw blood." (Batman)
  • "Are you kidding me? I'm getting front row seats!" (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Yeah, he's right, and if Batman sees how you've treated me he's gonna knock out you, and you... well, maybe not you... definitely you, and you." (Shoots one of Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Oops! Well, that evens things up a little..." (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Anyway, when he's done with you chumps, me and Bats'll have this all to ourselves! So get out there and make him show you how much he wants me!" (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Batman, Batman? Is that you? These idiots want to break us apart. I tried to explain all the painful things you're gonna do to them but, well, I think they're masochists! Enjoy!"
  • "Now boys, just because Batsy's gonna beat you into a sort of vaguely sentient paste doesn't mean you shouldn't put up a fight. I want him all bloodstained when he rescues me. Your blood, I mean. It'll look great on the suit." (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Ooh, ooh. He's got one already! Eliminated in the very first episode of Batman Rescues Christina. You won't be signing a book deal out of that performance." (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Look Bats, buddy. If I was running the show the thugs would be so much better. Dumber! Slower! Twice as terrified! Four times as breakable! You know that, right? Tell me you do."
  • "Is that Robin! IS ROBIN HERE? Boys, KILL that interfering little gooseberry third wheel brat!" (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Robin? Robin? He doesn't love you. Leave us be, or I'll cut off your limbs until you actually fit in a birdcage."
  • "He's got another! You boys need a new boss, a better boss, a maniacal, terrifying boss with a hands-on, not-afraid-to-torture-people management style. Too bad I'm Team Bats, eh?" (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Look, this Harley chick-she broke in here. She's got potential. But she's a lackey at heart, I can tell. I bet she's just flourish with someone telling her who to kidnap who to torture, and when to shut up."
  • "Whoops, ha ha, there goes another one! Oh Bats, you try and act like you don't care, but then you go and do a sweet thing like beating, choking and torturing all these idiots just to rescue me!"
  • "Oh Bats, you're being cruel. You're scaring them. You're HURTING them. I love it."
  • "Look boys, I probably should have been more supportive. It was a great rescue, really. Except, you know, I didn't actually WANT to be rescued and most of you are headed to intensive care." (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "But aside from that? Perfect! Top marks to anyone who manages to get away." (Harley's Henchmen)
  • "Batman's ALL MINE!" (Robin)
  • "Home-wrecking little birdy brat!" (Robin)



  • Christina is visually based off of the Joker of Earth-37, a woman named Bianca Steeplechase from the Thrillkiller series.
  • If the player countered Christina before she managed to attack Robin, when carrying her back to her cell, Robin joked about having her act as a substitute Robin for times where he needed to take days off due to her abilities and asked Batman if she could act as another Robin. If Robin was scratched, he would ask how bad it looked, and remained silent for the duration of the walk.
  • The aspect of Joker's personality that Christina took on the most was Joker's obsession with Batman and his bossy nature.
  • Christina apparently severely hated Robin, which possibly showed that, along with the obsession with Batman and her bossy nature, she had also taken on Joker's hatred for Batman's allies. This could also be a reference to Death of the Family, where Joker revealed that he considered the Bat Family to be holding Batman back, and hated how it used to be all about him before Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Jason Todd's Red Hood came around.
  • Christina's name was likely a reference to Christian Bale, the actor who played Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy, due to the likeness of the names.
  • The Arkhamverse status of Oliver Queen was not known beyond his company existing there. However, if he was Green Arrow (or just Arrow) in that world, it was conceivable that he would have been told of Christina's state and possibly aided Batman in squashing questions about her whereabouts.
  • Christina was always the first infected that the Dynamic Duo went after. The routes to the other infected were blocked until Robin took Christina back to the quarantine cells. Consequently, she's also the only infected who dies in a pre-determined order (first, in her case).
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